Brother John F is urging people to exit their dependency on the banking system. We are being led to financial slaughter, and massive sea changes in silver have begun…

The coming War on Cash is also designed to bring in black-market cash from the bottom 40% who use cash businesses as a tax avoidance tactic.
As for precious metals–imagine a “wealth tax” that is first imposed on millionaires.
Who will say that “taxing the rich” is a bad idea?
Then the definition of “rich” will be adjusted downward.  Anyone owning gold is “rich,” correct?

Their agenda may be on the rocks in the United States at the moment thanks to Trump, but that doesn’t mean that the globalists are giving up.  In fact, a major push toward a cashless society is being made in the European Union as we speak: 

gold-jacksonMost of the world is in an uproar right now over the travel ban that Donald Trump hastily imposed late last week on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries.
But there was another ban that was quietly proposed last week, and this one has FAR WIDER IMPLICATIONS: A Ban On Cash:

plane-crashIt’s becoming increasingly clear that the move to ban cash is going global.  What started with Modi in India is now moving to Australia and Spain, and if people don’t revolt en masse and soon, the passivity of these populations will embolden the Federal Reserve and bankers to ban cash in the United States.  And while the tyranny against cash only grows, the global bond bubble is beginning to pop – with many experts predicting total systemic collapse in 2017, and possibly as soon as January.

gold kissIt’s beginning to look like the Indian Government’s latest attempt to suppress the amount of physical gold demanded by the Indian population is going to backfire – badly.
As this effort fails, the rebound in the price of gold and silver will likely create its own “shock and awe”:

There are certainly positive outcomes that can be obtained by going cashless.  For example, banning sale transactions of cigarettes or sugary drinks or stopping cardholders from overeating, gambling, or whatever other vice is targeted, could lead to a decrease in these vices and their associated problems. A decrease in those problems could positively impact other areas, like, for example, our nation’s health-care system. A cashless society would probably also mean less street crime.  Yet in return for these benefits, there is an incalculable cost to our humanity. We would lose our freedom to make decisions.   It is easy to imagine a totalitarian regime using these tools to great harm. Given current U.S. government policies, it is also very easy to imagine even a liberal government such as our own, being sorely tempted to use the confluence of these technologies.   And once used, because they are so very, very powerful, even liberal governments will be enticed into using them until there is pretty complete monitoring and control of every transaction. –Signature Bank Chairman Scott Shay

When a banker admits that a “cashless society” poses a danger to the human race, you know something is terribly wrong!
Click here for Full Analysis of the Bilderberg’s Cashless Society Proposal at TND:

cashless society - digital currencyThe first salvos in the war on cash have already fired:  e.g., bank account withdraw limits; rules put in place to block withdraws from money market accounts and other accounts during a financial crisis;  charging interest and/or monthly “service fees” on accounts;  capital controls and onerous reporting for international transactions; “bail-ins” where your currency on deposit is expropriated; etc.
It’s going to get worse…