Jamie DimonIn his latest public update, BrotherJohnF discusses why marking rigging & manipulation is getting worse by the day, & why the cartel has backed themselves into a corner they can’t get out of without a catastrophic worldwide collapse!

debt chicaneryBrotherJohnF discusses the House Republicans folding and passing a clean debt ceiling bill, as well as a historical review of the US debt, and discusses how the increase is likely to affect the markets as well as gold & silver in his latest Silver Update:
Debt Chicanery

RationingBrotherJohnF returns with a public silver update discussing the US Mint’s authorized dealer rationing of Silver Eagles to begin 2014.
Is the rationing a sign of a silver shortage, or is the US Mint simply incompetent?
BrotherJohnF’s Silver Update: Eagle Rationing is below:

In his latest Silver Update, BrotherJohnF discusses Odyssey Marine Expedition’s latest haul- 61 tons of silver recovered from the SS Gairsoppa off the coast of Ireland- recovered in a record 3 miles below the surface.
Silver Update: Silver Salvage is below: