silverbottomBrother John joins Silver Doctors to discuss the precious metals markets. Gold and Silver Prices Have Fallen With Respect to the U.S. Dollar, But Is The Bottom In? 

dollarFormer futures broker, stock broker and technical analyst Brother John F joins us for the first time to examine the real story behind the Puerto Rico default, and what it signals for other US municipalities and the US itself.
Where are gold and silver moving next – and can technical analysis even be used any more in a highly manipulated market?

dollar collapseBrotherJohnF joins the SGTReport to discuss the Glencore grab, mind control and the mass media Dollar deception, as well as the nature of PHYSICAL silver and gold as an asset in ANY BALANCED portfolio – which used to be a standard Wall Street recommendation!
We also discuss Comex fraud, the move by China toward a new global financial system and the coming economic collapse.