“The short squeeze has begun!  In May 2017 the US Paper (Dollar & Bonds) Debt Bomb Explodes the fireworks really begin, as gold EXPLODES to over $2000 reaching our target of $2000+ by the end of May, on its way to $10,000+ in the years ahead.”

PRICE is about to meet TIME and for those of us in the gold and silver community… your time to prosperity, after years of stacking, is finally now very near.
It’s ‘D-Day’; either gold or silver explode vertically these next few months or they collapse under $1000!  Who will be right?

We all know that one day the paper manipulation of gold and silver prices will end with a violent return to free market prices.
Apparently Bo Polny believes that day is finally here:
“My forecast for gold over 2000 by the end of May 2017 stands….”

Bo Polny Believes A Breakout Has Just Occurred in Silver, and Prices Are About to “Explode” Over 300% Higher…In The Next 72 DAYS…

Gold 2016 bottom arrived December 15, 2016 at $1124. 
A BRIEF January 2017 Gold, US Dollar & US Stock Market Update…
$9,102 Gold, $1,006 Silver price based off the January 2017 US Debt Clock with a US National Debt currently just under 20 Trillion and Liabilities per Taxpayer at $875,066!
Bo Polny Warns A loss of control is coming:

collapse-panic-crash(Editor’s Note: He. Just. Doesn’t. Give. Up. )

One thing is for certain, a crash is still expected BEFORE year-end and/or BEFORE the US Presidential Inauguration in January…

polnyBo Polny is looking for a BLACK MONDAY style Historic Stock Crash/Panic in October. 
Then again, Bo also forecast financial Armageddon by October 2nd, and August, and June, and March, and November 2015, and….well, you get the picture…

imagesAre we about to enter Biblical times as foretold in the Book of Revelation?  Are the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse soon to ride?
How could such terrible calamities begin as foretold within the Book, and WHAT could be the ‘triggering event”?
Looking at our world today,
the best guess of WHAT the ‘triggering event” could be is a worldwide financial Derivative Crisis
Calculations indicate we are now very close to such an event, in fact, EXTREMELY close… 

rocket-launchTO ALL YOUR READERS:  As you and I know, both gold and silver are in a Bull Market and gold and silver are getting ready to explode much higher.
I truly hope all your reader have been paying close attention to the work of www.GATA.org and ignoring all the “Nay Sayers”, as gold and silver are God’s money and no matter how much ‘they’ attempt to control the price… gold and silver are going up BIG this year, as ‘they’ lose control!

polnyBo Polny is blunt about what is about to take place:  A tremendous market crash of historical proportions that will leave most investors STUNNED and broke. He believes the time to get out of the stock market is growing short and that one ought to take profits and place them in gold and silver while it is still possible…

collapseBo Polny has just made one of the Boldest Financial Forecasts EVER,
Predicting the DATE of the Greatest Financial Crash in Human History…