Bix Weir from RoadToRoota joins Silver Doctors to sounds the alarm that gold and silver manipulation is coming to an end…

collapseSo unless Deutsche Bank pulls out a Hail Mary earnings report with strong guidance expect a DOWNGRADE of Deutsche Bank to BELOW investment grade in the coming weeks.
There is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig like DB…

silver barsThe electronic market rigging apparatus is fully operational and running 24/7 and with a “Click of a Mouse” they can set the price of silver at $0/oz or $1M/oz.
But there is another part of the silver market rigging that needs to be addressed and although it counts for less than 0.025% of the entire silver market it is vital…
The PHYSICAL SILVER market must be kept in check as well and that’s not as easily done…

nuclearAccording to Bix Weir, the world financial system is just one mouse click away from its final implosion. Think of it as the financial nuclear football, very few people know the codes and no one wants to step up and blow up the current system. The fallout is going to be cataclysmic and it will be a major event in human history.

rocketWith silver looking like it may have finally shaken off the shackles of a brutal 5 year beat down by the cartel, Bix Weir joins ‘V’ The Gorilla Economist for an EXPLOSIVE interview:
Once the last ounce is sold that’s when the price goes from $15 to $5,000 because as the price rises – and the market riggers know this, the Fed knows this, the US Treasury knows this – that’s when people start getting interested in silver...”

It is obvious WHY Bloomberg decided to publish this news as has basically exposed all of the mainstream financial news media to be the “bought and paid for” shills for the Banksters.
But it got me thinking…what if there were NO MORE SECRETS in the financial markets?

The 5th Anniversary of the May 1, 2011 “Silver Drive By Shooting” that will hit this Sunday Night (again).
With all the “Silver Guru’s” predicting another Silver Slam at any moment due to the extraordinary setup of Commercial Shorts on the COMEX, Roota may have something else in mind…

Buy Silver coins at SDBullionSo we’ve all bought silver at stupidly ridiculous manipulated low prices.
But WHEN should one SELL the physical silver they’ve accumulated from the banksters’ discount bargain bin?
After a good majority of the 20 expectations below are fulfilled I will seriously consider selling my entire stake in physical Silver: