Bix Weir analyzes the latest announcement from the LBMA and exposes the Deadline for the Silver Rigging Mechanism!
Is this huge story that being swept under the rug so people don’t run out and buy physical silver by the Truck Load?

Bix Weir exposes the criminals at the CRIMEX once again showing that in 2016, with the mine supply of silver falling 3%, the criminal market riggers threw over 100 BILLION ounces of electronic silver at the “problem” to keep the price suppressed!

accelerate-rocket-take-offFor the last year I’ve been saying that they are shooting for 20,000 DOW before the bubbles are popped and chaos is unleashed…this week they decided to make their final push over 20k.
So there do we go now?  Will the DOW crash 80% or will it spike into a hyper-inflationary rocket ship over 100,000?

gun forcedWith president-elect Trump walking into a house of cards teetering on the verge of collapse, what are the trade-offs he faces if he triggers a reset of the US Dollar?
Bix Weir returns to spell out why a Dollar hard reset may very well play into Trump’s plans for a new start for America…


Bix Weir from RoadToRoota joins Silver Doctors to sounds the alarm that gold and silver manipulation is coming to an end…