clubIs it possible the clan of monster derivatives banks is a very small club and Deutsche Bank “ain’t a member anymore” because they turned rat?
This certainly bears watching because if Deutsche Bank has been kicked out of the gentlemen’s club, they have been allowed to carry the red button kill switch called derivatives with them!

red alertI think what we are looking at is an EVENT that you’re not going to be able to recover from. If this market snaps and the markets close, and you’re not in position, you’re out. You’re out for the rest of your life.  This is going to be an EVENT that you can’t recover from.”
*Warning: Interview below is NOT for the faint of heart…

JP MorganLast Friday we got horrifying (from a contrarian standpoint) COT numbers with nearly record numbers for commercial shorts. With history as any guide, gold and silver should have already been slaughtered, yet they have not been.  In fact, we now have silver and gold at nearly one year highs and mining equities exploding.
Commercials are very short gold and silver now, and they have lost $billions just today.  Maybe they continue to throw paper at gold and silver, Shanghai ain’t buyin’ it! No matter what the apologists say, COMEX can and will default when they can no longer deliver metal. 
This is the rally you NEVER sell…

bazookaMario Draghi finally let loose this morning with everything left in his monetary “bazooka” and has gone as far as the Bundesbank will let him.
We now have a situation where central banks have lost their credibility.  This will lead to a loss of confidence in all things paper. Either the central banks revalue their balance sheets with a wildly high gold price or the markets will do this for them by voting with their feet so to speak.
We are on the cusp of absolutely wild market gyrations and obscene price levels for gold.
Do I know what the level needs to be for gold to perform its function as central bank reserve?
No, the number could be $25,000, $50,000 or $5 million or more…

China goldChina understands that global currencies will have to (be forced to) devalue against “stuff” primarily gold because it is “money”.
This is why China has been importing so much gold for the last 5-10 years, they saw this coming.
I believe when the implosion comes, China will devalue their yuan versus gold…

big resetThey told us the financial and economic world would reset, they just didn’t tell us when
This weekend’s upcoming G-20 meeting is a potential platform for massive change.  Were the world to turn their backs collectively on the dollar, what would it accomplish?

First, we would see a massive devaluation in the dollar and an easing of the synthetic dollar short squeeze…