The Fed-induced money-printing has spawned the biggest stock market bubble in history. The is not going to end well – for anyone.   I asserted back in 2003 that I hoped Alan Greenspan lived long enough to see his name live in ignominy.   But he’s been given a chance to cover up his crimes.
It looks to me like Grandma Yellen – that witless idiot who looks like she’d be more comfortable with a set of knitting needles in her lap than fielding softball questions from a captive media – will be the one of who bears the burden of wearing  the collapse the is coming.

Bernanke fedThe true volume of QE bond monetization purchases is much higher than reported.  It is way over $100 billion per month, probably closer to $200 billion per month.
The USFed recently relented, they blinked, and when they briefly told the truth, they admitted the QE volume would continue forever and a day. Given the political pressures, and some reflection in corner office lavatories, they toy with the concept of tapering again. They realize the hyper monetary inflation has turned into a deadly toxic dependence. It is useful for the mere mortals among the 99% crowd to absorb the realities behind QE and its true nature, better described as QE to Infinity. The sidebar is Zero Percent Forever. The USFed is stuck in the destructive monetary policy.
The USEconomy is in steady deterioration, the recession dreadful and relentless. The USFed is monetizing an amount equal to 150% of the official USGovt deficit.  The Global Currency Reset is extremely complicated, thorny, and dangerous.
The winner will be Gold.
Source: Banzai7

Source: Banzai7

They say “don’t fight the Fed” and “don’t fight the administration.” Even if it looks like a train wreck during amateur hour, the incentives motivating both the Fed and the government all align with higher gold prices.
Maybe the Fed and the politicians can’t get everything they want, but we expect they will be happy with strong bond prices, higher stock prices, and more spending. Those conditions will co-exist with higher gold prices. Consequently we expect the Fed and the politicians understand that the price of gold must go much higher. Sacrifices, such as higher gold prices, must be made to maintain the “full steam ahead” status of our national train wreck in progress – deficit spending, ever-increasing debt, QE-forever, more wars and currency debasement.
Do you own a sufficient quantity of physical gold and silver?

Bernanke fedWhat Bernanke did Wednesday, Mises Institute’s Peter Klein explains in this excellent clip, was expose that he believes the economy is too fragile to sustain any sort of tapering or scaling back of government stimulus.  What does that tell us?
That the economy is in the early stages of an artificial boom, just like the artificial boom we have been trying to get out of.  Any signs of economic growth or progress that we have experienced since 2008 are solely the result of government stimulus; in other words, more malinvestment.”
Klein presents the Austrian view of what caused the original crisis (Greenspan & Bernanke), and what the effects of no-taper will be on the economy down the road.
Hint: Think Bigger.

The Doc and Turd Ferguson got together for a round-table interview with AltInvestors.com Thursday and discussed the ramifications of QE∞, Bernanke’s options and game-plan going forward, the recent tungsten-filled gold reports and the implications for precious metals investors, allocated/unallocated/rehypothecated metal concerns, and finally the end game for the Western fiat monetary system- are we headed back to a gold standard whether the Fed likes it or not?

The Doc & TF tag-teamed to address the pertinent issues facing gold and silver investors today.

Full interview below:

The legendary Jim Sinclair has just sent an alert to email subscribers advising that Romney’s statement that he is against QE3 and will fire Bernanke if elected is majorly bullish for gold, and that the statement speaks forhuge stimulus fast and an end of the standoff between the Federal Reserve and the US legislative‘.

Apparently Mitt Romney has decided he should at least pretend to be on the side of the American public against the Fed…at least until he’s elected.
In this FoxBusiness interview, the presumptive Republican Presidential Nominee blasts the Fed Chairman over QE2, states that he is against QE3, and also states that Bernanke ‘should go‘.
We couldn’t agree more about that last part Mr. Romney, but why stop with just the current Fed Chairman? Why not abolish the entire institution altogether and return the power to mint the nation’s money (gold and silver, not debt notes) back to the Treasury as the Constitution requires?

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