banker treasonThis is the worst case scenario for these Bankers. The reality is there is something new on the horizon. A new financial system outside of the control of what George Herbert Walker Bush called the New World Order. It’s fragile, but it’s coming into existence. And this is what the Banksters fear more than anything else.”

BernankeWith Ben Shalom Bernanke set to depart on the last day of January 2014, the critique and speculation of his tenure as Chairman of the Federal Reserve begins. The mainstream financial press is giving mostly favorable accounts. Heretofore, such praiseworthy acclamations strike a shape contrast with the actual record of the state of the economy. However, the admirers of the Fed and his specific enactments live in a time warp that only masters of the universe encounter. For the remaining population, an intense struggle for survival is the actual experience, remembered from the Bernanke years.
During the Bernanke era, the debt bubble entered the point of no return to solvency. His place in the history of shame sets the stage for further economic turmoil. The Fed is boxed into a pattern that is likely to escalate out of control.

God made a bankerA little comedic relief for our readers this weekend as we contemplate what America once was, and what it has become.

And on the 8th day, God looked down on his planned paradise, and said I need a lender.  So God made a banker.
God said I need somebody to make a synthetic derivative, write zero down loans, make interest out of nothing and dollars out of thin air.  Foreclose on homes, accept bailouts from the poor, come up with TWIST & easing lowering interest rates, finish his 40 hour week Tuesday at noon and then foreclose again…