Outspoken critic of the IRS and US Government’s revolutionary departure from constitutional legitimacy, Ann Barnhardt – founder of former Barnhardt Capital Mgt, returns to tell her story of the steps events that led to her audit by the IRS, shuttering of her business, and eventual seizure of her accounts by the IRS.
Barnhardt’s full MUST LISTEN account of the IRS moving to audit & seize Barnhardt’s assets is below: 

Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management joins Finance & Liberty for a MUST LISTEN interview.
Barnhardt unleashes an epic rant on the usurpation of the United States by the Obama Regime, stating that there is no longer any rule of law or constitution in America.
Barnhardt, who shut down her brokerage in the wake of the MFGlobal hypothecation of customer assets, and advised SD readers that If You Still Trade These Markets, You’re Either Stupid Or On Drugs, makes the case that the United States of America now CEASES TO EXIST in the aftermath of the usurpation of our Constitutional Republic by the Obama Regime.
Barnhardt’s full interview is below: 

In her latest interview, Ann Barnhardt, founder of Barnhardt Capital Management weighs in on: Bitcoin, silver and gold, livestock, agricultural land ownership, and family self-reliance. 
Barnhardt outlines the looming China-Russia alliance and Middle-East realignment as rising non-American power centers that threaten to wipe away the US petro-dollar and the backstop that it has provided to lull Americans into a false sense of security. Barnhardt asserts that with US in decline, there’s no one left to backstop your family — you have to hold real assets to survive the days ahead.

Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital warns Elijah Johnson to get COMPLETELY out of the system, there is a total collapse coming!
Barnhardt, who backed up her talk by closing her own futures brokerage to protect her clients in the wake of the MFGlobal client bail-in by JPM,  discusses the total lack of rule of law for the political and banking sector in the US, and why Americans must unite to abolish the Federal Reserve system.
Ann Barnhardt at her finest on the urgent need to get (completely) out of the system:

In this interview with Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital launches into another epic rant regarding fraud in the US banking sector and the fascists who have taken over the US from within- and overthrown our constitutional republic.
Barnhardt’s latest on Obamacare, the markets, and the future of freedom in the “Land of the Free” is below:

In this interview with Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital discusses the end game of Obama’s destruction of the US dollar (an event that has been in progress for 100 years since The Fed was created in 1913), which Barnhardt claims will see China taking not just the US’ gold in exchange for its debt, but vast amounts of US land as well.
If Barnhardt is correct, American’s will soon have new landlords.

Obama has decided to use military force against Syria- apparently regardless of whether Syria turns over its chemical weapons stockpiles to international authorities as originally demanded by the US.
Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhardt Capital Management, believes the looming Middle East war will end up involving more countries than only the U.S. and Syria; Barnhardt predicts this war will be World War III.

In this interview with Finance & Liberty’s Elijah Johnson, Ann Barnhardt, founder of the former Barnhard Capital Management exposes the blatant fraud in US financial markets, the recent IRS scandal, the financial enslavement of the American people, and whether Obama is conspiring to intentionally collapse the US economy!
Barnhardt, who warned SD readers last year to get their funds out of the system (prior to the Cyprus bail-in shot that was heard round the world) stated:
It doesn’t matter how honest your local bankers or wealth managers are, the problem is systemic and it will touch every person on earth!

Ann Barnhardt, who last summer warned SD readers that “If you’re still in these markets you’re either stupid or on drugs!” before the first sign of bail-in risk to depositors emerged in Western markets is back with another explosive interview with Elijah Johnson.
In the wake of the recent IRS scandal targeting tea-party groups, Barnhardt discusses her tax revolt against the IRS, declares a federal tax strike, and promotes an idea Ron Paul has promoted for years: Abolish the IRS!

Elijah Johnson has released an interview with Ann Barnhardt of the former Barnhardt Capital Management, who warned SD readers last summer (9 months prior to the Cyprus bail-in) that if you are still in these markets you are either stupid or on drugs!
Barnhardt, who has been under attack by the IRS, shocks by stating that Obama intends to INTENTIONALLY collapse the US economy!

Barnhardt’s full interview is below:

Shortly after the collapse take-down of MFGlobal in October of 2011, Ann Barnhardt walked away from Barnhardt Capital Mangement, and published a prescient prediction on the coming collapse of the paper futures markets, as the loss of confidence by arbitrageurs in the paper markets would result in a decoupling of the cash markets from the futures markets.  Barnhardt warned readers to:

Watch for the gold and silver futures to sell off as people walk away from paper, while the online cash dealers, seeing that market demand for their physical inventory is robust, begin to ignore the futures prices and hold their prices steady or even raise them. When you see this basis decoupling and absence of arbitrage, lo, the end is nigh. A parabolic spike is coming.

Exactly what we’ve seen in the physical silver market over the past week.  Is the end nigh?

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