gold accidentThe natural course of men and women to whom we give power through the election process is to expand the limited powers that we grant them until those powers fade in the rear view mirror. Inevitably they take the role of fraudsters. It happens every time.  Every person granted that power becomes a fraudster and every person that grants them the initial power is a fool to think that this time it will be different.  We all become the victims of the fraud…

end 2I prefer not to be beholden to the bankers.  Starve the beast. Do not take loans.  Pay in cash. Hoard cash.
With fractional reserve banking, every bank sows the seeds of their own destruction. It’s just a matter of time before every bank goes TU.  I’ve seen hundreds bite the dust…

Warren Buffet bought about 129 million oz of silver at $3.50 to $4 an ounce around 2002-2003.   JPM helped him with this purchase. He was forced to dishoard at around $6 an ounce and by 2007 silver was up to $17.
This forced sale was demanded because he found that he made the same mistake as the Hunts.  Buffet believed silver was a good investment return because of its demand and supply factors and was cheap at $4 an ounce.

The US government made it clear that buying 129 MOZ of AG was the equivalent of being a heretic to the Catholic church.

goldThe only assets relatively assured to survive this are gold and silver, the best redoubt for currency, bond and other debt destruction. That and our critical thinking minds.
The best way to front run the completely assured evolution of some hyper inflationary cycle, credit supply chain collapses, consumer goods shortages and martial law is to hold precious metals in your hands, grasped in the Vulcan Death Grip…

silver chartThe precious metals community has been abuzz this afternoon with an apparent overnight discrepancy in the silver chart published by the industry’s most widely recognized charting service. 
After displaying a 2 hour gap in the price of silver during London trading this morning, kitco appears to have simply scribbled lines to concoct and reconstruct the gap:

The damage in the interim is catastrophic.  It will produce an  IMPLOSION EXPLOSION event.  Like a supernova that results when a star runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself, this near infinite quantity of paper printed is does not act as fuel. It does nothing. It’s a drain and drag on the system.  And its Implosion is inevitable. 
You can see it, feel it, sense it. The price break higher is coming closer as all the other experiments and attempts to control the system fail by the numbers

Why is gold and why is silver demonized with crushed values, daily manipulation of prices and constant propaganda against its use, categorizing it as a barbarous relic?  Because it represents the last man standing, a Horatio at the Gate, fighting a constant rear guard action against the soldiers of the banksters and central banks with their million man armies.  
This barbarous relic represents the real money currency of the barbarian clans who see, at a visceral level, the type of damage created in the war against gold and silver and consequently the war against us. These wars are 6,000 years old and we are now forced to fight them again.
And this barbarian is hell bent on taking the battle back to the banksters.
Silver and gold will be his PERSONAL WAR CHEST in this coming battle…