screaming-buyThe gold miners’ stocks are suffering from universal and overwhelming bearishness today, with nearly everyone expecting further selling.
That’s the natural reaction following this sector’s recent massive correction, which climaxed in one of its biggest daily plummets ever witnessed.
But within bull markets, there’s no better time to buy aggressively than deep in a major selloff that’s riddled with great doubt and fear.

manipulation smash bombCARNAGE.
Gold, silver, and their miners’ stocks plummeted out of the blue this week, shattering their bull-market uptrends.  Gold-futures speculators had been holding excessive long positions for months, weathering all kinds of selling catalysts.  But once gold slipped through key support, long-side futures stop losses started to trigger unleashing cascading selling.
Understanding this event and its implications is crucial for traders…

rocketAfter rocketing higher mid-year, silver has spent most of the third quarter drifting sideways to lower.  This has naturally weighed on sentiment, with investors and speculators alike growing more bearish during recent months.
Yet silver remains way undervalued relative to its primary driver gold, so silver’s young bull market is far from over. 
This metal’s upside from here is still massive as it mean reverts higher with gold…

Buy Gold Bars at SD BullionGold surged sharply this week after the Yellen Fed yet again chickened out on raising its benchmark interest rate.  Gold-futures speculators’ irrational fear of Fed rate hikes has been a major drag on gold.  And rate-hike risks just plummeted in the coming months, since the Fed can’t risk acting heading into this year’s critical US presidential election.  So gold’s next major upleg was likely just unleashed by the Fed.

gold-stalledGold’s young bull market has totally stalled out in the past couple months.  This major loss of momentum following gold’s powerful surges in 2016’s first half is really souring sentiment and vexing traders.  They are trying to figure out if gold’s recent consolidation drift is the dawn of a new bearish trend or a healthy pause within an ongoing bull.
The likely answer comes from understanding what’s causing gold’s high consolidation…

gold-silver-mineGold stocks have suffered a terrible month, plunging in a serious selloff.  The resulting carnage has left investors and speculators shaken, wondering if this red-hot sector’s blistering new bull this year has already run out of steam.  These fears are misplaced, as massive corrections are common in major gold-stock bulls.
They create bulls’ best buying opportunities in sentimental, technical, and fundamental terms…

silver-mineThe silver miners’ stocks have enjoyed an epic year, skyrocketing higher with silver’s new bull market.
At best since mid-January alone, some of these elite stocks had actually septupled!   
The bottom line is the major silver miners just reported an amazing Q2’16,
with silver’s young new bull fueling radically-higher operating earnings.
The great inherent leverage of silver-mining profits to silver prices was the fundamental justification underlying silver stocks’ epic gains so far this year.
And with silver’s bull only just starting, the best gains in silver-mining profitability and thus stock prices are yet to come…

bull-marketThe junior gold miners and explorers have soared dramatically in an amazing year, before falling hard this week.  This sharp correction is doing its job in rebalancing bull-market sentiment, crushing greed and leaving traders wary of this sector.  But gold juniors’ recently-released second-quarter financial and operational results prove their fundamentals are strengthening dramatically, a very bullish omen for stock prices.

The gold miners’ stocks have skyrocketed this year as investors started returning to this long-abandoned sector.  Many have tripled, quadrupled, or even quintupled since mid-January alone!  But are such epic gains fundamentally justified?
Much insight into this crucial question for investors can be gleaned from the gold miners’ latest quarterly financial and operational results.
Their Q2 reports just finished coming in…

imagesGold stocks’ new bull market this year has already proven breathtaking.  This obscure sector has nearly TRIPLED within a matter of months, yielding immense profits for the smart contrarians who bought in low.  But after such a blistering surge, what’s going to fuel gold stocks’ next upleg?
Heavy gold investment buying driving its price much higher will greatly boost gold-mining profitability, attracting in FAR more capital…

launch rocket verticalDuring its bull-market years, gold has always tended to enjoy massive autumn rallies.
The gold miners’ stocks have already enjoyed a phenomenal year, blasting higher with gold’s new bull market.  This sector’s market-dominating performance has been amazing.  Yet incredibly, the gold stocks are only now entering their strongest time of the year seasonally.  Historically during bull-market years the gold stocks have enjoyed MASSIVE autumn rallies on average, starting right about now which is VERY bullish…

battleThe gold-mining stocks have enjoyed enormous gains in their young bull market this year, trouncing all other sectors.  Naturally this radical out-performance has led to surging popular interest in this usually-obscure contrarian sector.  New investors are wondering how to best track its performance, about which gold-stock benchmark is the definitive one to use.  Something of a battle is brewing over new versus old…

dive plungeSilver’s young bull market got off to a typically-slow start, lagging gold’s own new bull.  But recently the white metal surged to catch up in a record summer rally.  That left silver very overbought and facing near-term correction risks led by a record futures selling overhang and weak late-summer seasonals.  But this strengthening bull still has a long ways higher to run yet before silver prices reflect prevailing gold levels.
Just like gold, silver faces a record futures selling overhang today…

cliff edgeGold’s mighty new bull market this year has been amazing, the result of heavy buying by investors and speculators alike.  But these latter traders have pumped so much capital into gold futures that this metal now faces a record selling overhang.  Since the hyper-leveraged nature of futures trading demands an ultra-short-term focus, speculators’ excessive bullish bets on gold pose major near-term downside risks.

heatMid-bull selloffs after big moves higher are common, re-balancing sentiment which greatly extends bull lifespans.
They offer the best opportunities for traders to add new positions at relatively-low prices. 
And make no mistake, gold stocks remain super-low absolutely and relative to the metal driving their profits.
2016’s dazzling new gold-stock bull remains young, with years left to run yet before it matures then peaks.

Stock chart growth

Stock chart growth

One of the primary keys to success in investment and speculation is picking the right stocks to trade.  That’s no mean feat, as it takes great effort, expertise, and time to winnow the whole field down to the likely winners with the best fundamentals.  Gold stocks’ dazzling market-leading performances so far this year have sparked much interest in what factors to consider to pick great stocks in this red-hot sector…

summerThe entire precious-metals complex has enjoyed record early-summer strength (even prior to Friday’s HUGE BREXIT move).  The summer doldrums have always been a vexing time for gold, silver, and the stocks of their miners.  Without any recurring seasonal demand surges in June and July, sideways-to-lower drifts are common in this seasonally-weakest time before big autumn rallies.
Will This Summer Be Different?

summerThe red-hot gold stocks surged again this week in an apparent early-summer breakout.  This strong buying is defying their seasonally-weak odds this time of year.  Investors are flocking back to the miners as gold powers higher on also-counter-seasonal strong investment buying.  Such unprecedented gold-stock strength in early June highlights how undervalued the miners remain relative to gold, but is suspect…

Caption Contest 1Gold’s reversal of fortune over the past half-year has been epic.  The strong gains so far this year have been overwhelmingly fueled by one dominant driver, massive investment buying.  After shunning prudent portfolio diversification with gold for years, investors are finally starting to reestablish those essential positions.
And since their collective gold holdings were so incredibly low heading into 2016, reflecting hyper-bearish sentiment, gold’s investment buying has only just begun…

The smaller gold-mining and exploration stocks have enjoyed an amazing year, soaring with gold’s new bull market.
Many have more than doubled since mid-January, and some have more than tripled at best in that short span.
Are such spectacular gains fundamentally-justified, or merely the result of ephemeral sentiment that could vanish anytime?
The gold juniors’ recently-reported Q1’16 results offer great insights…

imageThe gold miners’ stocks have skyrocketed this year as investors started returning to this long-abandoned sector.
Many have doubled since January, with plenty tripling or even quadrupling.
Naturally such fast gains raise concerns about whether they are actually fundamentally justified or merely the product of fleeting sentiment that could reverse.
Gold miners’ latest quarterly results offer great fundamental insights.