The Daily Ticker’s Lauren Lyster interviewed commodities guru Jim Rogers Tuesday on the blistering pace of gold and silver coin sales to start 2013 by the US Mint. 

Lyster began the interview by holding up a 2012 US Silver Eagle, and asking Rogers whether a USE is a collectors item, money, or simply a way to buy precious metals.  Rogers responded by pulling his own ASE out of his pocket, and stating “I have a 2013!  You can’t get them, can you, they’re sold out!
Rogers stated that It worries me that the US Mint has run out.  It’s not just the US Mint, the Canadian Mint, several mints have run out of coins!

Further into the interview, Rogers informs Lyster that there are no strong currencies any longer, and while the dollar will likely continue to see safe haven flows from investors who don’t understand what they are doing, there are no longer any strong currencies, hang on to your silver!

2013 Silver EagleAfter selling an all-time monthly record of 7.498 million Silver Eagles in January, the US Mint has picked up right where it left off in February once it began reporting sales figures again, announcing nearly 3/4 of a million silver eagles were sold Monday. 

The Mint has now sold a whopping 8,173,500 silver eagles during a mere 17 business days in operation during 2013, nearly 25% of the entire annual sales for 2012 of 33 million

USMintThe US Mint reported another 300,000 oz of 2013 Silver Eagles sold Friday, bringing the 1 week sales total to what is believed to be a record 4.782 million ounces!

With nearly 3 full weeks remaining in 2013, the US Mint sales totals are set to shatter January 2011’s all-time monthly record of 6.422 million ounces.

We are seeing absolutely unprecedented and astonishing demand for ALL forms of physical silver over the past 3-4 weeks at SDBullion.