Stunning Footage of Today’s Russian “Simulated Massive Nuclear Attack”

World War 3Perhaps all of the media pundits and commentators stating the new Cold War with Russia is a non-event and that the crisis has been averted should view the stunning 4 minutes of footage below of Russia’s massive simulated nuclear attack conducted a few hours ago.
The jaw-dropping display of ICBM force should wake everyone up to the fact that Putin is not backing down, and is not playing games.

Full MUST SEE footage is below: 


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  1. The USA brought The Bear out of hibernation.

  2. Hey, Russia:  Fine by me if you take out Washington, DC, New York City, Chicago and Los Angeles.  But please don’t bomb us in Kansas, Nebraska or South Dakota – we dislike Obama as much as you do!

  3. Did you read John Titor?
    His prophecy is that Russia will start war on US cities, the cities being a different entity than the rest of the land.
    Now that USA is annexating Ukraine, and Kiev is considered a stakeholder in itself…

    I saw all those rockets fired at one and thought…what were they using as a target? Perhaps might as well pick a promising exploration and start chewing up some land to build a new mine? Or, break land on an existing one as is convenient.

  4. SO a bunch of short range non nuke rockets used in battlefield and anti missile defense, a couple medium range, and maybe 4 long range. Not what I call overwhelming display…

  5. Ok,
    let’s check our emotions at the door here.
    Putin is just thumping his chest: what, you think the USA, France, Britain, India, China, Israel don’t test ICBMs? What, you think the West can’t blow Russia into a glowing parking lot? Lol. Israel ALONE could turn ALL of Russia into a glowing wasteland several times over. Putin knows this. He is just doing to scare gullible Western bloggers and evening news watchers. Please, the USA can shoot these out of the sky, and so can Israel.
    If nothing else, just enjoy the pretty display, and know that God is in control: when Czar Putin attacks Israel (Ezekiel 38-39) with Iran, God will teach Russia and Iran a lesson for the millennia.
    Sleep well tonight, enjoy your evening tea, and rest assured that the West has many nuclear tricks up its sleeves (that I may or may not know about): DIFFERENCE is: the West isn’t ruled by macho chest-thumping dudes who rule a nation of drunkards and dying men with women going overseas to be prostitutes like Putin is ruling.
    Good night: you’ll probably still have to go to work tomorrow :)

  6. @Proverbs1616
    West isn’t ruled by macho chest-thumping dudes who rule a nation … like Putin is ruling.
    The US should be so lucky.  No, we’re ruled by people a lot closer to your buddy Lucifer than Putin, who are more interested in killing Americans than any one else.

  7. The first “missiles”, in particular, may have in fact been rockets.  These launchers can fire either.  For a short range artillery bombardment, or a publicity film, the rockets without even a rudimentary guidance system, just fly forward.  Their advantage is they can be cheap.  They are mostly steel tubing, explosive, and propellant.  Since you don’t see them hit target, these might not have had warheads.

  8. I still say taking out Washington DC wouldn’t be a bad idea.  In fact, the USA would be much better off without that city and its inhabitants.  And while you’re at it, Mr. Putin, New York City, Chicago, Detroit, Miami, and L.A. would be disposable too.  Thank you.

  9. Be careful what you whish for…
    Seems as though everything is proceeding according to plan. I found this link over on Zerohedge in a members post. Seems to be very accurate thus far. Warning: it’s a fairly long read but worth it IMO. The guy apparently wrote/updated this article back in 2010.

  10. There is a reason why the field of battle is called the “theater”. This is all theater IMO. It’s part of the new world order going forward. Keep the fear in the minds of Americans who in turn will give up more and more of their freedom and rights.
    The powers are moving from west to east, it’s obvious, but I am betting there will be absolutely no real military exchange any time soon. People are led very easily. Round and round we go…..from one perceived threat to another without a rest in between. It keeps us bewitched in their little theater play. All governments are on the same side, like party lines are blurred, so are international borders. All one global ruling class is what they are after and it requires cooperation between all top nations. The agenda will only move forward if all players are on the same page. Control is the order of the day and they will get it by playing us like so many fiddles. Why else would we send all our metal east to China and Russia if it were not to shift the power and wealth structure of the entire globe? It’s all a part of OUR OWN LEADER”S plans.
    OK, tin foil hat back on……

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