Storm of the Century Sandy in Photos: Sharks in NJ, Manhattan Underwater, Con Ed Explodes

The biggest and most destructive storm to ever hit the US East coast has left sharks swimming in New Jersey neighborhoods, Manhattan dark and underwater, the Con Edison power plant going supernova, the subway system ready for U-boats, and threatens to drop the 1% back into the 99%.

Unbelievable photos of the shocking destruction below:-



Sandy flood waters inundate Ground Zero (via AP)


Hoboken PATH station (via @garywhitta)


Sharks swimming in New Jersey?


Con Edison explosion from @georgeweld

Lower Manhattan:


Subway systems are underwater (From @HeyVeronica)

Manhattan goes dark (AAP)

Parking in an underground garage during a hurricane is not advisable (Getty)


The Vampire Squid (Goldman Sachs) blockading 200 W. Street with sand gold tungsten filled bags Monday (Gary Silverman)

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  1. Holy cow, that’s a lot worse than I thought it would be.  Thanks for the update Doc!

  2. OUCH
    Hope you and yours are safe and well.

  3. That power plant going out is going to be a real headache for New Yorkers.  Long blackouts suck.

  4. New Jersey too and lots of other locations on the east coast. Add the snow storm behind it and I feel bad for people who are going to freeze.

    • I would recommend the people living in New Jersey to find a way to get heat or move away from the city for a short period of time. It’s a good thing that winter still didn’t come or else, it would have been even more cold for people to live without electricity.

  5. Video of front falling off that building

  6. lol I have seen a lot of these photos but not the one of the shark. Thats crazy so there is more than turds to worry about walking around in that water

  7. Just in from the Romney Campaign: “All Donors are instructed to go to their Second or Third homes due to Hurricane Sandy.”

  8. In Philadelphis City, my brick house was shaking so much, I became a little anxious. Everything seems to have calmed down now though.

  9. Yeah, first the two-legged sharks moved in and now the finned sharks. My heart goes out to all the good folks negatively affected by Sandy. She is a royal bitch to say the least.

  10. Here is another storm that’s coming! — If Obama wins re-election it’s martial law to protect himself and his criminal friends!

    • Maybe it is just another vent valve and will not amount to anything… hopefully I am wrong, but I doubt it.

    • Hopefully when Obama declares martial law (if re-elected) the military will arrest him and then rounds up all of his criminal friends! Otherwise it will be up to the citizens to put them behind bars! That will be difficult and dangerous on so many levels! If Romney wins and he declares martial law he will have to fight every one not just the constitutionalists as Obama will.

    • The thing is they can print anything they want and do anything with that money (and that is unrecoverable) and its the same group that controls the Fed, as decides what flavor of BS to put in the MSM each weary day. This story was touted by the (fake) Ben Fulford and was posted all over the propaganda sites (Alex Jones, David Wilcock, etc) and is supposed to give hope to those poor souls who can’t understand the overarching purpose of what is happening now and who believe in the benevolence of those in power. My respectful opinion RRG is that this is strawberry flavored BS.

    • @Chief: It could all be BS and smoke up our ^$$ but, I also read a story yesterday that seems to tie into all this. The nanny two children were drowned in the bathtub. The father of the two children was a lawyer for JPM/C working on this case! Weird…

    • @RRG … that’s interesting for sure. I sincerely hope to be proven wrong.

  11. Well my electricity went out at around 11pm last night. House actually moved with the high force winds ripping aluminum siding off house. I am doing well but I suspect many neighbors food supply will run out within a week or two because of no refridgeration. I have enough food to last me many Months. currently able to charge my laptop and cell with car power inverter. I have a bigger power inverter for the house but havent taken it out of box yet.

    I am keeping a close eye on Nuclear Power Plants in my area. Particularly Oyster Creek. The photos above are crazy. I have been in that Hoboken Path Station. Keep me updated. Looks like I just got an unexpected week off from work if electricity doesnt come back. I suspect it wont come back till after the election if its not postponed.

    • @StackerX I am glad you’re safe and have enough food to fall back on. Take care and keep us posted.

    • @StackerX Good to hear you can hunker down and wait it out. Remember to keep a low profile, no need for people to know you are in good shape…

    • @StackerX  Glad to hear your safe!  Keep it calm, and watch out for the NEXT SURGE (human kind).  Hopefully, you have what you need to protect your household.

    • How are you recharging the battery for the inverter?

    • Thanks for the support guys! My electricity came back up at around 5pm.

      @MaryB I had a 16,000 watt power inverter to convert DC to AC power. I bought it for a future self suffiecnt energy source project. I wasnt planning to use it this early.

      I didnt use the 16,000 watt inverter. I had a smaller car lighter power inverter I was using instead to power my laptop and cell. I lent the 16,000 watt inverter to my dad who bought a secondery freezer two weeks ago when I bought my secondary freezer and already filled it with meat. My dad was an ex mechanic and has several car batteries that we connected to the inverter. If a battery ran out of juice we would switch it into one of his older cars and recharge it with the car alternator while we used the battery that was in the car for the house. I had the inverter but never really tried it till now. Happy that it worked. In the new year I plan to experiment with other alternative power sources big oil dont want you to know about.

    • Get a couple 6 volt golf cart batteries and hook them in series, much better than car batteries.

    • @MaryB thanks I will look into the 6 volts in the future.

    • The hurricane Sandy is like a test to see how well people are well prepared for the collapse of the fiat system. This test will help people to see what they are missing to be 100% prepared for the future when SHTF. I’m not prepared with foods but right now, I am preparing financially with physical gold and silver.

  12. Great posts Doc, guys and gals thanks for keeping us updated, luckily my power was only off for two hours but the rain and wind is something to behold.

  13. Shark fishing right from your front porch……how many times in your life will you be able to do that?

  14. What they saw Goldman and Sachs swimming in New Jersey!   I hope the hurricane blows down Wall Street maybe this is the only way they get cleaned up.

  15. wow, wish I woulda been right, that this would be like Irene…

    too bad. Prayers and well wishing to ALL the East Coast!  

  16. Could this storm have been created deliberately to give reason to cancel the elections? 

    • @ I save silver: I don’t know that it was created but this is the first ime I have ever seen a hurricane 400 miles off our east coast take a 90 degree turn WEST after already heading N/NE out into the Northern Atlantic! It looked like it was just sucked in and suddenly went west even though there were two seperate weather fronts moving east that should have kept that storm off the coast. Very strange.

  17. Stated this on another article, but government creation of storms is not something I buy into.  Now will Obama try to use this storm to postpone elections is yet to be seen….however he is benefiting from the disappearance of the story centered around the cover up with took place at the Libya Embassy.

  18. @ I Save Silver great article but will it go anywhere? I don’t think so but I hope so. Lol

  19. Our area was battered pretty badly by the storm, but we came out pretty much unscathed. A little water in the basement and some yard work to do is the worst we’ll have to deal with. After seeing what some other areas suffered, we are counting our blessings.

  20. Storm was announced and outed on the social internet 3-44 weeks in advance. And same name as 1938 storm, and 1997 storm drill.

    HAARP was designed for this kind of stuff. America is spendy, but they don’t throw billions of hard printed money to useless projects.
    Plus a good way to flex their muscles for the world to see, while their own citizen already pre-fill their Obama vote box fro internal focus.
    BTW, seems the 1953 flood in my country was way worse. 

  21. At least hurricane Sandy didn’t caused that much damage in Canada. I only felt the strong winds from the hurricane at my local and it didn’t caused any damage. Good thing that the hurricane Sandy is a natural disaster and not man-made or else, I’m sure that the USA would say that it got attacked from Iran and they would of invade that country.

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