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Doc’s Deal Of The Day

Summer is right around the corner! So let’s SOAR INTO SUMMER with…

2012 Silver American Eagles


>500 ounces $2.59 over spot

100-499 ounces $2.79 over spot

40-99 ounces $2.99 over spot

  1. When TSHTF, the last thing you’re going to want is someone questioning the origin and content of some no name generic round. Buy Doc’s eagles to support a very worthy cause and to cover your own ass down the road. I did!

  2. Alternatively, people could also question the content of a coin officially struck by a government (the US, in particular). There is plenty of rhetoric on these boards about bad banksters and government thugs yet we should trust the same entities when purchasing silver. Huh? Really, generic rounds don’t look so bad after all.

  3. Doc, I have a friend that was supposed to contact you last week with a 50 oz. Purchase. Hopefully he did. If not, I;ll see him tomorrow. Buy Constitutional silver if you’re afraid of every other silver round. Can’t go wrong there.

  4. I started with ASEs, moved to generics for a bit, but am back to ASEs.  For now, I have more peace of mind knowing they’re less likley to be questioned in the future.  And the price (and premium) is such that it’s still a great deal oveall, given what I believe to be true about the foundation and fundamentals of Gold and Silver.


    Then again, most of my generics are from pretty well known mints as well, so those are less likely to be questioned than some random “Thanks for graduating!” local school coin from 2009 or something. :)

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