volcanoThe damage in the interim is catastrophic.  It will produce an  IMPLOSION EXPLOSION event.  Like a supernova that results when a star runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself, this near infinite quantity of paper printed is does not act as fuel. It does nothing. It’s a drain and drag on the system.  And its Implosion is inevitable. 
You can see it, feel it, sense it…

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Submitted by AGXIIK:

We’ve agonized endlessly as to why gold is down 45% from its April 2011 high and silver’s dropped 70% plus from its high.  We know these metal prices are rigged,  yet despite constant rhetoric about supply issues, the consumption of silver at its total annual production and gold being bought at a rate 100% greater than it’s annual production, the prices have fallen continually.
Why is that? 
We have little inflation in commodities. Yes, inflation hits where it hurts in food, rent and medical care, but the essential inflation sought by central banks is not there. They’re desperate for inflation and sufficiently frightened of this deflationary calamity to dive into Negative Interest Rates (NIRP) after nearly a decade of Zero Interest Rates (ZIRP)   ZIRP is so last year.   NIRP is the new paradigm that’s afflicted nearly half of all bonds and bank accounts. NIRP is the inevitable conclusion of a system that’s gone mad.
It’s exactly the wrong medicine, like bleeding a sick man, thinking that’s the cure,  as if overproduction of FIAT will eventually produce the desired inflation  The damage in the interim is catastrophic.  It will produce an  IMPLOSION EXPLOSION. event.  Like a supernova that results when a star runs out of fuel and collapses in on itself, this near infinite quantity of paper printed is does not act as fuel. It does nothing. It’s a drain and drag on the system.  And its Implosion is inevitable.
QE, FIAT printing and debt has added at least $60 trillion to the world’s monetary supply.  It might be more, possibly even $80 trillion, but the over increase is at least 30-50%  greater today than the total supply of M; all money in the world in 2009. This deluge of paper should have boosted inflation into double digits,  even triple digits.  But it has not yet arrived. M is trapped. It’s held in statis in banks doing nothing.
  Economies in crisis such as  Venezuela, Argentine and Brazil are exceptions,  experiencing the woes of hyperinflation, running in some cases at an 800% annual rate and rising.  The Venezuelan central bank flew in 27 747 cargo jets full of new currency just a few weeks ago. But their inflation is not as a result of inflated commodity prices. The commodities that boosted their economies are now down 50-75%. Their inflation is as a result of excess debt, QE,  lack of consumer products and inability to pay their bills along with attacks by the central banks of the largest economies.
What I’m writing might seem a bit of a stretch, maybe out on a limb in its context, but there is something gnawing at me that tells me why we are not seeing hyperinflation and why we will see an explosion in the price of the least loved of all commodities; gold and silver. (except for those who almost instinctively know we are facing crises after crises in our world and love the precious metals)
There’s been bit of talk about the velocity of money and the fact that it’s very low, somewhere around 1.  Actually that figure is probably high and perhaps even meaningless because all money today is paper, DIGIFIAT,  electronic currency that’s assumed a life of its own to a certain degree. There is so much of it. M is almost organic in nature.  If not alive, it does have its own gravitational fields. It’s also in a very unhealthy state as we will see.
 It moves around almost of its own accord.  It’s essentially uncontrollable and unobservable as to its effect on inflation. It should have an effect on prices but it doesn’t at this time.  It has no perceptible effect on inflation because it is almost without any movement except in the electronic monetary flasks that contain it.  It’s sleeping in the vaults of bankers, trapped in NIRP bonds; in  illiquid securities that cannot be sold  or marked to market for fear of further devaluation.  Monetary velocity is like FIAT trapped in amber.
 MV = PQ   Money Velocity equal Price Quantity
We have many forces at work that are restraining the V of M as noted above
 Cash is being demonized in an attempt to keep cash from moving into the economy in an uncontrolled and uncontrollable manner.  Cash can whip up inflation. The more cash; the more inflation.   See Venezuela and Weimer for those effects  Cash is fuel to inflationary flames. It must be controlled to prevent incipient inflation and control the mobs who seek to use it to buy  something of value outside the paper currency paradigms.  That something could be gold and silver. We’re seeing people buy much greater quantities of precious metals if the demand for government mint coins, 1000 ounce bars and gold coins and bars are any indicator.
The paper printers send their  paper product to the paper mongers who hoard it by buying paper securities with no yield or negative yield, furthering the damage to the real money that’s needed to create jobs, build businesses and strengthen economies. Businesses and consumers reduce or eliminate purchases, thus we see extreme excesses in paper money as a negative to healthy growth today because of the apparent negative toxic life force contained within   Paper is toxic because it’s like a cancerous growth on the economy, dragging down the GDP.  NIRP and debt exacerbates the drain to our life force. The whole world is all about NIRP and debt, the antithesis to economic health and financial well being.
NIRP tries to reduce monetary velocity but essentially ends up whipping a dead mule.  The mule is capital.  It should be working, as capital works,  to build businesses and energize the consumer economy. But the world of business and the consumer is flaccid and declining.  NIRP  feeds on this and creates even more damage to the economy while stealing the thrift of savers and building mal investments.  It does nothing to stir the animal spirits. It’s a poison to the system. It creates fear and attracts fearful capital, neither of which do anything to improve our economies, jobs or businesses.
It could be said that NIRP causes the V of M to go to zero or even less than zero.  It’s a relatively slow drain today, no more than 50 to 75 basis points. But if it does not work its intended magic then it’s quite easy to increase the negative yield.  The silent theft thus makes the V of M worse by degrees. More flogging the dying mule.  Flogging will continue until morale improves.
It’s my opinion that the declining prices of gold and silver are the indirect result of NIRP and ZIRP, started in earnest 8 years ago.  That whipped the price of silver to $50 an ounce based on the fear trade that QE would produce massive inflation. PM prices crashed as a direct result of manipulation by those who were tasking with printing QE to infinity and maintaining  and increasing the world of NIRP and ZIRP
 In this action the people directly responsible for these effects sowed the seeds of their own destruction.  NIRP will create the Implosion Explosion of negative energy; fed by enormous amounts of rapidly decreasing FIAT buying power and value;  fed by fear of losses that cannot be stemmed and final loss of all things of paper value.  The result is a very rapid explosion of money into the hands of those who fear losing to the system, the machine that eats their funds, eats their very lives  And they will seek that which has historically retained great intrinsic value.
I think that for all the force applied to damaging the value of precious metals in a time of massive commodity deflation this force will produce exactly the opposite result. As paper currency entropy goes fully negative in implosions reflected in the crash of bonds, stocks and other paper assets, the instinctive and immediate reaction of billions of people will be the same as  what happened dozens if not hundreds of times in the past.
In the case of MV=PQ, they must remain in balance.  But when MV moves up sharply as a direct result of people  distrust of paper money as they flee the FIAT paradigm  MV will kick PQ hard in the butt and shoot up prices beyond any of our expectations.
It’s starting now. The degree of force needed to suppress a rally in precious metals prices is larger and larger and produces less and less of a result.


You can see it, feel it, sense it. The price break higher is coming closer as all the other experiments and attempts to control the system fail by the numbers.

My surmise is that NIRP and ZIRP were planned years ago, along with the planned collapse of 2007-09 done at the behest of those who’s paychecks are one order of magnitude above JPM’s DImon or Bernanke and their predecessors. 
 Those people move the chess board in  decades-long tranches of time. Planned financial destruction with NIRP and ZIRP as the WMD of choice today, while relatively new concepts in monetary destruction wars, cannot move forward without gold and silver kicked to the curb  
Every advance of these monetary and fiscal juggernauts eventually runs afoul of precious metals as the ultimate stopper. Their hubris is like our eventual acceptance of assymetrical warfare as we once again embrace gold and silver as our shields against the forces of evil.
Like democracy, these people will make every bad choice until they are forced to make the  last and right good choice and precious metals are welcomed bank into the family.  Precious metals force their hands like the second string arm wrestler who makes his comeback at the last minute,  winning the bout.
We are at the precipice of the final sets of bad choices.  The power that be and those who control them are throwing every tool in the tool box into their plans and the tools are not working.   Gold and silver, like I noted, are poised to move back into the front tier of monetary instruments.  China, India, Russia and other PM friendly countries are acutely aware of this phenomenon and add daily to their stacks, often in the kilo ton range. The west as it stands is pretty much a Johnny Come Lately to the PM party. These three countries are old hands at this game.
MV will break high and PQ much higher as paper dollars chase precious metal prices upwards.
For us stackers;  we got our gold and silver. Everything else is BS.
  1. Agreed, you can just feel the economy rolling over. In my business I get to talk with a lot of people. Business is down across the board with two exceptions: car dealers and universities. Even housing is rolling over. Gov’t guaranteed loan money is buoying car buyers and students. But, even with guaranteed money home sales here in Phoenix are collapsing. In 2007-2008 we felt it in Phoenix first before the rest of the country and it’s starting again. So, I completely agree with Ag12K’s assessment. One of my buddies has a business that builds the wooden warehouse shipping pallets. I call him my Extra Early Economic Warning Indicator. His business is down just like in 2007. I wouldn’t be surprised if this fall the we are in the throws of recession/depression.

    Maybe others saw the reports about Switzerland considering paying adult citizens a $2500/month stipend. Talk about a helicopter drop.

    • uglydog said,  “I wouldn’t be surprised if this fall the we are in the throws of recession/depression.”

      So what You are saying is that things are looking up. Improving aye?

      Kind of like when people say “this person or that is a socialist”

      When in reality socialism would be an improvement compared to what We have now. We are Waaaaay past socialism. Next step, Communism and slavery. The future is that of serfdom.

      But hey, I’m preaching to the choir.

    • Dolph, the US has been a socialist nation for many decades now. The US has not had a real “free” market since 1913 when the Federal reserve was created. Social Security was the first real big socialist program. Public Schools next. It goes on and on. Socialism sucks and as we travel down that road to a one world government, religion and banking system, socialism was used to drain your weekly paycheck to keep you poor.  SOCIALISM IS NOT AN IMPROVEMENT. SOCIALISM SUCKS.

    • @PoopaT, this nation is nowhere near being socialist. If you think so then you have no idea what it is you’re talking about. We have more millionaires/billionaires than we did a generation ago. If socialism was in place, we would have far fewer or none at all. The media is owned by a six people, it isn’t owned by the public. Banks are privately owned and regulated by a private institution that cannot be audited by a public entity. This isn’t an apology for socialism, simply pointing out that to call what we have as socialism isn’t close to accurate….

    • @charlie exactly. I work with a lady who grew up in USSR. Yesterday I asked her all about it. I asked if there were any very rich people. No there weren’t because everyone got a fixed salary. There were some upper level politicians etc who got nice cars and lived in nice gated communities but these were more like millionaires not billionaires or even trillionaires as in the west.

      She agreed that communist central planning doesn’t work, I think everyone agrees with that. But what we are living in now is definitely not socialism. It is the end result of capitalism and I don’t think capitalists should be turning a blind eye to any rational analysis that shows that we are not currently living under socialism. Capitalism is an ideology just like socialism and just like socialism, it doesn’t work.

  2. I can smell it  and taste it.  It is like there is no ‘hope’ that is real anywhere you look.  No one cares about anything.  A woman is her parties’ choice for President who every fbi agent in America said they would quit if she was not indicated and no one cares!  They argue about Apple’s witholding the phone records of the alleged San Bernadino shooter when we all know this was a false flag in the first place but no one cares. What do they care about then? They want to have America as ‘great’ again.  They want someone to be President who said ‘they love me so much I could shoot and kill someone in Times Square and I would not lose a single vote.’  The world economy is crumbling at an accelerating pace and they don’t know or care.  Yes I can smell the foul air and the stench of life lost.  I can tell in the vacant looks on people’s faces, I can tell in the robot way they go about their business, I can tell by the disinterest they take no matter what people talk about.  It does not really matter when the big explosion hits  because the people are already lost.

  3. You can see it, feel it, sense it. The price break higher is coming closer as all the other experiments and attempts to control the system fail by the numbers.


    Sorry mate, in my opinion the bear trade is not done yet in Au/Ag. We will retest the lows made last year before the bull awakens. US stocks may rally strongly, S&P to 2000 and DJ to 17k. They may have enough bear burning to run higher, which aligns well with a PM sell-off.



    • I agree.  Or moreover that we have some more  gentle roller coasters left, before a rise. It seems like the cartel will game the prices in a similar pattern (fluctuate ~$14 to ~$15), as long as people are selling back their physical on the rises and the dips, they have some more material to play with.

      Not that I have thorough analysis or data, but just an assumption.  Things should get “real” for them if people are not selling back any physical… and only holding on and buying more, taking away from the supply.

      Having said that, I do feel and see it everywhere.  I just don’t know if I can feel the prices of PM’s sky rocketing in a month, just yet… I want to believe, lol..

    • I know what you are saying. Even Mike Maloney agrees with you but admits the charts are right about 60 % of the time. However I would not bet too much on this correction happening. What many people have not taken into account are the forced sales of gold as well as silver by the cartel at key points since and including the big one that occurred in 2013 which brought the market down in panic selling. The cartel won the psychological game at that point conditioning the market not to buy gold or silver or else !!! It seems that a substantial correction to the upside could be in the offing without the correction being proposed by the charts perhaps to make up for these coerced interjections by the cartel and will show where gold and silver should be by fundamentals alone. Ultimately the bullion traded markets will have to show their hand against the paper cartel interjections where nothing is really being traded. Alternatively the  “S–t could Hit the Fan” and all bets are off for the chart correction. We’ll see. Best of luck to the Gold and Silver Bugs and hoping that this substantial correction does not occur.

    • BUT NOT if the Sovereigns start Standing for Delivery.

      Naked Shorts only work if the buyers will settle for Fiat Currency. The Organ says that the Sovereigns are STANDING and that alone will force the Cartel to deliver or stop shorting.

      And YES, they will change the rules to protect the Naked Shorting crime, but that won’t eliminate the Demand nor suppress the price for very long

  4. Maybe…….extend and pretend.

    Some are just not “buying it”……..


    Some say this fleecing can go on indefinatly……..some don`t.

    They do have an enormous appetite for confusion these insiders and the ability to levitate anything where and when they want too.

    Where do you park your ill-gotten gains ?

    My guess is PMs

  5. I agree gold and silver are going down much lower before they start ascending again.  The U.S. dollar is getting stronger and stronger as the rest of the world continues to debase their currencies.  Everyone will be flocking to the U.S. dollar as those currencies crater.  The U.S. dollar will eventually also take a crap, but not for a time farther out into the future than most predict.  I follow Doug’s blog at the Buy Gold and Silver Safely website.  Here’s a guy whose a precious metals dealer who tells the real story in his blog each day.  I find him to be a no b.s. guy.  He keeps saying gold and silver have not yet seen a bottom for the same reason I mention above – the US dollar is getting stronger.  He says you can buy now but he suggests dollar cost averaging in over time to establish the best base pricing.  What other dealer would recommend waiting to make purchases and not buy buy buy everything NOW!?  From what I’ve seen no one.

    I continue to watch spot prices every day and follow his lead on where prices are headed.  I would recommend anyone else to do the same if for anything to provide an alternate perspective on all of the buy precious metals NOW hysteria.  No one can time the markets but I’m waiting a little longer before I start making my Silver purchases.

    • When you are watching for price to go much lower also add in premium.  If you are right about some huge smash coming, I would expect premiums to go up at the same time.

      Gold price is a little high right now.  The price and momentum charts are T’ed up for a big smash and nothing happens for days, even through both end of month expirations. If gold was smashed back to $1200 it would mean nothing from a technical perspective.  $1160 would be marginally significant.

      Silver needs to go below $14.50 to mean something.

      The GSR is over 80. At this point I suggest focusing on silver and BTFD. Call it dollar cost averaging.  Count yourself lucky to be starting now.

    • yea… the dollar is the best looking horse in the glue factory.. it is not getting stronger. Other currencies are getting weaker. It is basically just sitting in a range. With what the idiot central bankers have done in Europe, China and Japan, the dollar should be way up. It isn’t. I think it will hover where it is, then as our economy continues to weaken, the Fed will be hitting zero to negative interest rates and watch it collapse. I’m not so sure that the Fed has not instructed others to weaken their currencies to keep the US Dollar afloat just a little longer. As China, Russia, and the Arabs dump dollars to sell and buy oil and gold in their own currencies, just watch what happens to the dollar. those dollars will have to come home. When that happens watch inflation.

    • PoppaT,

      The USDX has not made a new high in a year now so you are correct, the USD is not getting stronger. The disinformation posted here about this gets pretty old. Meanwhile gold is near all time highs in Rubles, Rand, Bolivar, Real and rising strongly in Loonie, Aussie, Peso, Pound, etc…not to mention how people in Syria, Libya, and the Ukraine would feel about holding some gold right now. I guess some people here are waiting for PMs to explode in USD terms to confirm their normalcy bias and cognitive dissonance.


    • Texan, I think you have the right idea and it sounds like some good experience.  I would like to hear your opinions on choosing coins, rounds or bars in gold and silver. Oh, and smaller vs. Larger pieces.

      Maybe I’m too practical to mix rounds and bars with low premiums and generally avoid higher premium minted coins.  I just like more phys for the money. …

  6. @Notanowner  That is funny   The cool man is the dead dude. I try not to be cool if possible  As for Willie, you must be psychic. Not that I am trying to be Jim Willie, we are way different, I just sent him my thoughts on what happened to McClendon, Cheasapeake’s former CEO indicted for OK oil lease trading issues.  He was indicted yesterday and died today in a fiery single vehicle SUV crash, where he hit a freeway abutment.   Wow convenient. I sent Willie my thoughts on the WSJ article
    A PS on this included a body double in this accident Suicide seems a bit unlikely Most people like this use a gun or drugs to shuffle off the mortal coil. Body doubles are convenient if you have a 10 figure net worth and can buy that expendable person to take your place. Speculation was that Ken Lay ‘died’ before taken down by Enron investigations. Since he died his conviction was null so his family kept his fortune.

    Lifetime chances of dying in a car wreck  1 out of 303.  Chances of dying in a flaming SUV wreck?  100% when you are a former oil patch CEO who had dealings with Clintons etc. and called to testify.   This sort of thing is surreal and getting surrealer.  Scalia dies at a remote hunting ranch and no one does an autopsy.  This CEO is dead before he can testify. Deep State is just getting warmed up and they no longer care if their methods are sloppy and people see through them

    Times are desperate and some of these people are working overtime.

    • I was just playing with you, you are still cool (LOL)

      Jim and you have the same dilema in my opinion, you guys are too well informed and bought into PMs to see beyond the smoke and mirrors set by the Intelligentsia. I see lots of data and very few geopolitics involved in the analysis. But that’s just me.

      I’ll keep slacking 😀

  7. AGXIIK,

    It certainly is surreal; that you have events such as McClendon’s supposed ‘death’ now occurring nearly every week. The status quo is circling the drain. You can see it nearly around the clock now in the ‘news’, feel it wherever you travel…sense it when you look into people’s eyes as you finish a complete sentence that excludes sports or the weather…

    The only thing that surprises, (and saddens) me lately is how long the collapse process has been underway, and yet there is still such widespread clinging to normalcy bias and support for the criminal institutions.

    I say now to anyone with means; “pull it”; like Larry Silverstien and Bldg 7. GOTS; and get real, else you are already dead.

  8. @AGXIIK  I did read your article and I do appreciate your efforts.  Now a days I come to this site and I only read the comments.  The articles presented to us on this site are designed to influence the foolish into buying product.  There is no intention of educating the clients or helping them make an informed decision to buy silver.  SilverDoctors has a very poor reputation now.  I suggest that clients buy from a different, more ethical and professional metals reseller.  This being said, I am sure that SilverDoctors will remove this comment.  They cannot accept the truth.  This website presents information that they do not even agree with.  Do you respect SD for this?  Of course you do clients.  You love SilverDoctors.  I remember when this site first came online.  It was a very good webforum and had good intentions at the time.  Wow.  Times have changed.  Metals are going higher.  We don’t know when.  And we aren’t going to be any better off by reading Bo Polny or Jim Willie articles.  I am just here to get a feel for what the commenters are thinking.  SilverDoctors is just here to move product.  Period.

    • @pollokeeper

      LOL I agree to some extent.  But then again go to any silver blog website and they are the same.  I do not stack for the end of the world,  the fall of capatilism, or the inheirint failure of fiat currency.  If you do, that is fine, but I just don’t feel it will happen.  I love gold and silver and have been a collector and accumulator for years now.  But it’s not my only nest egg.  Bo and Jim, I feel really believe in what they say,  I have friends that believe it.  I just don’t believe it myself.  But once in a while they have a great article.  usually from the zero hedge guy!!!

      less text more substanance would be nice.

  9. Everybody is closing stores.  It’s not inevitable.  It’s happening as we speak.  Sports Authority Sears etc..nerd strums etc… are shutting down a percentage of their venues.  Feudalism here we come.  Hey.  Feudalism was the precursor to capitalism if I am not mistaken. Maybe things are looking up.  More Silver.

    • @andrew james

      I think a lot has to do with online buying.  the retail market is changing and the dinosaur retailers that do not have a great online presence will vanish!!!!!  It’s cheaper to rent a 50,000 sqft of warehouse then 50,000 sqft of prime realty.  plus the employees to stock, display maintain.  I did most of my christmas shopping online this year.  more convenient, easier to price check, ships to the office.  So in my opinion that is a bad example.  But I love silver!!!

  10. @Pollokeeper  You and I have been here about the same time and remember when it was just a blog site. My work isnt to get someone to buy silver even though the war against silver and gold seem to make buying them a good idea, along with cash since the war includes that too.  My purpose on this article was an attempt to wrap NIRP, ZIRP, currency wars, war on cash and PMs, economic warfare against us and how they interrelate and correlate.   Doc won’t remove your comments or anyone else’s for that matter.  He’s selling PMs.   That his job.

    Our job is to survive as best we can given the situations we face today.  PMs are just a very small part of this paradigm.  As @notanowner noted, I generated some data and tried to bring some of these points together to a conclusion. But I never forget that with all this going on we are still part of the Matrix.  That external force that seems to control everything from geopolitics to banking to business and much in between is what we have to fight against.    Yes, we are walking up and the fight never stops.

    The stuff I wrote was a first effort. What really needs to be done is someone take this and make it a PhD thesis with all the parts wrapped in.   Or maybe a book. But please, not an economics text

    Maybe something like the Flash Boys or the movie  The Big Short.  Someone will write this 10 years from now when everything we are guessing at is common knowledge with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight.  If that story is permitted to be published


    • And one more thing.  As I read the formula for inflation and hyperinflation  MV=PQ, I was trying to figure out why we haven’t seen it yet.  It breaks out in  Venezuela, Argentine and other places like a plague that gets contained before it can spread. But it will spread when people see the virus of currency inflation and lack of confident in paper money. Then they’ll see that inflation is upon us.

    • AGXIIK

      I’m not an expert but I think inflation is more a price and demand thing.  demand increases, supply decreases, = inflation.   demand decreases,  supply increases = deflation,, low unemployment rate + increase in wages = inflation.  Those are the basics but in today’s economy it’s much more complex then a single equation.

    • @AGXIIK  I didn’t post here to disagree with you on anything.  However, it needs to be pointed out that SilverDoctors is ruining its reputation by posting articles that clearly the management themselves do not agree with, even remotely.  This lacks integrity and honesty.  Posting Bo Polny articles for example, when this person has proven to be undependable is not honest.  Commenters clearly do not agree with what Bo has to say.  Or, the Marshall Swing scandal.  What an embarrasment.  It embarrasses any serious metals investor and gives the site a bad name.  Management.  You should consider trying to change the image of this site.  Is this just a metals reseller site that only worry’s about selling product for cheap premiums and fast delivery?  If thats the case, drive on.  I myself would want this to be a place where thought provoking information is shared that help the client to make good decisions.  How does Bo Polny help the client?  It just embarrasses all long term investors to keep seeing this kind of crap posted.  The decision to post this crap is a management decision.  A very poor one at that.  It reflects the shortsited vision of this company.  Shame on SilverDoctors.

  11. @pollokeeper  You won’t get an argument from me on that score   Trying to change the tenor and theme of this site from the inside won’t happen.   But changing this from the outside means we all make an effort to say something worthy of contribution to our increasing stockpile of knowledge and understand.  Like the old guy says; with all your getting, get wisdom.  That is worth far more than gold and silver.  That’s the reason I’m here and constantly writing.   Silver and gold will take care of themselves.   Cheers

    PS   A $20 uptick in the price of the shiny would be nice too.

  12. @shamus001   I  hope you got a bowser bag full of shiny early this week.  My opinion for what it’s worth is that AG will continue to move up in fits and starts.  That’s better than s**** and farts, something I feel more and more each day

    Happy Birthday to me

    I’m not 63

    But I’m not 65

    And I’m still freakin’ alive

    Gimme my GD senior discounts!!  😉

  13. “Epic”
    Can you feel it, see it, hear it today?
    If you can’t, then it doesn’t matter anyway
    You will never understand it cuz it happens too fast
    And it feels so good, it’s like walking on glass
    It’s so cool, it’s so hip, it’s alright
    It’s so groovy, it’s outta sight
    You can touch it, smell it, taste it so sweet
    But it makes no difference cuz it knocks you off your feet
    You want it all but you can’t have it
    It’s cryin’, bleedin’, lying on the floor
    So you lay down on it and you do it some more
    You’ve got to share it, so you dare it
    Then you bare it and you tear it
    You want it all but you can’t have it
    It’s in your face but you can’t grab it
    It’s alive, afraid, a lie, a sin
    It’s magic, it’s tragic, it’s a loss, it’s a win
    It’s dark, it’s moist, it’s a bitter pain
    It’s sad it happened and it’s a shame
    You want it all but you can’t have it
    It’s in your face but you can’t grab it
    What is it?
    It’s it
    What is it?…


  14. Wow  This is an oldie.  Maybe this will be the epic Catastropic event we’ve all been yapping about for years.  Or maybe not.  But it’s probably a Bear Sterns or Merrill Lynch to the really real event, like a Lehman 2.0.

  15. @AGXIIK

    Great stuff.

    Sold some JNUG on Friday.  So now have my original investment back along with some cash for a vacation in Bocas del Toro.  Just hope we don´t contract zika.

    Might try to swing trade remaining JNUG shares.  I know, good luck with that…house money, what the hell.


  16. @fg3932

    The great thing about JNUG is that with meager price increases in gold and silver  $3 and $150 respectively and around 20-25% each, JNUG gives 200% rise   This gives a huge amount of house money cash to buy more PMs at what is still decent price  I sold $70,000 of silver at around $15.50 to harvest capital losses.  That cash went into JNUG and the capital losses will shelter the gains from the first sale of JNUG.  Nice lather rinse and repeat, keeping the tax goons at bay

  17. @AGXIIK

    belated happy birthday!!

    62.5 here

    With the readership you´ve garnered you might consider starting your own site.

    My metal purchases were more a one and done, as mentioned purchased ag in 01..over 30,000 ounces stored at Delaware depository… following morgan stanley revelations of 06 sought out a safer alternative.

    Looking forward to swing trade JNUG.  I know I´ll probably get burned…won´t be the first time.

  18. fg3932  That is a heck of a stack.  I gotta call Doc on Monday to continue buying

    I dreamt of having the foresight to have bought monster boxes when silver was $5 an ounce.  $2,500 a box.  Catching up on that miss makes me constantly anxious to find a good buy price

    Doc has MBs for around $20,000 a unit.   One of my newest favorite colors is Frisco mint green

    Re websites and subscriber blogs

    Better to write anonymously and be merely thought of as a fool than start the blog and remove all doubt. 😉

    Besides which, I much prefer to write without compensation.  It’s more fun and attracts less fools and trolls. Cheers

    • @AGXIIK

      Looking forward to more of your stuff, along with trading exploits.  I really tuned in once you started including some of the juicy trading details….especially when you´re making big doubles over the span of a few months.  I´m shameless and if you give me any ideas … I´ll thank you later.


      Just dumb luck on my part.  Can still recall as a small fry before i could read I´d get up early and search the dictionary for the picture of gold….and stare at it.

      In 86 noticed that ag was on a tear, and purchased 10k ounces at 6….shortly thereafter the Merrill broker called me as it was at 12 and he advised a sale.  I was looking for 20, piggy me, and was fortunate to get out shortly thereafter as it hurtled back to earth.  Managed a push, and that was all the money I had in the world at the time.



  19. Many didn’t believe me when I started telling people that the housing market was going to crash way back in 2003.  It did take another 5 years but hey … I never said when it was going to happen.  Same type of thing goes for PM nuts like myself … only have to be correct once and all the “told you so’s” won’t matter one twit afterwards yet the damage will already be done and relatively permanent.

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