Physical silver demand remained strong this week with investors rushing to lock in prices near recent lows:


The rally off last week’s lows in Gold and silver prices accelerated today.  What began as paper market selling exhaustion after 3 weeks of consecutive COMEX paper losses received a huge jolt from Donald Trump.  The MSM declaration that Trump is on shaky ground politically over the latest Russian allegations jarred global markets, with the DOW and the USDX plunging. 

This sent gold prices searing higher over $20 to $1260, slicing through both the 50 day and 200 day moving averages.  Not surprisingly, gold’s advance has been stymied for now at 2%- typically the max the cartel will allow gold to advance in a single day.   Gold continues to stubbornly hold on to its gains throughout the access market session, although we would not be surprised to a see a retest of $1250 in the next day or two prior to a resumption of a new uptrend. 

Silver gained another .30 to $17.08 before settling back under $17.  Silver is up nearly $1 in the past 72 business hours, and is expected to continue to rally to a test of its own 50 day moving average, currently at $17.50. 

Physical silver demand remained strong this week with investors rushing to lock in prices near recent lows.  The US Mint reported Tuesday they had Sold Out entirely of the Frederick Douglass Silver ATB coins, and May Silver Eagle coin sales are on pace to quadruple April sales numbers with 1.56 million coins already sold. 

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    • Another contrived narrative from the indoctrinating MSM.

      Gold/Silver jumped because of the ongoing critical paper/physical discrepancy, not from Trump/Comey.

      Trump/Comey itself is probably contrived and pumped to take attention away from the Democrats for killing Seth Rich.

      p.s. LMAO CDL. With your phyzz stack, you will be a modern Pharaoh, sitting with your scepter, dispensing wit, wisdom and vacuum sealed food packets. They’ll be coming to you, hooking for Cheeboyays, you’ll refer them to the Good Book.

    • Unlike many, stackers KNOW real money when they see it.  When it is on sale, what better time to add to the stack?


  1. If the dollar collapses, bitcoin will be worth more dollars, but so will euro and yen and yuan ect. Purchasing power of bitcoin will not neccesarily increase, it will just become worth a ton of worthless fiat. just my opinion buy Ag Silver NOW

  2. Means nothing. We saw the price fall in the face of record physical demand from 2011-2014. The Comex is the pricing mechanism. So long as that exchange is functioning silver prices will remain stagnant. Sadly I may add.

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