Mother Yellen Had Her Turn Yesterday.
Today, Trump Sent Gold and Silver Prices Higher:



Gold and silver prices have been consolidating recent gains this week, with gold trading between $1220 and $1230/oz and silver continually bouncing from $17.80 back to $18. 

The metals sold off Tuesday morning as Fed Chairwoman Janet Yellen informed Congress “waiting too long to hike is unwise”, resulting in the market almost immediately fully pricing in June and December Fed rate hikes.

Silver was sent down 30 cents from $18.10 to $17.80, and gold was sent from $1235 down to a low of $1216 this morning.  

Trump jerked the markets and metals back higher today however, informing the markets  “we’re doing a massive tax plan”  that “will be submitted in not so distant future”

The comments sent the DOW soaring to an all-time high over 20,600, and sent silver back above $18/oz and gold back over $1230. 

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  1. Silver Doctors site was registered on April 10, 2011, and on the 11th of April in 2011,  silver was at $41.37 per troy ounce.

    I get offended with these articles like silver to the moon garbage when it is hovering around $18.  Please do the math on how much wealth people have lost since the inception of this site.



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    • @Jake

      Yes I remember those prices. I started my monthly DCA in May 2011 and Ag was in the 40’s. If you been stacking since then as I have then yes in dollar value we lost. My primary reason for investing in Ag was the strong underlining fundamentals of precious metals, however I had no idea how manipulated this and all markets are. Now I view my stack as insurance against a devalue dollar.

      Yes, the constant pumping has gotten old especially for us that has been following this site for years. To the newcomers to this site this is all new to them.

      The financial markets has detached itself from the realities of the economy and the powers to be is doing whatever is necessary to keep the illusion alive that’s all is well. Just look at the Dow- 20,500. The Dow should be half of that based on the actual financial indicators versus the government manipulated numbers. Something is going on behind the scene I truly believe a reset is coming. In the western world there has been political changes, Brexit, Trump’s election and upcoming elections in France and Germany. After all this is 2017 a year away from the 2018 new currency that was on the 1988 cover of the “Economist ” magazine.

    • Jake…You’re right on the move i.e. the tide is moving in favor of PM’s.  However, timing the waves is impossible.  That’s why we buy physical and hold.  You’ll be glad you did.

    • Yes. Me too ….. Especially the Slavo click-bait articles.

      I absolutely can’t stand the Slavo articles and you don’t know it’s a Slavo article until it’s too late and the page has loaded. And that is the main reason I frequent here so much less often.

      I began my stack at $35/oz in February of 2012 and followed it all the way down to $14 last year and just yesterday I still acquired a dozen rolls of Mercury dimes. My cost averaging is somewhere in the mid-$20’s.

      While my return is no more than a savings account, I sleep much better knowing that I have my savings in physical Ag under my complete possession.

      So although I rarely come by this site anymore, I’m still stacking as my discretionary income allows

    • Understandable, and my apologies if the tone of my comment sounded “whiny.”  However, the constant pumping on this site is nothing different than an Iraqi Dinar site.  The business model is identical.   From the website generating articles positive about a certain product, to then selling that product.  Having been in sales for over a decade…I recognize a pitch a mile away.  I even see the Hegelian Dialectic at play sometimes.  (Problem Reaction Solution)

      Problem:  SILVER SHORTAGE!

      Reaction:  Oh No!!! I need it b4 it is gone!

      Solution: By Eagles from the Doc:  Lowest prices….PERIOD!

      Oh, and do you remember the AMMO shortage b4 they started selling AMMO some years back?  That was classic.

    • Yes, I DO remember the ammo shortage of 2012.  That was quite frustrating for me specifically because I considered buying a lot of ammo at various local gun shows in mid-late 2011 and then decided not to buy at that time.  BAD MOVE!  It wasn’t long before the price of ammo more than doubled, .22-LR ammo was virtually impossible to find, and was very expensive when it was located.  At times there, I could shoot my AK for less per round than my .22!

      Suffering under the Obamunist regime did not do anything to reduce the feeling of near-panic that MANY of Obama’s decisions created in a lot of Americans.  Obama once quipped that he was “the greatest gun salesman in the world”.  He was that, no doubt.  Same went for ammo.

      One of the biggest problems with buying PMs is that they have been hyped to the point that reality cannot compete with what has been promised for them.  Much of this promise has been based on innuendo and suggestion.  But people get wrapped up in such arguments and make all sorts of mistakes that they other-wise would not make.

      Those of us who have bought PMs regularly over time and used a dollar cost average approach have not done too badly with it.  Added to this is the buying of a little more on the dips, a little less on price increases, and setting a ceiling price above which we will not buy at all has helped us to create nice stacks of silver and perhaps also gold at reasonable average prices.

      I see my stack as my financial insurance that covers me against unforeseen financial disasters, such as currency collapse, devaluation, or runaway inflation.  Like other insurance policies, future policies tend to be cheaper than current ones.  That does not make me wish that I had waited to buy insurance at a later time, however, because the insurance was in effect in between those times.  I can see the value in that so will not dismiss it.

      What I don’t see as likely is PMs “going parabolic”, “going to the moon”, or making any of us fabulously wealthy.  PMs are primarily a form of wealth protection, not wealth growth.  The shares of gold and silver mining companies that do well can be a form of wealth growth and a few on here are using various gold and silver mining company ETFs to harvest financial gains that can be considerably greater than those obtained via owning physical gold and silver.

      While wealth growth IS possible, it’s not likely the most valuable part of owning PMs.  Preserving the wealth that we have from known inflation and possible currency value loss protection are the most valuable aspects.  Well, for me, anyway.  I cannot speak for others, as there are multiple reasons for owning PMs.  Some of these will be more important to some than others.  Much depends upon their exact financial situation and outlook for the future of the US and world economies as well as the fiat currencies, sovereign bonds, politics, war, etc.

      The good news, of course, is that one can own paper investments AND PMs.  This is not an either / or choice, although some suggest that it is.  As a small investor who has been reasonably successful, I have no problem owning physical gold and silver as the commodities portion of my wealth plan.  Alongside that, I also have mutual funds, ETFs, money market accounts, and cash in hand.  Diversification is good and along with DCA asset acquisition form the basis for small investing success.  The prices of PMs and stocks tend to move in opposite directions, so when one is rising the other is often falling or flat.  Assets like this help make for a much steadier ride while investing.  Most all or nothing plans meet disaster with which they cannot cope at some point and do their owners little to no good at all.  Those with multiple types of investments, however, can weather most financial storms and get to the better times that most often lie ahead.  None of this is a guarantee and I am not suggesting that it is.  But it does allow the small investor to bend the odds a bit in their favor and that’s usually about the best we can do.


  2. I would not buy my silver from anyone with the lowest prices as we have seen several of these types abruptly go POOF while your waiting for delivery, all funds lost.

    Buy from someone thats been around for decades and will be around in the future, you have to charge more of a margin to maintain the business.

    My broker will buy BACK any metal you buy from them at the highest price over spot.

    Dont plan on selling anytime soon, but life changes and most never think about the other side of the transaction.

    This site is comical, I come here for the hype to get me recharged, but honestly its too cheesy, its like the global warming religion, anything at all happens its due to global warming.

    Same with SD

    That said Silver is a hot commodity and you better get your silver eagles HERE NOW before the supply is GONE FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

    • “I would not buy my silver from anyone with the lowest prices as we have seen several of these types abruptly go POOF while your waiting for delivery, all funds lost.”

      That happens.  We’ve all seen what happened to Tulving and NW Territorial Mint and it wasn’t pretty.  But, it’s often the case that a flawed business model or personal errors caused most of the problems that these businesses had.  I buy from APMEX, Provident, and from SD Bullion.  All have worked well for me and the few small problems that occurred were fixed quickly and quite satisfactorily.  As SDB has proved, there IS a difference between being low cost and being cheap.  😉

      “Buy from someone thats been around for decades and will be around in the future, you have to charge more of a margin to maintain the business.”
      I see nothing wrong with this approach as long as the extra margin IS going towards maintaining the business.  As customers, however, we are unlikely to ever know if this is the case or we are simply being milked for extra cash.  Being around for decades is a good thing.  It shows that a business has likely met all sorts of difficult times and has been able to come through them.  But as the stock boys and girls say, “past performance is no guarantee of future results”.  Much can happen behind the scenes that we, as customers are unaware of and that can have a major influence on the company.  The owner getting sued, for example, and having to pay a substantial court settlement.  Illness?  Etc.

  3. Yeah well I was over at kitco and they got this thing called a live chart with three squiggly lines green blue and red. Point is I don’t see what you’re talking about.  The DOW…that I can see. Sh*t look at that. Up 107.  This is where ewe take the money and run.  Right?  Are you sure he did that?  More Silver.

  4. I hope people realize this counter balance act between Trump  and Yellen is a game not a real conflict. Trump is going to cause a real collapse of the currency, he has to because there is no other possible solution to the crisis that has been brewing for so long. The powers that be have soaked the system from all the wealth that has been accumulated by the west over the past era and now there is no more left.  He appears to be a ‘good guy’ interested in the people’s well being while he is ‘deliberately’ undermining what is left of the system.  OK when the collapse comes, Trump can then pronounce that he did everything he could for the common man so he can exert the needed marshal law and the people won’t object. After all, he is their man. Let us look at his lineup of cabinet members:  billionaires, generals, Goldman Sachs honchos, captains of industry  that’s a real team for the common man! Now lets look at his ‘actions.’ One of his team is criticized for having a meeting with a Russian ambassador and the press gets on him about hit so what does he do? He tells his man to keep mum and not defend himself. That’s a real leader for you! No, he is not .  Here he takes a stand for dividing Palestine and when he is with Netanyahu, he backs off it. Great leadership.  Russia sets off a Nike missile which they are not supposed to do and what does he do? Nothing.  That’s the kind of leadership we have in the White House my friends.  He is no leader, he has no real plan for leading the economy or the nation. He has one real agenda, to be the good guy for everyone to see so when the economy collapses, he can be the ‘people’s man’ because he is not offending them.

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