This is going to be wild to you!!
There are no other words to describe the data!
This has never happened during an active silver delivery month.  Ladies and gentlemen:  the silver Comex is being attacked for its physical metal and the attacker is Sovereign China. 


The gold open interest rose by a tiny 1636 contracts despite the good rise in the metal on Friday ($3.80) and the healthy gain in our gold/silver equity shares.  However this is a preliminary number and in gold we lose around 3 to 4 thousand contracts so when the dust settles on Monday, the final OI number will be in reality down 2,000 or so.
in the front month we had a loss of only 1 contract.  We had 8 notices served upon on Friday so we again gained 7 contracts or an  additional 700 oz will stand and no EFP’s issued.
the front June contract month lost only 3857 contracts and it stands at 214,866.  If you compare last yr at this exact moment 330,125 contracts were still open.
I have a sneaky feeling that a lot of these open June 2017 contracts will stand ready to receive metal like they are doing in silver
speaking of silver, the data is absolutely flabbergasting.
The total open interest rose by a whopping 7462 contracts up to 214,229.
 We will probably lose around 800 – 1200 contracts so expect the final number to be around 213,000
The front month of May saw its OI fall by 109 contracts but we had 131 notices filed upon so we again gained 22 contracts or 110,000 additional oz will stand.  This is the 11th straight trading day for an increase in amt standing and it started on day 2 right after first day notice.  This is totally unprecedented  and it has never occurred happened at the comex since inception until now!!
we now have 22,560,000 oz standing.
As you can visualize the contracts that are standing must have deep pockets to withstand the torment over the past two weeks. Many of the comex longs no doubt belong to a sovereign as these contracts are held in proxy by our bankers who know the truth behind what is going on.
China who no doubt lent silver to the uSA in 2003 as a loan wants their metal back as it is needed at the  Shanghai silver exchange.
(By the way, record number of gold physical deliveries have occurred at the Shanghai gold exchange these past 4 months)
well here is your data
and I will be open to any comments.
I will be writing on Monday but probably only the comex I will be out of the loop for most of the day.
Have a great weekend…

your data:

For comex gold:



 TOTAL NOTICES SO FAR: 483 FOR 48300 OZ    (1.5023 TONNES)


For silver:

For silver: MAY


Total number of notices filed so far this month: 4439 for 22,195,000 oz


 Let us head over to the comex:

The total gold comex open interest ROSE BY A SMALLISH 1,636 CONTRACTS UP to an OI level of 436,108 WITH THE  RISE IN THE PRICE OF GOLD ( $3.80 with YESTERDAY’S trading).   We are now in the contract month of MAY and it is one of the POORER delivery months  of the year. In this MAY delivery month  we had A LOSS OF 1 contract(s) LOWERING TO  41. We had 8 notices filed yesterday so we GAINED 7 contracts or an additional 700 oz are standing for delivery and no contracts were cash settled through the EFP route where they receive a cash bonus plus a future gold contract.

The next big active month is June/2017 and here the OI LOST 3,857 contracts DOWN to 214,866.  The non active July contract GAINED another 216 contracts to stand at 684 contracts. The next big active month is August and here the OI gained 3,894 contracts up to 123,216.

To give you a good idea of the devastation of open interest contracts, last year on May 16 2016 we had at this exact time:    330,125 contracts of JUNE 2016 CONTRACTS OPEN.( compared to JUNE 2017: 214,866)

We had 10 notice(s) filed upon today for 1000 oz

 To calculate the initial total number of gold ounces standing for the MAY. contract month, we take the total number of notices filed so far for the month (483) x 100 oz or 48300 oz, to which we add the difference between the open interest for the front month of MAY (41 contracts) minus the number of notices served upon today (10) x 100 oz per contract equals 51,400 oz, the number of ounces standing in this  active month of MAY.

Thus the INITIAL standings for gold for the MAY contract month:
No of notices served so far (483) x 100 oz  or ounces + {(41)OI for the front month  minus the number of  notices served upon today (10) x 100 oz which equals 51,400 oz standing in this non active delivery month of MAY  (1.5980 tonnes).  We gained 10 contracts or an additional 1000 oz are standing for delivery and 0 contracts were cash settled through the EFP route where they received a fiat bonus plus a futures contract in a private deal with the bankers.
I have now gone over all of the final deliveries for this year and it is startling.
Here are the final deliveries for all of 2016 and the first 5 months of  2017
Jan 2016:  .5349 tonnes  (Jan is a non delivery month)
Feb 2016:  7.9876 tonnes (Feb is a delivery month/deliveries this month very low)
March 2016: 2.311 tonnes (March is a non delivery month)
April:  12.3917 tonnes (April is a delivery month/levels on the low side
And then something happens and from May forward deliveries boom!
May; 6.889 tonnes (May is a non delivery month)
June; 48.552 tonnes ( June is a very big delivery month and in the end deliveries were huge)
July: 21.452 tonnes (July is a non delivery month and generally a poor one/not this time!)
August: 44.358 tonnes (August is a good delivery month and it came to fruition)
Sept:  8.4167 tonnes (Sept is a non delivery month)
Oct; 30.407 tonnes
Nov.    8.3950 tonnes.
DEC/2016.   29.931 tonnes
JAN/2017     3.9004 tonnes
FEB/ 18.734 tonnes
March: 0.5816 tonnes
April/2017: 2.8678
MAY:2017/  1.5980 TONNES
total for the 17 months;  249.5110 tonnes
average 14.677 tonnes per month
And now for the wild silver comex results.  Total silver OI ROSE BY A HUGE 7,462 contracts FROM  206,767 UP TO 214,229  WITH FRIDAY’S 21 CENT PRICE GAIN. It seems that the EFP’s calls are now being exercised for July contracts and thus the reason for the huge OI gain in the silver complex.
We now know for certainty that private EFP contracts are given by the bankers when faced with an upcoming active delivery month.  We just do not know the makeup of that private deal.  It is my contention that the longs in silver at the end of April were given a fiat bonus plus a long “in the money” call for a  future May contract or a July contract. They were told not to exercise for a new contract until at least the first week of May is over so it would not look like a paper settlement which in reality it surely is.
So now everything makes sense: the obliteration of OI as we enter first day notice has not really occurred but replaced with a future contract with some bonus money for their effort. No doubt by the end of May, the open interest in the silver contract month will be close to the OI we had around mid April/2017.
The total number of notices filed today for the MAY. contract month is represented by 22 contract(s) for 110,000 oz. To calculate the number of silver ounces that will stand for delivery in MAY., we take the total number of notices filed for the month so far at 4439 x 5,000 oz  = 22,195,000 oz to which we add the difference between the open interest for the front month of MAY (95) and the number of notices served upon today (22) x 5000 oz equals the number of ounces standing


Thus the initial standings for silver for the MAY contract month:  4439(notices served so far)x 5000 oz  + OI for front month of APRIL.(95 ) -number of notices served upon today (22)x 5000 oz  equals  22,560,000 oz  of silver standing for the MAY contract month.
We actually gained another 22 contracts or an additional 110,000 oz will stand for delivery and again nobody wished to accept an EFP contract for a fiat bonus. It probably means that the entire 22.56 million oz that are standing wants only physical metal and refuses a fiat bonus. This is identical to backwardation where the investor will not accept to roll to a futures month and receive a sure fiat profit (THROUGH THE EFP) but instead that investor holds onto his physical because he is not sure in the future he would receive his metal back if he engages in that future contract.  
We have now had on 11 trading consecutive days, an increase in amount standing for silver.  For the past several years, this has never happened during an active silver delivery month.  Ladies and gentlemen:  the silver comex is being attacked for its physical metal and the attacker is Sovereign China. 
    • As you can visualize the contracts

      thats the problem Harvey. We can’t visualize. We can only see reams of your green Matrix-like numbers.


  1. It’s not China. In intelligence circles they have the data gatherers (the spys), and then they have those who decide what the gathered information means (the analysts). Some people are better at doing certain things than others. And with today’s title I can say that Harvey should definitely stay away from trying to divine what his COMEX data implies. Let’s look at the facts shall we? Twenty two million ounces of silver amounts to considerably less than half a billion dollars. It is an absolutely trivial sum for a Chinese sovereign investment. First, and most importantly, COMEX has survived this long only because its efforts to drive down/control PM prices is compatible with China’s objective to accumulate them. Crucially Harvey fails to provide any evidence this long time established relationship has changed. Only when China decides it’s best interest is now with having a true Fair Market Value for PMs will this relationship change, and my bet is that will be brought about with a simple announcement the Shanghai Metal Exchange will open using the exchange’s previous day’s closing prices. Secondly China has never resorted to buying on the COMEX. The amounts physically delivered there are grossly inadequate for its purposes. In the case of silver the country’s monthly needs would surely total in the thousands of metric tonnes. Consequently China would perforce have to rely on the LBMA (and I’m sure we would have heard about it if that was occurring) or (and this is merely a strong hunch) it would get the metal directly from the miners using intermediaries. So this month’s delivery positions can’t be related to China. But the amounts involved, and buying pattern exhibited this month, DOES have all the hallmarks of a hedge fund feeding frenzy. Perhaps Warren Buffet, who has had a history of opportunistic investments in silver and a tidy 60+ billion sitting in cash, is involved. Maybe not. Anyone else would do just as well. We’re not talking about a lot of money in the grand scheme of things here. But it seems someone has taken the initial stand to demand delivery and others are now entering the play scenting blood. That’s my guess and the reader is free to agree or not with my assessment. But China is almost certainly not involved here.

    • As usual, your arguments are sound.  But, is it not possible that getting some silver or gold from the Comex is part of China’s over-all plan?  Likely, as you say, via intermediaries.  Due to the huge amounts of gold and silver that China imports, it is likely that they have many possible suppliers and intermediaries through which to obtain what they want and need.  Getting it direct from the mines would be good too, especially if China invested large sums of capital in various mines and then agreed to accept repayment in metal at whatever the then current spot price is.


    • You don’t understand, it’s not about the money or the “US Dollar value” at all. It’s about the silver itself. 22,560,000 oz (or 700 metric tonnes) of silver is about $380,000,000.00 ($380 million) , but that is not the issue at hand….The silver itself, in that quantity, is not attainable anywhere on earth, EXCEPT FOR about 2 (maybe 3) places, and one of those is the COMEX…This is 10% of China’s original stockpile that made its way to the US back in the Clinton days. 700 tonnes is 20% of China’s annual silver production. and China is the #2 silver producer in the world, only behind Mexico.

      The COMEX silver inventory sits at 33,986,640 oz.  – – – – – –

      Although the withdrawal of 22.56 million ounces will deplete the COMEX holdings by about 2/3rds and reduce inventory from 33.96 million ounces to 11.40 million ounces, this delivery of 22.56 million ounces being insisted on, will not pu the COMEX out of commission – they will still have over 11 million ounces to operate with.

      As for the LMBA, we DO NOT KNOW how much silver they have on hand – they refuse to publish those numbers –… I DOUBT they have anything even close to 22.56 million ounces of silver.


  2. Why are comments turned off for “The Darkness is Coming: The Last 3 Days to Repent?

    Why do you report that “X received the following on date”, as though they actually did, when what they claim to have “received” contains doctrines that are explicitly contradicted by Scripture?

    Most of these articles on apocalyptic topics also contain specious statements of things that you seem to believe are possibilities,  when such are also explicitly contradicted by Scripture.

    I can prove all of these allegations, some of which are salvational issues, and for which you will be held responsible by YHVH Elohim and by His Son, my Lord Yeshua HaMashiach, being held to a higher standard as one who deems himself a teacher.

    I pray that you will consider these things and respond to me via email @ [email protected].

    • “Why are comments turned off for “The Darkness is Coming: The Last 3 Days to Repent?””

      Umm, because the argument is too weak to stand on its own and would not survive even a modest challenge?  Comments turned off seems a red flag for ‘don’t read this because we do not care what you think on this matter’.  I take it as a sign to skip the “article” and suggest that others do too.


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