In this “as far away from the MSM as possible” small-scale event, There’s more people here than at most Hillary Clinton rallies. Better yet, there are future silverbugs in the making! Worse yet, our actual Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is MIA. Anybody thinking they will just buy silver when the time comes is making a very costly mistake…

Surely to the sound of MSM crickets, this happened today:


And just so we’re clear (If you didn’t follow the US Mint):


There is no doubt who would make a better First Female United States President, and as the US Mint is posting today, yes, the future for silver looks bright:

And just so we’re clear again, we found Mnuchin. He was busy putting on his make-up:


    • That timeline of anticipated events went down well didnt it.

      Too many drugs in the system of the of the nut bar author of this religion inspired  drivel.

  1. What a charming young man.

    I am glad this patriot is standing vigilant over our nations Gold at Fort Knox.

    Now that the nations gold is safe and sound The Trumpster and his merry men of Goldman Sachs can continue on doing their patriotic duties.

  2. its weak for the 99% of the people who do not understand what is real money, gold and silver. Till they awaken , the price will move slowly , when they awake the price will sky rocket.

    Stacking the shiny phyzz one coin at a time.

    • Which is EXACTLY what we saw back in 1980… the slumbering herd awakened for a couple of months… and then went back to bed.  But it was a pretty wild couple of months.  🙂

  3. Silver demand can be figured pretty closely by looking at the premiums charged for silver and the number of sales that are put on.  When demand is high and buying brisk, prices tend to rise and premiums tend to fall.  When demand is slack, prices tend to fall but premiums tend to rise.  Looking at the recent sales activity indicates that silver demand is, indeed, weak at the moment.  But then, it is typical that July-August are slow PM sales months.  There is no “shortage” of silver when silver is put on sale and premiums slashed.  Both of those tend to increase silver demand during slack buying periods.

    Other factors also play parts in this, so the situation is complicated by their influence.


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