The joke’s on us…

From PM Fund Manager Dave Kranzler:

In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists, and will persist.   – from President Eisenhower’s final speech from the White House

To anyone who has researched the facts in search of “the truth,” it’s painfully obvious that the U.S. political and financial system needs to be reset.  The most productive way to do this would be be build a wall around Capitol Hill and Wall Street, burn them to the ground and move the new Government capitol somewhere far from the east coast.  It many ways, it’s quite fitting that the U.S. Government is physically situated on what was formerly swamp land because the Government itself has become nothing but a murky, filthy and foul smelling entity populated by horrifyingly corrupt creatures.  Sub-humans, if you will.

At the bottom of this sewage is a nebulous conglomeration known as the “Deep State.” The Deep State is an amalgamation of the Defense Department, CIA, NSA, the biggest corporations (Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Oil, Big Defense, Big Media) and Wall Street.   Orwell’s infamous “Thought Police” is the mainstream media.  The mainstream media is controlled primarily by six big corporate conglomerates and 95% of what gets reported is a highly controlled substance mistaken by the masses as “news.”  Put it on CNN or report in the New York Times and it must be true.

Unfortunately, Eisenhower’s warning about the military industrial complex fell on the deaf ears of an ever-more complacent American populace.  And now that military industrial complex has become a terminal cancer that has taken over the political system and replaced it with a hybrid form of Crony Capitalism and Totalitarian rule.

This process began in 1913, with the founding of the Federal Reserve.  Taking control of a population and confiscating its wealth begins with taking control of the money supply.  Without even realizing it, we use the U.S. dollar as currency because of a law that was imposed upon us by the Government.  

The dollar has no intrinsic value other than the “full faith and credit” of the U.S. Government.  The dollars are created and issued by a Federal Reserve with a de facto negative balance sheet net worth.

But the joke’s on us.  While 99% of the populace in the U.S. regards gold and silver as barbarous relics that just “sit there” doing nothing, gold and silver to this day remain the only form of Constitutionally authorized money for settling debts.  In the U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Section 10 states: No State shall emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.

In today’s episode of the Shadow of Truth, we tie the evolution of the Deep State to the erection of the Federal Reserve and the extinguishment of the gold standard:

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  1. When a financial reset takes place it will take everyone by surprise but surprisingly there will be 30 thousand pages of regulations that no one will have read that will be ready and waiting to sign in order to introduce the new currency. We’ll have to pass the bill to see what is in it.  We got this down. More Silver.

    • A reset? Who needs it to be reset? The Satanic globalists? No, its in their interest. Because its unfair and evil? Yea of course it is. They are not going to go backwards from this system, to high interest rates, bankruptcys, block chain and gold, for a 70s style mega cataclysm.

      They are going to keep going forward with stealth ESF QE, going lower and lower with NIRP, in conjuction with number of the beast cashlessness, sucking everyone into their hole. Their goal is total control, not to back up to a fair system.

      Look at the Progressivist idiots to see how effective these elites are. In 5 years we went from being forced to accept gay marriage, to transgenderism in the classroom. Milo says ”pedophobia” is next  discriminatory epiphet and he’s right.

      “If theres no God everythings permitted” ”A man loves Nature in the morning for her innocence and amiability, and at nightfall, if he is loving her still, it is for her darkness and her cruelty. He washes at dawn in clear water as did the Wise Man of the Stoics, yet, somehow at the dark end of the day, he is bathing in hot bull’s blood, as did Julian the Apostate”

    • The same way you reset a circuit breaker when the power goes off.  In this case the dollar could lose its power and then a reset occurs.  No party goes on forever. Pretty soon it’s time to wake up the next day and clean up the mess. Personally I believe that my general visceral afferent fibers will remain unaffected during this phase as I have…oh never mind.  You already know.

  2. The reset will be digital, easier to control the mob. Stacking the silver shiny phyzz for the reset,  just in case.

    I am not taking any Mark on the hand or forehead. Will barter in the underground economy with the shiny silver phyzz. 

    Stacking the stack

    • Amen to that @CentralTexan


      I am not taking any Mark on the hand or forehead. Will barter in the underground economy with the shiny silver phyzz. “


      Nope, me neither.  If it comes right down to it, my other two precious metals will come into play… brass and lead.  The only effective deterrent to things like this is when a LARGE number of us say, not only “no” but “HELL, NO!”.  Say it like we mean it and make it stick.


    • When they start to mark people in any shape or form (be it microchipping, showing ID to be able to buy food or withdraw cash, etc) THAT’S when the civil unrest will begin. Mark my words.

      I for one will not be restricted in such a manner. I reserve the right to do whatever I need to do to survive, especially when confronted with such criminality. And what few pieces of silver I do have (unless I need to sell them beforehand) I will not be forced to part with them under such circumstances. That’s my red line.

  3. I would love to hear your opinions on this subject.

    The Elite want a One world government. They have made the currency in all countries worthless. Their super advanced technologies and computers allow them to do things that defy logic and our good common sense.

    What is to keep TPTB from telling each country that the ONLY way they can survive is to FORCE their own population onto a digital currency. By doing this, TPTB would be so “kind” as to allow each country to suck up the money from its own citizens reducing all of us to less than nothing. Once on a digital currency the banks could charge us 5% a day or whatever they want to “guard” our wealth.  Then, once the people have been stripped of all of their private wealth TPTB would then demand payment in full from each country in debt (All of them.)

    Would this not be an effective way of bringing the world to its knees?

    The world in the PAST has used silver and gold as money, BUT the world has NEVER had computers that could control everything.  I think things will not be the same this time around as paper “money” fails us. The population is now highly uneducated and is totally unable to think for themselves. The sheep trust their handlers and are going to get fleeced.

    • I see it as already happened … I mean we are already on a digital currency as  + – 3% of transaction is done with cash … to me tptb have fleeced the nations already and are at this time scooping up land as settlement for debt unrepayable when measured in labor …


      It is also needful in our understanding that tptb also own most of the gold, control what they have yet to own  and own most of the rites to future production …. not to mention they be mining gold all over the world illegally as well as   in Antarctica  having used HAARP to uncover rich deposits of easy pickings etc


      The question  is not what form currency will  take on, but whether  an individual will be able to  carry it on his person and transact privately … the bit”coiners” think they have this in the bag but they don’t …







    • @~~good&evil~~:
      hanks for your reply. I agree that CASH is illegal and most transactions are now digital. However, we both know that when we are forced onto digital that our “money” will be stolen at a rapid pace. Bank storage fees for guarding our money will increase, taxes will rise, all prices of goods will increase… all because there will be NOTHING we can do about anything. At that point TPTB will even tell us what we can eat. You will not be able to buy whatever they deem “not good” for you. I am talking total control. 

      I loved your comment about HAARP and finding huge deposits of gold. Most people have not done enough research to understand just how powerful the tools are that our “master” possess.

      In answer to your question as to whether or not we will be able to carry “digital currency” on our person… it will NOT be allowed. The sole purpose of going digital is… COMPLETE CONTROL.

      I am however thankful that most of us on this board understand that our future could be scattered with many land-mines. We at least have a heads up of what could be coming and are at least mentally prepared. Those that mock us and laugh at the possibilities that America could become a real hellhole are not going to fair well at all when they are blindsided. The sad thing is that we all gave them fair notice but they choose to believe the MSM rather than their friends.

    • @sam520


      Excellent point about tptb using a digital system to herd all commerce into their pens …   no doubt full spectrum dominance is their goal ..  the whole east west divide a ploy … seeing also that weather manipulation technology begun as a USSR & USA black ops funded project  during the cold war …  and this being but one facet of scalar wave technology which it speaks much about the corrupted  mind of man seeing that all these re-inventions by the likes  Tesla and Carr and others are  all being used against humanity instead of for humanity and when one digs about in our past one finds this be nothing new to this planet but a recurring theme so to speak


      But besides the folly of man there be one thing I am confident of, and that is … albeit hard to see … all this confusion is for good reason .. I mean this madness has purpose and that nothing  is outside of this purpose…  the end of which be a new beginning

      Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him:  



    • @~~good&evil~~:
      All good points!

      yet will I trust in him: “… AMEN!!

      Weather manipulation? Weather wars? There’s nothing going on here. Move along. These are perfectly “normal” flight patterns.


  4. Right:  I see a reset as doable, especially when the already own all the notes to the homes & middle class businesses, AND OWN NEARLY ALL THE GOLD!

    Gold = money?  Why not?  Your not going to get rich, THEY WILL because they own TONNES. you may own a few oz… if your pakistani, you might own 50-100 oz.  BUT everyone else (actors and the like) has just been reduced from “Party Insider” to “Outsider” – and outsider is all inclusive! (if you know what I mean)

    HERE’S A COOKIE! -Last night I was looking up the value of a few indian head pennies.  The grading site had a nice crumb of wisdom about it’s history and the age (1851)

    As it turns out (and I never knew this) Some yee-haw elite purchased 15000 acrs of texas land for just under $300 in 1853.  It stated that the average worker earned 10 pennies an hour then, which means an average laborer could purchase an acre of land for .50 (or 5 hours general labor!)  MY HOW THE PREMIUM HAS RISEN ON LAND IN AMERICA! (that, or you are all poorer than your for-fathers?)

    Today, an acre of land, in a crappy location, not accessible, still sells for a VAST PREMIUM over 50 bucks!

    • That it does @Shamus001… but then, this is what happens when we compare times when there was far more land than people to modern times when the reverse is true.

      It’s still true after accounting for inflation.  That $300 back in them thar days could have been as 15 US double eagle gold coins.  Forgetting any collector value, those coins would be worth about $18,000 in today’s money.  Unless the land is pretty miserable, that probably won’t buy more than a few acres… certainly nowhere near 15,000 acres.  Real estate may be all about location but timing also has an effect.  There was a time when land in California was cheap too.  The early birds do, indeed, get the big juicy worm.


    • @JOHNLGALT R.I.P. Chuck!  Cool music!

      I’m not as hold as dear ol’ Ed. (wink) I’m only 45.  But at the age of 12 I recall having 3 black and white tv’s I acquired at yard sales (for 5.00ea) and I had a B&W in my bedroom.  One 13″ color tv in our living room was it.  Once colors were within 300.00 reach, the black and white couldn’t be dumped quick enough!

      Funny… the inflation calculator says that, that 13″ color tv was the equivilant of 703.38 today!

      (which is your 65″ LED 4k tv at Walmart!)

    • I’m about 5 years older than thou and we had Chrystal sets too, with a wire running around the spouting for reception. Portable Transisters were just starting up around the early 1960’s over here.

      Chuck was one of them Black Guys back in those days. We kids didn’t know how we were supposed to react.  Times have changed.

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