It Appears That the Commercials and Recent Their All-Time-Record Silver Shorts May Have a Problem:

The jawboning is FINALLY over: The Fed Has Hiked Interest Rates 25 basis points For the 3rd Time in 15 Months.  

In a classic example of buy the rumor, sell the news, the Dollar, Dollar/Yen pair, and 30 year Treasury bonds sold off hard.  

With a rate hike fully priced in, Janet Yellen failed to scare the market that any further hikes are on the immediate horizon.

Gold and Silver Jumped On the News With Both Metals Placing Big Bullish Crosses. 

Gold prices surged through resistance back over $1200, right through the 100 day moving average at $1211, and continued all the way to $1224. 

Silver prices jumped nearly .60 from early Wednesday trading ($16.87 is now a distant memory), with silver also move through its 100 day moving average at $17.22 to a last of $17.50.  

The Dollar/Yen pair is breaking down today, fueling the move in gold and silver prices, and the USDX is testing support at 100.

The last 2 Rate Hikes by the Fed triggered multi-month rallies in gold and silver prices.  

While its a bit early to call a bottom and we would certainly like to see continuation throughout Thursday’s session, it appears that the Commercials and their all-time-record silver shorts may have a problem. 




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    • Great interview between Farage and La Penn.

      The EU was an ill concieved and half baked idea of Henry Kissinger. It will end badly.

      La Penn should win if the Election IF the Frogs can figure out that the pot is boiling them alive….


      Good Luck


    • If the PM’s hadn’t been monkey-hammered over the last 3 weeks,with the post-Fed reaction, by now Gold would have been over $1400, silver over $20, both through areas of significant resistance (as painted in the Charts by the BB’s) and both ready to take off with little further overhead resistance for quite some distance. Which, of course is exactly WHY Gold and Silver were monkey-hammered over the last 3 weeks. Same old, same old…

    • @JohnGalt,

      Nice bars…

      It does me good to see AG pop $0.60+ in a days session. Gives me hope that once the Rule of Law returns and, not the Rule of Criminal Banksters, a real market forms that Ag will attain its true monetary value of closer to $1,000/oz.


      Ah but until then I can only dream…


    • lol @JohnLGalt


      OK, so two questions on that:

      1) Is this the ultimate expression of hubris?


      2)  Who has the key?  Not that I am interested in unlocking it but it would be interesting to know who is in charge of such things!  😉


    • @JohnLGalt


      “The reference is to the 2 bars. Maybe I didn’t word my protective devices too well.”

      OK, no problem.  Things can be taken in ways that were not intended but since we are friends here, no harm done.  I just never thought of  a silver bar in terms of a chastity belt.  lol


  1. If you think the front of that gonch looks bad you should see the back!


    Either way, record shorts could well lead to more record shorts, as we’ve seen many times before. However, I do hope my little pony is right and we see a rip here soon.

    • @natxlaw

      Geert couldn’t pull it out because they used handwritten ballots in Holland’s election. I’m sure that France will not do the same so La Pen should make it there….. Here in America Congress is moving hard to dismantle the Election Assistance Commission which was designed (for many things not least of which was) to protect against electronic vote hacking.

  2. We’re at an all time historical high for commercial shorts, and the commercial’s are the smart money. This sudden spike in silver prices because of the Feds decision will wear off. In the week’s/months going forward the price of silver will go down, the commercials will see to it.

  3. “The Silver Shorts May Have A Problem”

    Not a chance, because there are a whole lot more (naked) shorts where those came from, an infinite number in fact.

    Only complete depletion of real metal will stop the scam.

    • “Only complete depletion of real metal will stop the scam.”

      So will the complete depletion of the bankster class.  Convert ALL of the banks into public utilities, says I.  Let them eat stale bread and drink mud-puddle water.  They have earned no better after all the mischief they have caused over the centuries.  Not that the current crop of banksters can atone for all the ones who came before them but we need to start somewhere and it might as well be sooner rather than later… or never, as has been the recent case.


    • Agree with metalman.  The banksters will let more people rush in and then sell several years worth of global production in 5 minutes.  And if that doesn’t work, they will sell another decade’s worth of production to make their point.  It is the fascist business model; the same model is used for ALL markets, because we live in a fascist state.


    • You haven’t been paying attention.  It has to be over a DOZEN times some shmoe analyst assures us of an epic impending short squeeze and they trot out the flaming underwear.

  4. @metalman

    Roger that matey

    The totally corrupt miscreants that are the owners of this huge short position can produce  shorts till the cows come home.There is no limit when the funds ultimately come from the scumbag fiatmeisters who conjure it out of thin air. I have to concur with your closing statement.The game ends with real metal and the lack of.Once that happens the paper platform becomes redundant and no longer serves as the preeminent vehicle for price discovery.


    • It has nothing to do with real metal, they can settle in cash and if the shorts really get caught they will just change the rules (see Hunt Brothers):

      “Finally on January 7th of 1980 the COMEX changed their rules to only allow 10 million/oz of contracts per trader and that all contracts over that amount must be liquidated before February 18th. . The CFTC promptly backed up the ruling. On January 17th silver hit $50/oz, Bunker had continued to buy. At that point in time the Hunt’s silver position was worth $4.5 billion dollars bringing their profits in silver to $3.5 billion dollars. On January 21st the COMEX announced that it was suspending trading in silver. They would only accept liquidation orders.”

      Federal commodities regulators introduced special rules to prevent any more long position contracts from being written or sold for silver futures. This stopped the Hunts from increasing their positions by temporarily suspending the fundamental rules of the commodities market. With longs frozen and shorts free to pile in, the price of silver began to slide.”


  5. I can and will bet that during the Asian trading we will see at least a 2% fall as the [^^^^^] bankers drop another milliontysqullion ounces of imaginary paper tomorrow to make up their short buddies positions. No question about it at 3am gmt  it will start to drop like a lemming off a cliff in the triple takedown I now call it , smash 3mins later another smash and the last smash 3 mins after that . Seen it a hundred times .

    • We would stop seeing this almost immediately if the law was changed such that only producers and direct consumers of gold and silver were allowed to short them and in amounts that are covered by the available physical metal.  Do that and it’ll be wild west hoot’en ‘n’ holler’en in the gold and silver markets.  Who knows where the prices would go under those conditions?


  6. That’s right Dr Kaplan, keep on stacking the silver shiny. Buying on the dips, smash down tonight by the Chi-coms. The lower the price, the more one can buy the shiny silver.

    To be or not to be , that is the question. 

    • Harvey is right. The shorts definitely have a problem. They have made so much fiat over the years, they are having a difficult time trying to figure out where to spend it.

  7. Remember that the Allocated Bullion Exchange will replace the Comex and there are significant forces affoot-like Sharia Compliant Gold and Silver- as well as decreasing silver output and increased industrial demand – which are forcing those changes. We may indeed be viewing the demise of the shorts !

    • You have obviously been listening to Andy Maguire who is just “Talking his book”. He makes statements such as “The liquidity on the LBMA and Comex is drying up and moving to ABX” without producing ANY data to support such claims. To the contrary, record Open Interest in the PM’s on Comex suggests otherwise?

  8. All of these alternative right politicians support funny money and usury. That is one key thing they have in common with the predatory status quo. They all love to use fiat notes to steal from hardworking savers and future generations.

    Where are the real nationalists and humanitarians who support honest money and fair markets?

    After today’s incredible price action, the banksters probably took their pet rocks out for a walk.

  9. I thought that rising rates would be the death knell of the debt ceiling. I guess not.  What does that mean anyway?  They’re going to pay .25 percent more on bonds and how much more currency are they going to print?  That’s a reasonable question.  Why did bonds sell off after the hike?  Anchored modulator here anybody got their ears on? So a rate hike correlates to metals spiking? I think we just got lucky for awhile.

    • “Why did bonds sell off after the hike?”

      Bond rates and prices vary inversely, so the higher the rates, the lower the prices and vice versa.

      Oddly enough, the US$ does not seem to be reacting much to the increase in rates.  Higher rates tend to make the US$ stronger, not weaker or flat.  It is very slightly higher but at less than +0.1% that’s pretty much flat.


    • It’s another case of buy the rumor (And manipulate the PM’s downwards in advance) and sell the news. IF it is the Fed’s call to raise rates into weak hard data, it could only be an attempt to crash the system (and Trump). However, it actually seems that the “markets” are raising rates and the Fed is just having to follow along.

  10. Up and Down, Up and Down…… that’s how the banksters “create” their theft

    In and Out, In and Out….. that’s how the average Joe and his girl create love.

    I’d rather make love

    banksters, too evil for humanity.


  11. ED Bs right when the metal runs out is when the real show start.Until then it will be a managed rise with the exception of the French vote in which the circuit breakers will trip like during Brexit where the gold circuit breaker blew at $101.90 on gold.

  12. @Ed_B  @AGXIIK

    Got my “formal invitation to the presidential inauguration.” in the mail today.

    Problem is this INVITATION CERTIFICATE (nicely made as it is) is dated for Jan. 20th.  Today is MARCH 16!.  When going to the website that issues these certificates, the headline paragraph states please do not send an email or complain about receiving your invitation late.

    ….And you thought he ACTUALLY commanded LESS people on the ground than @bama during his inauguration?  SILLY US! THAT WAS JUST ANOTHER DEEP STATE FUCXING by those elite controlled muppets in the office prior to his command.

    There must be STACKS of invites that had to get out in the mail either in an attempt to cover up the fraud, or the new guy got in the office and found the invites unmailed, and sent them anyway (to shed light on YET ANOTHER lefty corrupt-action).

    MAN! What a buncha @ssholes!  I would have taken my family to that sh!thole DC one time just to be there!

    • Top of the morning to you @Shamus001   I concur.  When this arrived in the mail I thought it was just another post election solicitation for dinero and almost threw away the envelope.  But opening it I saw no request for cash  Just in invitation.  It made me feel soooooo special. to get this invitation 2 months late.   Kind of like getting a party invitation after the party or being regifted some POS gift basket that still has the original recipient’s name and who sent it (Been there a few times)

      Oh well, a day late and a dollar short.  At least it wasn’t my invitation to Hillary’s coronation.  That would have been a real keeper  LOL  KEK

    • @Shamus


      Yeah, I know the feeling.  Agree that this is just one more shovel-full from the deep state morons, this time at the USPO instead of the so-called “intelligence” agencies. Why ANY of them appointed by Obama are still employed is beyond me.  Every last one of those people should have been fired, as well as any people that they hired, and escorted off of the premises by security guards.  The gear and personal effects in their lockers and / or desks should have been sorted for US Gov property and data on certified video recordings, any found should have been kept, and the rest should have been sent to them via registered messenger.  In Trump’s place, I would have simply fired the top dozen or two of the managers in every US Gov department of the administration and been done with it.

      As to the activist a**hole judges out there, Trump need to pull an Andrew Jackson and tell them to go to hell.  They are WAY outside the bounds of the US Constitution and are operating above and beyond the law.  Regardless of their personal political beliefs, Trump IS the President of the USA and IS empowered by We the People to run the government of this nation… and WITHOUT the constant and illegal nit-picking of a rogue judiciary.  Just as there are PACs to support and elect various candidates, there should be a Justice PAC that supports the impeachment of activist judges.  Do that a few times and the rest will decide to follow the law rather than try to create it from the bench.


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