SD Weekly Metals and Markets welcomes a very bullish David Morgan for all the latest on the precious metals and the mining sector.


David Morgan tells Elijah Johnson that he has no doubt the long term secular bull market resumed after the PMs bottomed in December 2015. While he suggests holding physical metal as well, David says the mining sector is headed “much higher.”

Also in this market wrap:

  • Dow Hits 22,000
  • Dollar Index Smashed
  • Economic Outlook Disintegrating
  • Mining Sector 600% Gains!
  • A Brand New ETF?


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    • lol @CentralTexan


      Hadn’t thought of it quite that way but you may be on to something here.  😀

      Might also explain why so many Aussies are so wild-n-crazy… in a GOOD way, of course.  lol

  1. David Morgan??  Wait a darn minute, isn’t he the one that made the infamous call about 5 years ago that we’d never see silver below $30 again in our lifetime.  Ha! Ha!

    Then adding insult to injury in Jan 2014 he made the call that the silver bottom was in and that silver would climb back over $30:

    Everyone that followed his advice has been taken to the butcher!  Now we’re supposed to believe him?  LOL   This guy must really be a comedian?


    • David Morgan has been 100% wrong about the silver market since 2012. Yet he shamelessly boasts that he called the top at $49 is 2011 for his “paying subscribers.” That’s a nice plug to purchase his ‘Morgan Report’ which he is apparently still making money off of despite his poor track record.

      I wonder if he has refunded money to any of the poor souls that went all in on his advice that silver would never go below $30 again?

    • Neither you, nor anyone else, knows where this crypto is going to hit. Your shilling is no different than Greenspan’s yapping that housing wasn’t in a bubble. The hacks that promoted the notion that tech was going to solve the problem hoped that no one would notice the increasing empty offices in Silicon Valley…,,,

    • Bitcoin @ $3,280, Ethereum @ $250, Litecoin @ $47.  Those who have been screaming that cyrptos are purely in a speculative bubble have missed out on massive returns. Meanwhile gold remains suppressed under $1,270, and silver is at $16 and change. Despite everything else going on in the world it is pretty pathetic that PM’s are priced where there are today. There is price inflation everywhere except for the PM space.

      I remain a sound money advocate but PM’s have done anything but preserve your purchasing power over the past 7 years.


    • I actually got into several ICO’s in the last couple of months that are rip roaring higher. Veritaseum, Populous, Omisego, TenX just to name a few. Don’t know where they will end up but if cryptos are going to be the future i’m sittin pretty good.

    • @gogetter1132


      “I remain a sound money advocate but PM’s have done anything but preserve your purchasing power over the past 7 years.”


      PMs are what we own when we want sound stable money over decades, not a few years.  We all knew that PMs were volatile investments before we bought them.  At least, if we were paying attention we knew that and we all should pay attention to anything in which we can invest.  We also knew that fiat paper money is printed at interest that MUST be paid, so already has inflation built into it when it is borrowed into existence.  Because of this, fiat paper money works well as spending money but not so well as a long-term savings vehicle.

      As a registered member of the Old Fart’s Club, I know what things cost in US$ 40-50 years ago and it was a LOT less than today.  A $20 bill was enough for a week’s groceries for two people back then.  These days, it is 1/5 of that… maybe.  In spite of this, 20 US silver dollars that were fully equivalent to that $20 bill back then are now worth, what… $400 in paper money?  That more than covers a months’ worth of groceries for two people today.  This is what many of us refer to when we say that silver and gold preserve our wealth via maintaining and perhaps even expanding our buying power.  I know from your messages that you know this but am saying it anyway for those who may not know it.

      Anyone who has not put more of their cash into PMs than they can afford can simply hold them until metals prices become much more realistic and the games being played with them either cease or are cut back quite a bit and metals prices rise substantially.  A key element in all this is having a cash reserve to tide us over when we encounter economic reversals, which we all do, such as large unexpected bills or the temporary loss of a job.  Cash can help us weather such events far more comfortably than if we do not have it when we need it.  Cash is for spending and short-term saving for emergencies, PMs are for long-term saving.  That short-term price reversals are part of this is not unexpected… irritating, yes, but not unexpected.

      Another key in investing is diversification among the various asset classes rather than just picking one of them and then hoping that it does well.  I literally cringe whenever someone writes on this web site that they are “all in” with this or that investment.  Doing that is the financial height of conceit, IMO, because those who are doing it are claiming that they KNOW what will happen in the future.  Since no one knows that, it is better to own multiple asset classes rather than just one, whatever that one might be.  We’re all human beings and therefore prone to error.  If we want a secure financial future for ourselves and our families, we can’t afford to take on a higher risk position of only owning a single asset class.  The penalties for guessing wrong on this can be… severe.


    • @GBS


      Comments by Morgan look like classic cases of the triumph of hope over experience.

      But not to worry.  Anyone who studies asset acquisition will know that they do not need comments from anyone else in order to buy the assets they believe they need for a sound financial future.  It is only when people abdicate their own due diligence and thought process, allowing others to do it for them, that they really get into financial trouble.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of that going on these days.  :-/

      As with any other purchase a person can make, never ever take just the word of those selling something in order to decide if you need it at all and, if so, how much of it you need.  This is an individual choice that no one can make for another without knowing a great deal about their personal and financial situations and most people correctly do not want to give out that kind of info.  What is appropriate for one person may very well be highly inappropriate for another.  There is no one size fits all in this.






    • I couldn’t agree more ticktoc Talk about churning out the same old repetitive junk. Same shit different day. The news stories get less believable and more idiotic in content by the month.

    • As silver retail sales continue to fall we will continue to see these same articles being regurgitated in an attempt to spark some demand. But stackers are mostly already loaded up and no new money is coming into this space which is openly and blatantly manipulated to the downside. Why participate in a market that is never allowed to go up when you can buy any number stocks or cryptocurrencies that continue to rally no matter what?

    • 1.  Need the PM prices to drop even further…

      2.  Need cryptos to go much higher…

      3.  Then more weak-handed stackers will throw their PMs out with the bath water…

      And that’s when PMs will rocket to the moon and many former stackers will commit suicide.


    • @gogetter1132


      “Why participate in a market that is never allowed to go up when you can buy any number stocks or cryptocurrencies that continue to rally no matter what?”


      It IS tempting to think like that but the problem here, especially with the cryptos as well as with some stocks, is that they will “rally no matter what” until they do not and when that happens there is likely to be a terrific crash.  Buying any asset when that asset is in a mania or a bubble is dangerous.  It can be profitable if one is nimble and unafraid to sell and realize the profit they have but it can also wipe out all of the gains that one has up to the crash point.  Be nimble and be careful.  Words to live by when investing.  😉



  3. @CentralTexan

    On the news is that your DOJ (Jeff Sessions) has announced that the asset forfeiture  law (Cops take your stuff before you are even convicted) is now extended from 13 states to all states. I hope your stack is well hidden and your packing is within reach…

  4. Most comments are negative. A prospective buyer should ask themselves why dozens of commenters would come everyday to say basically the same thing dozens of times. What is their business here? Why dont they go and question the 100x price to earnings of many tech stocks? The answer is this people want to play with your rational decision taking process. DONT FALL FOR THIS SCAM IF YOU CONSIDER SILVER YOU ALREADY ARE A LOT BETTER THAN THESE LOW LIFES.

  5. How about an honest discussion on the potential downside? What will limit how far it can fall? Looking at the chart I see a series of lower highs and lower lows. What will cause silver to break out of the current death cycle? I wish there were credible experts with serious convincing arguments on why we should keep the faith. Enough of these “to da moon” scammers.

  6. I made up a state called Balls State.

    I’ve convinced enough people, with a show of deft oratory and fine legalese that I am its governor, and that it occupies a landmass the same shape and size of Ohio.

    I’ve worked hard to attract other visionaries who have agreed to join me for playing pretend.  They get to play government officials.  Their job is to pretend that they are writing real laws and enacting them.   We dress up as really important people and act very busy.

    I created lots of fake monopoly money to pay people for playing along with me.  Our guild of actors were able to redeem the monopoly money for things within Balls State.

    We have a good time.  We make up whatever laws we want to, and pass them.  Then all the people of Balls State have to obey them.  Because we’re just pretending, we like to get really kinky and wacky with our laws.

    We know we’re pretending, but lately, lots of other folks have been wanting to join our guild, and haven’t realized we’re just pretending.  They went home and told their friends that we’re real.  Now just about everybody thinks we’re more real than the real government.  Pretty cool.   Now I don’t want to tell anybody that its fake, because they treat me like a celebrity.

    Don’t tell anybody, please.  I don’t want it to stop.  Gotta go.  My mom is coming upstairs, and don’t have any drawers on.





  7. The underlying objective communicated in most comments here reveal that the contributors:

    1.  Are anticipating a shift in the economy, and wish to be well-positioned, secure, better-off, comfortable, even rich, and, not least of all, vindicated (right) during/throughout the supposed upcoming change.

    2.  Believe that the right choices made in the realm of money & investment is the best avenue to achieve #1.

    Directly, this site is concerned with PMs.  Indirectly, it hopes to help you secure power.  We don’t want money as much as what the money provides:  power to secure freedom from someone telling us what to do, wealth, security, family, happiness, sex, toys, etc, come what may.

    We try to obtain the honorable way: through knowledge.  But those who pretend to be rulers exert power through FEAR, deception, intimidation and influence…in addition to knowledge.


    Discussions engaged about PMs, trends, or markets in the hope of learning or passing on knowledge to help obtain a nanogram of power is like swatting at flies while grenades are being tossed in your windows.  Total distraction.  Stop swatting the flies.  Stop chasing after the grenades and throwing them somewhere else.  Shoot the damn grenadiers.

    Fear is a primary motivation for almost all mankind, contributors here not excepted.  Fear is the thing that makes you believe “you MIGHT MISS OUT ON THE NEXT BIG THING!”     Fear is why you go to work most of your life.  It’s the reason you can’t stop, even though you sit on a hoard of money, and are likely within the top 2% of wealth in the world, is because you are discontented and fearful of losing your privilege, prestige, comfort, ego, pleasures, your life.  Fear of pain, rejection, death , the reason why many self-medicate, overeat, stress over stupid crud, don’t trust anyone.  The ultimate:  Fear of God, eternal torment and punishment,  a favorite motivation to get you onto religion to try and clean up, reform yourself.


    The next big thing is not a better or new currency.  It’s not WW3.  It’s not an economic global disaster.  Its not some big bad evil dude with horns and fetish for 6s.

    It’s a revolution in how people think.  Never in the history of mankind has there been a perpetual, undiminished example of people who exert their dominion and raw power for the benefit of others and the creation.  That’s because the futility of mankind and his debauched ways had to be firmly established in the universal historical record; so that no religion, government, or scheme of man could take ANY credit for the “parousia” that will reverse the curse of fear, until it is swallowed up completely.  Perfected love casts out fear.  Too bad none of us could perfect love by our own volition.

    It won’t all happen in one fell swoop.  But you will see it augment visibly over the next decade, especially as nations lay hold of the Truth and, one by one, declare themselves to be nations under Kingdom authority.

    Praying “Your Kingdom come” is not to help your piety.  It’s a request / legislative petition for the only legitimate form of government to take its rightful place in the hearts of men.









    • Thanks @K.Honaz


      That was a fascinating analysis and comment.  Plus, I learned  a new word, “parousia”, which happens only rarely.  🙂


    • @ K.Honaz

      “It’s a revolution in how people think.”

      It’s never going to happen….. well not permanently at least.

      The World is run by psychopaths.   Psychopaths are the only ones with the drive to control and dominate others.   They eventually always rise to the top of the shit heap.   They are then overthrown and the whole game starts again because most of the psychopaths in power are stupid.    I know this because I have a small trait of the psychopath in me.   In my working life I always ended up running things.   Now I’m retired Mr. Hyde is firmly locked in his box.

      Most people that worked for me were kind, caring and socially responsible.   They were the types you have on committees.   They did all the heavy lifting while I got on with the strategy.   They couldn’t make decisions to save their lives.

      When it comes to fear you are correct…… however there is also experience (which I have more than my share of).   I know for an absolute fact that if I sold my Gold the very next day the price would go to the Moon.   This is not born out of fear but experience.   So if you want your Gold and Silver to go to ‘da Moon’.

      I’m prepared to sell all of my metal if you will donate to me an equal amount in fiat at say $10,000 an ounce.   Just to be part of the modern ‘hip go ahead gang’ I’ll also accept Bitcoin at the same rate.

  8. You’re wrong GBS. I’m the one who caused the silver crash, by buying high five years ago. Prior to that, I caused the real estate crash and the Dot-Com bubble. Perhaps it’s time for me to sell my silver and buy stock. Samson-like, I can bring this whole crazy thing down with one little push. We born losers need to take one for the team.

    • When you write an response about anything, trolls use the comments to attack. They feel frustrated – but haters are losers. It’s not good to feed this aspect. It’s more intelligent to be constructive.

      What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.

  9. In the back of my mind ok the little man inside a my head is reminding us that Morgan has been forecasting higher prices in 2018 for six years now.  This is just like waiting for the jiffy pop to start popping.  Ain’t it? Of course it’s been what six years now instead of six minutes. Don’t make me break out with the links. I know he said 2018 in the way back machine.

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