Holding physical silver and gold was/is a long term strategy which I firmly believe has an end in the very near future.
The appointed time of the Global Economic Collapse IS coming.
  It is near.

By Marshall Swing:

I watch the silver and gold numbers almost as avidly as I did during the years I was writing a weekly COT report and analyzing the numbers for readers.  I have urged people to not be very concerned at what price they buy silver but that they have it at all costs.  From around $18 thru the time my silver prediction came true at $15.00 and below, then as we approached the start of Daniel’s 70th Week on 9/23/2015, I urged people to buy silver with all available cash they could muster.

Now, when I watch the daily and weekly numbers, I have to hold myself back from writing articles because my buy advice has been in place for over 2 years and has never wavered and I don’t sell metals or newsletters for profit, though it seems like a good business.  I have to be my calling to not personally profit.

The last time I commented on silver and gold was a quarter ago in November last year and while I might start commenting more regularly it will not be to aid anyone attempting to make short term investment decisions as I did in the past but rather urging them to buy with all cash they have and can get their hands on safely and legally.

Holding physical silver and gold was/is a long term strategy which I firmly believe has an end in the very near future.  I now think that end time is about July of 2018 and a little later, but understand the Global Economic Collapse could come at any time.

Notice almost 3 years later we are STILL in between the Silver Bottoms troughs I coined in 2014:




The Global Economic Collapse is dependent upon a couple of things happening and I am sure the number one item is the Global Elite being totally fed up with their usurpation of power as nationalistic efforts continue to eat away at their governmental successes and various nations, the BRICS in particular, know that it is only a matter of time before their growing economic power would permit them independence from the Global Elite.  The Global Elite know for a certainty when that time is.  The other dependency is YHVH God granting them the go ahead to make the move to enslave all the people of the planet, economically, and thus socially and morally.

It is not as if the Global Elite petition YHVH God for permission.  YHVH controls the minds of those Global Elite just like He controlled Nebuchadnezzar, Sennacherib, Cyrus, and so many others He used to bring judgment upon Israel or bless them.  The timing of all these things is not by chance it is in the palm of YHVH’s Right Hand.  These things are appointed times in history and are in fact His Story to reveal to everyone even though it is all revealed in the Scriptures.

When I wrote in November, Silver Commercials held 68.8% of all silver shorts and the Producer Merchant held 32.7% of all silver shorts.  Shortly thereafter many of those shorts were covered and price devastated.

As of last Friday’s COT report, Silver Commercials hold 73.6% of all silver shorts and the Producer Merchant holds 37.3% of all silver shorts.  The Swap Dealer holds 32.9% of all silver shorts.  THOSE PERCENTAGES ARE MATHEMATICALLY INVINCIBLE.




What happened between November and now?  Elementary dear Watson, silver price was attacked, dropped, and then the Speculators somehow got the vain idea a bottom was in and they began hording longs again hoping to break the STRANGLEHOLD of those Commercials in hopes of the day price takes off like a rocket and never looks back at Sodom and Gomorrah (The Commercials) as those Commercials bite the dust and the Righteous holders of paper fiat longs are justified for their good deeds.





The interesting thing about Speculators is they get a whiff of a claim somewhere out in California and their noses defy reality, they tend to not do their homework, and most of them lose most of what they invested and this time is not going to be any different.  Well that was the 1840’s and even though most speculators lost their shirts and were shorted by the big boys with massive financial backing who could weather the tedious storms and buy up the speculator’s claims, those speculators got their whiff of gold in them thar hills and left home and family without doing much research.

Times really have not changed much…

To this day, no one else can accurately predict silver and gold price changes in the short term or accurately in the long term.

Most everyone, the less than 1%, who hold physical silver and gold know a lot about mining, industrial silver use, debt, paper fiat, FED corruption, the Global Elite, the big bank’s manipulation of the metals, and the ever increasing likelihood of systemic, global, financial failure.  The rest of the lovely people merely like the way silver and gold look and feel in their hands and around their bodies, and makes their electricity and computer devices work.

Even though I gave away virtually all the keys to accurately predicting silver and gold price in the short term and long term, to this day no one appears to have put it altogether, and heeded those instructions, and done the due diligence to do the math to figure out just how you watch the numbers, recognize and apply the rules, and then know where price is going short term and long term.  Maybe someone out there is trying but I don’t see them stepping up and making claims to better price analysis and prediction.  Maybe I just missed their articles…

The Commercial’s have greatly strengthened their hand in the short percentages while they have allowed price to rise steadily again since the beginning of 2017 to about $18 in the last couple of days.  The past reveals when their short hand gets stronger, those Commercial’s utilize a computer driven HFT price drop and short covering price deflation at regularly scheduled times in their future and quite to the dismay and depression of Speculators.  When the percentages are this strong in their favor, those Commercials can allow price to go even higher and not have to worry even a single thought as to Speculator’s gaining enough long position to unseat their stranglehold on power and price.  They buy offsetting shorts on the way up so they can quickly kill price and reap huge profits on the way down over the price cliff.

I like the “alligator’s jaws” in that Silver chart!

But do you follow this one with some even wider “jaws”?


The appointed time of the Global Economic Collapse IS coming.  It is near.

Aren’t you glad my Fall 2015 guesses as to the placement of the appointed time were incorrect or that the plan was altered somehow?

Sometimes, what appears to be a blessing can be a disaster in disguise!  It can be a blessing IF you have used this time to prepare even more and buy silver and gold at ridiculously low prices.  It will be a disaster if you have ignored all the warnings, have not done your due diligence in all areas of your life, and are still playing the paper fiat investment game while waiting to see if any of these things comes true.

Playing the man-made fool’s game of Russian Roulette and not preparing for the day is exactly what those 5 foolish virgins were doing in Matthew 25.  YHVH God and His Son told those 5 foolish virgins to keep ALL YHVH’s Commandments and stay on the narrow salvation path but those 5 foolish virgins thought the bridegroom would delay his coming so they played around, ignored many of those Commandments and were found lacking “oil” at the time of the bridegroom’s coming.  They did not take the instructions as seriously as they were instructed yet believed they would somehow be accepted without maintaining their “oil” or Commandments that kept white garments spotless.

Those 5 foolish virgins were/are SHUT OUTSIDE along with their blemished garments for the purpose of seeing how they would do under intense pressures for 1260+ days.

I see July 2018 as a drop dead point for the Global Economic Collapse and the Global Elite may have already released their intentions towards that time frame.  Time will tell.

We will all watch events leading up to that time even though most of us think the Global Economic Collapse could happen any day now and many writers have said last year and this year were/are, in fact, THE YEAR.  Well, last year was not THE YEAR was it?

The issue is being thorough and being prepared, not merely knowing when it happens…

Still keeping warm in The Wilderness of Southern Illinois, stay thirsty for physical silver and gold and keep ALL of YHVH God’s Commandments,


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  1. Marshall,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts these past years.

    Please accept my apologies for being apparently dense.   Question:  If the Commercials control the short positions, and will again pound the price severely down in order to close those short positions with profit why should I then purchase silver now?   Why not instead wait for a price that should be a lot lower than it is now at $18.05?   Is $15 still in the cards?



  2. Pastor Lindsey Williams says the providence of God postponed his retirement, Marshall. Are you saying the same schtick? Pastor Kim Clement says the world economy is going to rebound and prosperity awaits. Marshall, you have been wrong for years like a false prophet. You just repeat Mac Salvo’s message to prepare but add skeptical interpretations to God’s Word.

    • Marshgas is a dangerous lunatic… a religious nutroll…  he spouts “Aren’t you glad my Fall 2015 guesses as to the placement of the appointed time were incorrect or that the plan was altered somehow?”

      What a brazen huckster!!  Guy should be tarred and feathered, then sent off to Bellevue for life.  His religious fantasies are painful to read, a man in full meltdown… think of a drunk Jimmy Swaggart or a weeping Tammy faye.

    • @
      I see nobody ever fixes stupid.  People need to learn how to read and comprehend.  I have not been wrong once other than thinking the timing of the Global Economic Collapse was Fall 2015.  It is always amazing how people twist what was actually said.

      I always find it interesting how people read one article and jump to false assumptions and cannot comprehend what they read…

    • @Marshall-Swing
      Despite your unorthodox brand of Christianity, you are a faithful believer and that is all that matters in the end. You handle harsh criticism like a pious man. Many bankrupt and disgraced chiropractors run away from friendly confrontation. That obviously means their research is third rate. One charlatan chiropractor more than likely plagiarizes your Bible math. For example, your research on Daniel’s Calendar and Shemitah appears to be the original.

  3. So what price do think it will cost someone to buy an Oz of Silver plus the Premium that’s going to go along with the price spot price of silver anybody got any ideas of what it’s going to cost someone if they can even find when the s*** hits the fan???

    • Those of us who were young adults in 1980 had the chance to see a silver mania up close and personal.  No, that was not a SHTF situation, which IMO would be several times or more worse, but it was a time when many people wanted to own silver and often had a very hard time finding any.  Back then, it was hard to find ANY silver for sale unless one paid at least 20-25% above spot and with prices rising quickly, few who had silver coins were in any rush to sell them.

      Given this, my guess is that silver will rise very rapidly in price, perhaps to around $200 per oz. or so but that price will not be the BIG issue in getting some silver… availability will be the critical thing.  Look at it like emergency supplies that sell for reasonable prices before an emergency occurs and then for very high prices, if you can find any for sale, once the emergency arrives.  All this is due to the fact that the vast majority of people are reactive rather than proactive.  Preppers and stackers are all proactive people.  They prepare for hard times while times are still relatively good.  But most others refuse to do this, preferring instead to put it off until the last possible moment.  The problem that they will have is that they have NO clue what the last possible moment is in such situations.  By the time they see disaster coming, it will be too late for them to do much about it other than suffer its consequences.  It WILL suck to be them.  In nature, this is the equivalent to being the slowest antelope in the herd when hungry lions are on the prowl.

      One very tricky aspect to all this is that no one has any idea just how bad things will get when the SHTF or about how long it will last when it does.  Are we talking a total financial collapse that destroys all paper investments (possible but unlikely) or something of lesser impact that is still nasty?  Also, are we talking a few weeks worth of bank holidays and other similar problems or a DEEP world-wide depression that is considerably worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s?  Since there is no way to know ahead of time, prudent people will consider some of these possibilities and will do what they can to protect themselves and their loved ones.  This very well could be a case wherein it is hard to be too prepared but easy to not be prepared enough.  As usual, the majority of people WILL go with that which is easy… while the rest of us go the extra mile for that which is good, even if it is difficult.

  4. Shaaaawing!!! Lol!


    So now it’s defenitely July 2018 is it??? LOL!


    Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I guess one day the swingster may be correct and I’m sure the lord all mighty will tell him when the economic collapse is going to happen right…..

  5. It sounds like guy is expecting another smack down. Venezuela and Zimbabwe are in the lead towards global economic collapse. For that matter so are countries that we have bombed back into the stone age. When we go down it will probably mean less selection of beer to choose from at the grocery store amongst other things. Wait for the smack down.  Buy the dip.  Wash rinse and repeat.

  6. It’s obvious what will happen if they crash the US Dollar (which will bring all other currencies down with it), they will switch to a new digital Dollar and all other currencies will be digitized with no more paper or coinage. The new digital currency will have to be tied to Gold probably 1 troy ounce at $5000. Silver will instantly rise to around $100.

    Hang on to your precious metals, DO NOT SELL THEM! Buy some 1/10 Au and 1/4 ounce Ag too if you can because they will be useful when the new gold standard occurs – very handy for those small and quick trades!

    • Gold at $5000 would mean gas at the pumps would be around $11/12, most could not afford the essentials to survive and the economy would collapse. Who are you going to sell to? As millions of jobs around the planet are dependent on a low silver price to market products that contain silver in them, this again would create worldwide havoc. 70% of demand would simply fall off a cliff.

      Metals promoters use unrealistic price forecast as they do not understand the ramifications of much higher metal prices.

    • It would would it. What happened in ’34 when FDR revalued gold from what $20.67/oz to $35/oz (and stupid people turned their gold into the government), did everything jump by 75%?


      The old expression ‘those that have the gold make the rules’ comes to mind.

  7. Historically when collapses as proposed by those who promote, metals, (credit freezes, supply chain disruptions, banks closing, businesses failing, etc, etc),  happen, metals become worthless because trade outside of countries becomes nonexistence and people in communities barter for the essentials in life they need to survive. Are you going to trade your limited amount of food and water for metals? People just want what they can eat, drink and clothes themselves. Farmland becomes more important than metals. A loaf of bread becomes worth more than a bar of gold.

    Silver has moved from a monetary base to basically an industrial based commodity with the dollar and the consumer effecting price. Millions of jobs around the planet are dependent on the price being low so products that include silver can be marketed and sold. The next largest sector is retail jewelry and again millions of jobs are dependent on them selling metals to the consumer. When price rise to a certain point demand simply falls off a cliff. As the world economy slows so does 70% of demand. Coin sales are simply too small a market to effect price. This has been the new reality for silver and its achilles heel.

    I commented when gold was at the 1200 level will the algos be able to drive up price to the 1240 or 1272 reversal level before currency traders in London start creating dollar strength again. Well the algos were successful driving price to 1240 then London started again with price falling to the 1221 handle and then London stooped. The algos moved price up again to the 1240 reversal level and whether they are able to move it to 1272 depends on London. At one of these two levels price will again fall.

  8.  “then as we approached the start of Daniel’s 70th Week on 9/23/2015”

    @Marshall Swing  , just a few questions which require either a yes or a no answer from you


    Did not the sacrifice of Christ end transgression ?

    Did not the sacrifice of Christ  make an end of sin ?

    Did not the sacrifice of Christ make reconciliation for iniquity ?

    Did not the sacrifice of Christ bring in everlasting righteousness ?

    Did not the sacrifice of Christ seal up the vision and prophecy ?

    Did not the sacrifice of Christ anoint the most holy ?


    But let your word be  ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes,’ and ‘No,’ ‘No.’ Anything more than these comes from evil.



    • @Marshall Swing


      Its ok … I did not expect a straight answer from you , seeing if you answered yes you would contradict your own theology,  and if you answered no you would contradict the scriptures, and had you answered yes to some and no to others you would have contradicted not only your theology  but also the scriptures of which the questions I put to you came directly from, and which you use as the  pivotal  point of your theology.


      Daniel 9:24


      Seventy weeks are determined upon your people and upon your holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins, and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy, and to anoint the most Holy. 

  9. Silver Commercials hold 73.6% of all silver shorts and the Producer Merchant holds 37.3% of all silver shorts.  The Swap Dealer holds 32.9% of all silver shorts.  THOSE PERCENTAGES ARE MATHEMATICALLY INVINCIBLE.

    Shouldn’t the last word i.e. “Invincible” actually read “Incorrect”?  (73.6% + 37.3% + 32.9% = 143.8%)…

    Anyway at least Marshall advises us:

    Aren’t you glad my Fall 2015 guesses as to the placement of the appointed time were incorrect or that the plan was altered somehow?

    i.e. Marshall can get it wrong!

    May his virgins be well oiled.


  10. Collapse would be a bad thing.  Bought some more #10 cans of Mountain House and some more Spam.  Love Spam.   Got a case of freeze dried ice cream, stuff is actually not bad.  Jarred spaghetti sauce with good dates was on sale so stocked up on that and dried pasta.  Paper products, lots of paper products.  Working in the garden getting things ready.

    • @FleePunyHumans
      Ah! Prepping. Getting the long term food in is a good idea.  I get a bit stuck with the timing of the Great Collapse as I have been badly advised in the past and have got in relatively short term supplies.  This is mainly cans and dried goods which will go happily beyond the sell by dates however and might only suffer some denaturing past then (e.g. rice and beans).  I have stayed clear of the frozen foods for now which has been a good plan but demands good future judgement – i.e. not based on info here!

      On the defence side of things, in the UK hand guns are banned i.e. only held by the kind of people who are likely to be your main threat. Rifles/shotguns demand fire arms certificates and you need to show good reason for owning them on the application form.  As killing zombies and bankers will not work for this purpose my local milita is armed with air rifles (which can be tweaked upwards in terms of muzzle velocity – not that we would do anything illegal like that of course) and cross bows.  Now ten men armed with crossbows and  …er… potent air rifles are a significant deterent force when used from defensive positions.  If you throw in the thermal weaponry like molatov cocktails, napalm cannon and the Karcher flame throwers plus the biological and chemical weapons you are heading towards formidable.  We might even be able to start WWIII on our own….


    • @silverine

      Sounds like you guys have a good workaround and do have the means to ward off aggression.  Here in West Texas firearms are very accessible.  The saying goes something like: “A pistol protects you, a shotgun protects your home, a rifle protects your liberty.  Access to ammo and magazine round count was a problem for us under Obama and would have been a lot worse under Clinton.  Trump is pro 2nd amend. so we’re good for now.  Kalifornia has very bad gun laws but it is a commie state and we don’t want all those unwashed libertards that dwell there to have guns anyway.

  11. Hey Marshall when you said “intense pressure for 1260 +”  can you please be a little more vague on your timeline so all your readers can be totally lost in the land of eternal time!!!!!



    • He does not know


      Here it is seen from both the feminine and masculine perspective …


      And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place having been prepared there by God, so that they should nourish her there one thousand two hundred sixty days.


      And a mouth was given to it (the beast), speaking great things and blasphemy, and it was given authority to act forty and two months.

      The calendar year was 360 days  which equates to 12 months  x 30  days and so 42 months equates to 1260 days and so 42 months divided  into years gives us three and a half years


      Elijah was a man of like nature to us, and with fervent prayer he prayed for it not to rain, and it did not rain upon the earth three years and six months.

      and swore by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time (12), times (24), and a half (6); and when they have made an end of breaking in pieces the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

      This but scrapes the surface of this truth which is not about time as a measurement but what it symbolizes in relation to the proses of it ……..


    • @~~good&evil~~:<  Thanks for the Bible reference for the timeline.

      And thanks moderator for moderating my own moderated comment while the rest of the free world gets to verbally say whatever with out moderating!!!!  Remember the 1st admen

  12. What do you mean the shwing doesn’t know? The lord all mighty himself has surely told him.


    Sure, Marshall could predict the smack downs of PM’s based on reading the tea leaves (ie: COT reports) but that was about it. The collapse has not happened (now well over a year and a half past his date) and I’m not sure why the religious aspect always keep getting dragged into the articles. Do you really think that god cares about money or PM’s?

    • Do you really think that god cares about money or PM’s?


      In the sense of a mans worldly perception of his and others wealth no, seeing GOD is no respecter of man, which is to say He shows no partiality between men , however keseph (silver, money) and its relation to kasaph, (desire, greed)  plays a very important part in our proses of coming to the knowledge of truth/self


      There is no religion ( attaining to be ) in what I write simply because in Truth/Christ we can not add or subtract from the truth we are … albeit  by a false perception/image we make merchandise of this Truth

  13. It is written in the holy tomes that we will not know the truth about silver until on the seventh day of the seventh year of the seventh cycle of Hercules, two warriors, Bo Polnious and Marshgas Shwing will come forth  to learn who holds Gods favor  by engaging in combat unto spiritual death.  Winner gets a DVD set of animated Bible stories and the loser has his flesh gnawed by demons for eternity.

  14. So maybe Marshall Swing sounds a bit out there and hasn’t gotten the timing of the collapse right.  Can any of you predict it correctly?  I know I can’t.  But I do know it’s coming, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow.  The Bible speaks of just such an event, of global proportions, that brings and end to an economic and political system, called the FALL OF BABYLON, in Revelation chapter 18.  The end of this empire’s reign of terror and oppression is more than just economic.  That’s why it’s so hard to pin down time-wise.

    You can scoff at what you think are “false prophets,” but you better get your spiritual house in order above all.  There is more than enough evidence out there on the extent of what this collapse entails.  All the talk about the derivatives market and how global debt levels have reached historic proportions…it all leads to one inevitable conclusion, even if one gets the timing off.  The point is not to scoff at those who get the timing wrong.  The point is to prepare for the inevitable, no matter when that happens, as sure as you should prepare for facing death and eternity.

    I stack and pack, but I also pray to the God of Creation, and the Word through which all things were made, Jesus.  Whether you are prepping for the financial apocalypse or your eternal destiny, the important thing is not to wait until the last minute.  Today is the day of salvation.

    “Look, you scoffers, wonder and perish, for I am going to do something in your days that you would never believe, even if someone told you.”  -Acts 13:41

    • @luke33


      Not to take away from anything you wrote, but if you alow me to add a touch to it

      ……, as sure as you should prepare for facing death and eternity.”


      We are dead ( as in a deep sleep ) at this time/momment, understanding the scriptures speak of two deaths, the one you are refering to is the second death, otherwise called the lake of fire … “GOD is a consuming fire” as in a refiner of silver/soul  and gold/spirit … a  thresshing floor same truth etc


      We are at this time being refined/purged/baptized/prepared for a new beginning  …judgement being  unto victory as is  the second death unto Life …,  behold now  is the day of salvation.

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