How low can Gold and Silver Premiums go? SD Bullion has taken the challenge of blowing your mind with their End of Summer Mega Sale!




Welcome To The Biggest Sale Of The Summer!

The end of summer is near, but that doesn’t mean the Gold, Silver and Platinum deals at SD Bullion are ending any time soon! Click here to see the absolute best deals in the Gold & Silver Industry today!

    • In Pounds it has been going the other way! Down on Monday and Tuesday then finishes off the week nicely.  There has been a fairly obvious smash today though (I have not checked the exchange rates) but gold is moving inexorably up again.

      DOC:   You really must get more Zang on this site:

      Gantz and Zang

      Her subtlety is so awesome that most will not get it I know, but the conversations in this dual interview is pivotal. I understood so much of what was being said and the political economy that underlies it totally matches my perceived reality.  I knew, predicted and understood what they were going to say, what they said and how they were going to say it.

      I didn’t realise I had become so good!!!

      Guys click the link and experience your own awesomeness.

      OK I am drinking too much but the quacks tell me my kidneys are heading towards failure so I’m milking them.

    • @AGXIIK


      “I just loaded up the truck”


      So, just how big a truck was that?  If you don’t care to comment publicly, PM me via the back channel.  🙂

      Or tell me to buzz off if this is a private matter.  I can dig it either way.  🙂



    • Pretty good sale, I usually buy on the Black Friday sales here, but last year there hourly sales sucked, plus you can’t combine orders and the shipping will get you, I hope they make it better this year, the 90% bags  sale today is the best I’ve seen in a long time

    • Rothschild  increased their  Silver holdings from 24% to 38% in 6 months  as I look at the manipulated and suppressed price of $17.00 and the decrease in Ag production I see $1000 ounce comings , many others will follow Rothschild since he is the King.

    • Silver is a Super Trade at current price.

      It’s not rocket science.  I’m long and patient.

      Things are Honestly really fukd up badly.  Watch bonds!  Watch the MIC!

    • @Larry


      It is interesting that whenever the financial news media talks about money flowing into gold or silver, they are invariably talking about PAPER gold and silver and not real physical gold and silver.  When the SHTF, people who do this, thinking that they are protected from fiat currency problems, WILL be taught a VERY expensive lesson about which of these types of PMs have REAL value.  Most on here know this already but many outside of the PM arena do not know this yet.  But they will, oh yes indeed, they will.


    • Agreed @AGXIIK


      A good haul nonetheless.


      The 1st few hundred ounces of Ag is fine for both storage space and weight but when one’s stack gets into the thousands of ozs., that is when the compact value of Au really shines.  😉


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