nuclearIn the interview below, Bo Polny warns a supernova of Biblical proportions is set to hit gold and silver in 2016…

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  1. This interview is by far the most credible. Bo backed it up with facts and statistics which I haven’t heard before. He is correct about silver being above the averages and it hasn’t been there for 4 years. This fact is easily checked. I think he may be out on a ladder by giving the end of march as the epic rise in silver but you never know. Anyway this is a side of Bo I haven’t seen before and I am now inclined to listen to his interviews without the jaundiced bias.

    • Over the past 3 or 4 years Bo has placed his entire reputation on the last dozen or more non-existent big moves up. That he still has defenders can mean only two things: Bo spends a lot of time creating and using sock puppet accounts and the number of borderline retards who have internet access is far higher than the average person of good faith would have generally assumed.

  2. I’ve gotta thank Bo! The way silver has risen and fallen so many time these past few years has beaten me to death! Silver has been beaten to death too. Cartels, Comex, Fixes -blah blah blah. Time after time. Charts, triangles, breakouts.  It gets so old… Hell, I’m getting old.  The wife calls me a fool (and other things).  You know what else gets old? Listening to the wolf, whoops, I mean my wife, yelp, “I told you to sell that tin in April 2011!”  That gets really old… Then Bo comes along with his interviews, and well, he makes me feel good. Actually, damn good. I get a feeling of Hope listening to him. Hope seems to be so easily dashed when you’re an old stacker, like me.  Bo makes me feel good.  There’s a ‘few’ people I’d love to shut-the-hell up; if you know what I mean?  Betcha Bo feels the same way, some days. Thank you Bo… 2016 huh? Wonder if I should go tell the wol- wife?


    • “I get a feeling of Hope listening to him.”


      Glad that he floats your boat, Colonel… but then, con men very often use “hope” as the bait in their schemes.  When someone starts braying about hope (and change?), hang onto your wallet very tightly.

  3. PMs deserve their allocation in every prudent portfolio. But proven charlatans such as Bo and Marshall deserve no breathing space in the community after so many failed forecasts. Their interpretations of the Bible might just be as terrible as their superstitious calendars and cycles. Marshall went back to the wilderness to hibernate. But Bo is still charging hefty fees for psychic readings. Bo was so under-qualified as a chiropractor that he had to change jobs from breaking bones to breaking retirement accounts? Honest question.

    • PT Barnum once said that there was a sucker born every minute.  He, among others, also said that a fool and his money are soon parted.  Such is the fate for those who insist on avoiding the responsibility for their own actions and inactions by listening to others and then acting on that supposedly valuable information.  That which truly has value is seldom given away for free.  😉


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