SD Exclusive Monday Market Outlook

What a difference a week makes.  After struggling early on last week, after a hesitant Fed and a lip-sticky pig GDP estimate for the 2nd quarter, the silver price is breaking out here early Monday morning in the pre-market action.  Rally possible as early as today.  First there is this:

Silver solidly punched through and closed above the 50 day moving average on Friday.  Today looks to be a gap-up at the open.  Silver can break-out to the upside in a big way here!

Then, there’s the bullish performance and momentum since last Friday, as show in the 3 Minutre Chart:

Adding momentum to the rally could be the pandemonium and chaos caused by the Bitcoin hard fork tomorrow.  Between suspended accounts and uncertainty, silver is set to shine brightly. Look to the price of gold for strong upside.  On the 3 Minute chart, we can see gold’s gap up last week.  The close was also solid last week, and, and gold has dutifully stepped up to the plate for its traditional “safe haven” role amidst all the uncertainty:

Last week most major market indexes hit new all-time highs last week.  Seems harder and harder to go only up and up.  Usually if someone keeps blowing air into a balloon, at a point it will pop. No graph needed, cause well, we have seen those new highs again and again and again.

Crude oil (WTI) is also on a strong, momentum filled rally since last Thursday.  Oil is testing resistance at $50, so be looking for a move in black gold this week as well:

And finally, for the US dollar, things have not been looking good since last week, and with the strength in gold and silver, and the uncertainty in the cryptos, this is not looking good for the greenback.  For now, it seems bullion is bid and the dollar is bust:


Friday is Non-farm Payrolls day with the latest jobs report comes out from the BLS.  Between the precious metals break-out, the hard fork in Bitcoin, and a indicators of how many summer jobs were had, lost or non-existent for the month of July, we may be witnessing an abrupt end to the summer doldrums.

Looks like it is going to be a great week to be a silverbug!

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    • Hay John, have you read these comments? I’m confused, why do these people come to these site’s, just to whinge, what a bunch on old moles! If you not happy, sell your position and bugger off, who cares! Most of us just buy to be (as John says B.Y.O.B), go to Bitcoin or debt notes, bonds, property or stocks, or what ever.

      Imagine being married to this lot, like Chinese drip torcher, go’s up,,,, whinge, go’s down,,,, whinge.

      Welcome to the New World Order!

    • @JOHNLGALT. Defendants ordered to file a witness statement by 21st of this month. I was expecting another restraining order so it’s made my day ;pD. I just hope I am as happy this time next year and I can be stacking that shipping container full of grog.

    • @Mark Anthony Taylor  “Defendants ordered to file a witness statement by 21st of this month. I was expecting another restraining order so it’s made my day “ 


      Great news M.A.T.   “I just hope I am as happy this time next year and I can be stacking that shipping container full of grog.”  


      Don’t you worry about the grog MAT. Just get your stack of silver that you wanted. Cheers, from Down-under. _JLG. 

  1. Watching closely right now to see if we are trying to start a serious move. I just ran this article which may be of some interest to some here:

    The IMF says the US dollar is overvalued by 10 to 20 per cent so I did some math to see where the US dollar index would be if it dropped 10 to 20 per cent. I then went backed and looked to see what price gold was at those lower levels in the US dollar index.

    Also, Jim Rickards gave me permission to publish in public an incredible forecast he gave me privately by email back in March 2017 on the US dollar (he also mentioned gold). I posted it because it is incredible how accurate his forecast has turned out to be so far. Since he predicts a further dollar drop and higher gold from now on this year, I thought I would share his email forecast for anyone interested.

    Just for the record. Jim did not ask me to share the email exchange we had. I have no affiliation with him of any kind. It seems like there are some who can’t believe it’s possible to publish something positive unless you are trying to benefit some way commercially. I understand the skepticism, but to be clear. I have no commercial affiliation with anyone that I may feature on my blog period. It is not a commercial venture (other than a very small amount from allowing Google to run ads on it, a total of $102 so far for the over 1000 hours of time I have put in trying to get good information and make it available as a free resource). If I run an article on the blog, it is because I think the information may be useful information to others like myself trying to follow these events and make decisions on the best plan for themselves and their families.


    • Gold will only be going higher when it’s price rises against all major currencies.   Just because the Dollar is going down doesn’t make Gold any more valuable.

      ” Jim Rickards gave me permission to publish in public an incredible forecast”   It must be very exciting for you.   That’s the sort of breathless strap-line they use on King World News every day,

      Tell me when super hero whistle blower out of London the incredible ‘Gold Balls’ Maguire eventually announces Gold is way past $2000 because of his fantastic action of providing 250 tonnes of Golden bullets against the “Evil Cartel”

      Then I’ll take notice.

    • Re: Jim Rickards – not intended to be hyperbole. I was just impressed at the accuracy of that forecast in terms of timing. Jim misses some, but he also hits on a lot of forecasts. In this case, since he is saying that he thinks this will lead to further US dollar declines and higher gold prices (in US dollars), I thought it was worth sharing when I saw the IMF say the dollar is overvalued by 10-20 per cent. I agree that gold moving up in all currencies is more significant than just in US dollars, fwiw. But I think Jim expects that to happen as well. I wouldn’t call any of this “exciting”. It’s just information people can do with as they please.


      Re: Andrew Maguire – just waiting like everyone else to see what happens. I am covering it as news because I know a lot of people are interested to see how this turns out after all the cyptic comments that have been made all year long. I actually have an article that will post in a couple of days that goes back and documents the trail of what he has said about a coming gold price “reset” since back in February of this year. I include links to his comments on this in chronological order during the year to make it easier to follow the whole chain of comments.

      Just like you, I wait to see if all this impacts the gold price or not.


    • you might want to check out David Morgan’s works


      Thanks. I do listen to David Morgan when he does public interviews. Is there a particular article you have in mind? I get suggestions from readers and often do feature them if I can relate them to what I try to cover on the blog. My blog is attempting to watch for any indications that the current monetary system we have now is ending and then what might replace it if it does come to an end. I try to cover news related to that (gold and silver are part of the equation for sure).

      I try to represent a variety of credible views on that so readers can look at the information and make their own decisions for what best fits their situation and what ideas seem the best to them.

      So any article or interview from a credible source is always something I have interest in seeing. In fact, readers help me out quite a bit with that because my time is limited to follow all the potential information on this topic.


    • I totally agree …wake me up at $600.

      It is hilarious however to watch the brain-washed neophytes get excited when $16 silver goes up $0.15!

  2. CFTC-COT indicates that it has some room to run, but the commercials are responding as normal, selling into rising prices, which would seem to indicate that it will be another rinse and repeat cycle, not “the big one”.

    • Just like silver it depends when you purchased Dogecoin.  If you bought it a year ago then you’re still up over 500%.  If you bought at its peak around May then you’re down almost 50%.  These coins are the wild west!

      If you bought silver at $45 to $50 back in 2011 then you’re still down near 50% to 60% after 6 long painful years.   Dogecoin bounces a lot so no reason it couldn’t pop to its high again within 6 months and you can get your money out and break even?!  Or take a slightly longer approach to hold for a couple years?

      They have silver nailed down in a range.  My great B.S. indicator says they allow silver to rise near $18 again before bringing out the monkey hammer again then it’s straight down to $16.  Nothing will change until they stop the massive blind naked shorts of the metals.

  3. @siversnout and CentralTexan

    Yup,  I am not planning to cash in my stack either unless it gets to $600 AND I get physical assets in return not fiat. I will consider storable food,  land,  lead,  good whiskey etc as assets not paper or digital records. If others profit from Wall street, good luck to them. I feel far safer with assets of 5000 years track record.

  4. Consider the Casino gambling game of Roulette. On a European wheel there are 37 numbers being 0-36, on an American wheel its 00-36 being 38 numbers. If you win, you get paid out at 35-1. So, there is only a small percentage in the casino house(banks) favour… Although the casino normally has other games and one-arm bandits to cover expenses, they would not be offering Roulette unless it was profitable.

    The casino expenses include lights, salaries, rent, etc – considerable amounts. But, they clearly are not broke are they? Yes, a punter coluld double (or better) his money easily in the short term but long term we know who wins. Gold and silver are much better long term percentage gains IMHO, just like the casino.

  5. @Canadian Dirtlump  I’ll send you a Fedex box filled with  grundle, smegma and belly button lint from the Free Shit Kommunity KliniK with a pack of Zig Zags

    No self respecting stoner uses papers of a lesser quality

    That’ll jump start your morning.

    Keep the physical for some Canadian Club upgrades when AG hits $55.

    Beggars can’t be choosers but I figger that this cycle will be weak as hell, rotate down and settle for a while at low $16’s  AU should drop as well

    I need to rebuy some shiny soon.

  6. TPTB having great fun today. In the face of supposed Whitehouse chaos, Russia-Iran sanctions fallout, North Korea lobbing ICMBs while threatening to nuke America and the USDX falling again, they decide the rational thing to do is sell gold.

  7. Wow.


    Everytime I can read in SD about silver breakout 2-3 days later silver tanks and goes to new lows.

    Why do you write about breakouts EXACTLY when silver starts going down. It almost looks like you are dressing new fools at top. I expect trend change tomorrow and going back toward 13-14USD.





  8. Larry …..a great informative article …… is something else to add to that international behind the locked door news……The expelling of 755 of our state department workers in Russia is all approved by President Trump and Putin …… The president is serious about cutting down the size of Government and in all aspects period ……..The summer games with vodka and tennis out of this country by those who are dead  weight or have outlived any purposeful use and are stagnated in previous administration policy are going now …..President Trump knows how to go directly to Putin and He knows there are still too many old dead logs floating around in the governments service doing nothing but causing confusion in waste and energy ….Probably half of the remaining ones left need to go too…

  9. Draw lines across a chart, check.

    Draw arrows across a chart, check.

    Connect dots to establish an agenda, check.

    Come to a pre-conceived conclusion based on lines and arrows that are drawn on a chart, check. Throw in a few fancy terms like Hard fork, cup and handle, 50 DMA, 200 DMA and its TODA moon again. Check…

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