Bix Weir Explains Why He Believes Now is the Time to Sell Goldand Buy 70x Silver:


2015 MS70 American Silver Eagle Struck at Philadelphia
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2015-P PCGS MS70 Silver Eagle Philadelphia Mint

  1. If you have substantial gold you should really buy platinum IMO. Platinum being cheaper than gold now is a real dirty joke. It’s also denser than its cousins, so should be much cheaper to store and transport.

    I still hold my estimate that Pt will outdo Ag by 100% gains.



  2. Sell gold coz Bix said so? I’ll keep it, just in case… Honestly, I am much more bullish for gold than silver. Why on Earth would anybody want silver actually… It’s not a monetary metal. Everybody seems to be forgeting that.

  3. Despite Bix saying so, I think silver has room to grow price-wise. Even just considering it as an industrial metal, a fair market value would be $30+. That’s a little short of the Bix’s $1000-$10,000 price, but it’s a good start!

  4. I’ve bought so much “poor man’s gold” I think I’m now legally qualified as being poor, lol.

    I have been adding Au again since Nov. I don’t worry about no gold/silver ratio, you’ll either have some gold or ya won’t, is the way I see it.

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