rocketWith silver EXPLODING through crucial resistance this morning and threatening to mount a challenge on $20/oz ahead of the holiday weekend, PM fund Manager Dave Kranzler warns that this would probably cause a doubling of the price of gold and a quadrupling in the price of silver…


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  1. Is it possible that a large percentage of the physical gold and silver taken off the COMEX in the last 2 months is ending up at GLD and SLV?

    Since Harvey Organ says that GLD and SLV shares can be used to settle contracts at the COMEX, would this hypothetical circle jerk be somehow advantageous to keep COMEX in business a little longer?

    Or perhaps, add a little validity to the “physical” holdings of GLD and SLV?

    Ever paranoid

    Mad Eye

  2. Att: Silverdoctors – If you can’t flesh out the “Big Headline” with an written article, please indicate next to the “Big Headline” that it’s a VIDEO so people don’t waste time opening a link to a VIDEO they can’t view. Thanks – Keep on stackin’

  3. So are we talking about $80.00 silver?????

    Well it is not as bad as Bo Willie and friends that always call for 5000 to 50000 gold and 100 to 500 in silver!!!!!

    I called for silver to be around 19.00 and gold at 1350 and that markets would be back to a near normal by July 1!!!   I was pretty much on the money as usual because my predictions are based on what normally occurs!!!!!

    Hi I live on earth!!!!  Jim Willie lives on mars and Bo lives on Venus!!!!!


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