Billionaire Eric Sprott Reveals the Most Significant Development This Week During A Big Rally in Gold and Silver Prices:

From Sprott Money:

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    • The reason bitcoin has been moving up is that derivatives on the trading exchanges have used the crosses like BTC/USD, BTC/GBP and BTC/EUR. Rates have to go up because there are trillions at risk in pension funds and insurance companies because there is simply no yield. Also money that savors and pensioners would use in savings and investment accounts that would normally flow into the real economy and help create growth is simply non existent.

      The dollar currently has short term weakness as the “dumb” money has been moving from the dollar and Dow to the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses and into physical euros as they believe everything is fixed in the EU after the French election. It is not as most countries in the EU are insolvent along with their banks. The smart money is still not only parked in dollar based assets but continues to move capital to the US. The hedge funds are not buying the recent dollar moves as their algos failed to move gold up significantly with the recent dollar weakness. What has caused dollar strength for over a year is international capital flows especially from Europe as entities have been converting euros to dollars and moving capital to the US. Even banks in the EU have opened branches in the US converting euros to dollars and parking at the FED as the ECB charges banks to park capital. Then you have the sovereign debt crisis emerging there again as most countries are insolvent in the EU. This will continue thru 2017/18 and accelerate as capital is moving out of the EU. Capital has also been moving from southern Europe to the north especially to German banks which is then flowing to the US and being parked at the FED. This is full blown capital flight and the ECB cannot raise rates to stop it or countries would collapse even faster. Capital has been and will continue to flow into the dollar and Dow as the euro and the EU implodes. This is just one giant house of cards and the dominoes are already falling. Capital is simply being parked in markets where there are huge pools of liquidity. This has caused the disconnect between markets and the real economy. Because these guys do not understand what causes price movement in markets they just do not understand what has been really happening. All markets are connected. It is not the bullion banks that create price movement in futures but the hedge funds. Most currency traders realize what the funds have been doing and if you trade currency and have the XAU/USD and XAG/USD crosses it is clear that they have been using Martin Armstrong’s computer models which forecast reversal and resistance levels and they have been bouncing price from one level to another. A few months back they were using the algos and moving price consistently from the 1240 reversal level to the 1300 resistance level and then adding shorts when there is additional dollar strength and riding price back down. Then they were moving price from 1240 to around the 1272 level and again jumping on the other side of the trade and riding price weakness back down with the commercials who are already short. They have been doing this over and over again. Now when currency traders in London took a break where do you think the algos moved price back up to again? Around the 1300 resistance level where they added shorts and rode price down to again the 1272 reversal level added more shorts and rode price down again to the 1240 reversal levels and rode price down to 1215. When the algos moved price up to 1226 I commented that either they are going to move price back to 1240 again and if significantly breached we are moving back to the 1260 minor resistance level or the 1272 reversal level again or they are going to ride price back down to the 1200 resistance level which is where months ago they were bouncing price. Price went to 1263 and the funds added their shorts with price back down to 1252. Anybody seeing a pattern here yet? The larger funds usually go long on gold first as this is their hedges for their long dollar positions in currency markets like the FOREX and currency futures including eurodollars which has nothing to do with euros but the derivative is based on dollars held in foreign markets. It is the largest market on the CME. If you are long eurodollars your hedge is to go long gold in futures. It is just not physical commodities that are hedged in futures but other financial instruments like dollars. Currency markets are the largest on the planet and dwarfs all others combined. This is why volume on the Comex is more than inventory or current mining production because of these hedges and this is why most contracts are settled in cash. As you can see from the above there is no “cartel” suppressing prices.

      If anyone is keeping the silver price low it is China. They need a low price so their exports that contain silver can be marketed and sold worldwide. This is why they created the SGE to funnels metals thru and then distribute them to their huge industrial and manufacturing base and large wholesale jewelers. They do this by placing a 17% VAT on metal imports that do not flow thru the SGE and of course they have their own twice a day metals fix or auction.       This is not their only method as it is no accident that the Chinese bank ICBC Standard Charter is a participant on the LME in London which is the futures exchange. Who owns the LME? Hong Kong Exchange and Clearing LTD. It is also no accident that Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation is a participant in London on the LBMA with the metals fix or auction which is the largest physical market on the planet. Are we seeing a pattern here yet? China is simply keeping the price at levels where products can be sold and miners can still stay in business.  The bullion banks in London and New York not only trade for their own accounts but they represent clients worldwide who are hedging and they place trades for these clients. You can bet that some of China’s large industrial and manufacturing firms are clients. Silver has simply moved from a monetary based metal to an industrial based commodity and this is why the gold/silver ratio has become meaningless. 70 to 89% of demand is industrial, manufacturing and retail jewelry. The monetary demand is too small to effect price and this demand can never offset the drop in demand of industrial use. This is why silver will never rise significantly. With people in the west generally having less disposal income this effects demand. Last June and July when the price was hovering close to $21 July’s retail jewelry sales fell off a cliff and has never recovered. This shows how sensitive demand is to price.

    • jj….”The dollar currently has short term weakness as the “dumb” money has been moving from the dollar and Dow to the EUR/USD and GBP/USD crosses and into physical euros”


      Question-Help me understand your reference to physical euros.

  1. Eric Sprott…wy do you, and your Buddy Rick Rule dont attack the COMEX for Phys?

    Are you scared, that you end like the Hunt Brothers?

    Rick Rule, is freaking rich!…i think he has 10 to 20 Billion $.

    Eric Sprott:

    Talk with Rick Rule…and some other Billionairs…and go ahead…..go for the Phys at the COMEX!!!

    And are a big Silver-Gold-Mine Investor.

    Look at Blackham Resources in Western-Australia!!!

    The cheepest Gold-Producer on earth:

    Make Research about Blackham Resources!!!

    6,4 Mio Oz Gold-Resources.

    100,000 oz p.a. Producer.

    +200,000 oz p.a. in 2019

    AISC 870 $

    82 Mio $ Market Cap!!!

    Go for it…Eric Sprott…put your Money in there….QUICKLY!

    10-Bagger Potential.

    Rumpelofen says : very strong buy!!!



    • I think that silver manipulation tells you one thing and thats the gold manipulators are paranoid. Why dont they manipulate safron for example?

    • Rumpel Germany,

      “Eric Sprott…wy do you, and your Buddy Rick Rule dont attack the COMEX for Phys?
      “Are you scared, that you end like the Hunt Brothers?
      “Rick Rule, is freaking rich!…i think he has 10 to 20 Billion $.”  — (That alone should give you a clue.)

      Maybe this is why:

      “EXPOSED: You Won’t Believe Who’s Helping George Soros Hijack The Texas Gold Industry!”

      If these guys are right about this, it would explain a whole lot about who just might be part of the controlled opposition to G & S market rigging.

      From the movie “The Outlaw Josey Wales”: “It’s a trap Josey, and Fletcher’s in on it !”

    • @ Chris Lee:

      This Video is Bullsh…

      Go to y-tube..and watch it there!…read the comments…at 1 Point the Autor, says:


      World Alternative Mediavor 23 Stunden

      For those wanting to move their gold: ~ Josh

      This Guys…at WAM want u to move your Gold…i think they will get some bucks for that bs…..from

    • Rumpel Germany,

      This link IS from YouTube.  Are you saying the sources he shows on the video are bogus ?   Please show how those shown in the video are BS.

    • @Rumple Germany  When someone is that rich they don’t rock the boat.  They are controlled opposition and they can be very easily gotten to due to their wealth.  Big wealth makes for a big target

      Nothing against the Admiral and Rule but I don’t see them as being worthy of strong consideration and if they are talking about crypto currencies, I pay it no mind. If they are talking up miners my comment remains the same. Miners, cryptos , precious metals and everything else can be rigged

      The game is infinitely larger than we can imagine.  Everything we think is meaningful in that game is little more than a pawn at best including the opinions of Sprott and Rule.

  2. Dude Rumpel, let me tell you a word about a “The cheepest Gold-Producer on earth” as you said. This company is a piece of crap. It is not even close to cheapest miners. There are firms way better than that. I could name many with higher amount of gold in the ground or better production or even better profits. How about THM, NAK, SA, VGZ, GLDLF just to start with.

    How about I tell you of a producer that makes >100,000 oz NOW at a significant profit. They also have a new mine coming. They will also produce 200,000 oz annually in 2019. And they are closer to home. Not in Australia. Check ALO. Alio Gold. PE=3


    • I agree, that Alio is also cheep Goldproducer.


      Market Cap Alio: 167 Mio $

      Market Cap Blackham Resources: 80 Mio $

      Looking at the Resources:

      Alio: 1.46 Mio oz

      Blackham: 6.4 Mio oz

      Blackham has over 4-times more Gold-Resources!

      The Guidance Plan for Alio in 2017 is, to produce 92,135 oz Gold

      Blackham will produce 100,000 oz p.a. in Stage1…Thea are ramping up the production right now.

      In Stage 2b…Blackham will produce 200,000 to 250,000 oz in 2019


      4 times more resource than Alio

      2,5 times more Gold-oz production in 2019

      Market Cap Blackham Resources is the half of Alio


      …think about it…Rumpelofen


  3. It’s unbelievable to me that these guys aren’t broke from this manipulation.  Makes you wonder why they don’t take their billions and gang up on the comex and wipe it out.    All you hear from these guys are complaining about it…but nothing ever changes but lower prices.



    • Rick Rule is the cleverst Mining-Investor in the world.

      He made his Money not joust in the Gold/Silver Sektor…also copper, uran etc.

      Rule is Sprott-USA Chef.

      Eric Sprott and Rick Rule positioned themself in a lot of Silver-Mines around the world.

      The Silver-Mines are a huge bet on the rise of silver.

      Sprott has also the “Sprott physical Silver-Trust”…physikal Silver at the Canadian Mint.

      We know…that the physikal Silver at the COMEX is not there….Sprott knows it…Rick Rule also.

      So These guys positioned themselfe…they have the phys.

      I think, they are scared…that when they attack the COMEX…that they will end like the Hunt-Brothers

      in the 1980″s.

      Rule and Sprott are waiting…till an other Billionair/Investor-Group etc. make the “dirty Job” at the COMEX.

      Rule and Sprott are knowing…that when the fraud at the COMEX blast off…the Monetrary System will

      eventually collaps. So at the end…they dont want to be made responsible.


    • So, what should we Investors do with our Money?

      Buying a lot of physikal Silver. (deposit it outside the Banking-System).

      Find the best Gold/Silver shares in the world….and buy them.

      Which are in my opinion the best Mining-Stocks…with a huge leverage on the rise of Silver/Gold?

      Undervalued in comparson to other Gold/Silver Mining Companys?

      1. Blackham Resources: 80 Mio Market Cap, 6.4 Mio oz Gold-Resources, +200.000 oz Produktion in 2020.

      2. Levon Resources: 35 Mio Market Cap, 500 Mio oz Silver-Depot, 1.2 Billion oz Silver equivalent.

      3. Americas Silver: Silver-Miner,Assets in USA/Canada/Mexico, undervalued in all metrics.



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