plane-crashIt’s going to be devastating for most people… I believe there is going to be an enormous wealth transfer…
This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.
This next crash is going to be devastating because it will be stocks, real estate and bonds (all at the same time).
This is going to be the worst crash of allyou are going to see gold and silver take a moon shot…


From Greg Hunter


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  1. Mike I agree it looks bad for the economy. I know the dollar will not be the world reserve currency as the Beast Nations will go to the mark of the beast system. Then add WW3 Rev 9:13-21 and the picture gets really ugly. Proverbs 18:10 The name of the LORD is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.

  2. It won’t be until someone substantial embraces silver/gold as wealth/money. That could be central banks after they’ve given up the fiat experiment (again), or it could be a block of nations, or the world’s 1%.

    Until then, you’ll never get fair value for your PMs. It seemed we were heading that way this year, but now???

    Maybe Gerald Celente knows, ha, ha, ha….

    • Fair value? I don’t want it, I’m in complete disbelief we are able to buy silver and gold for these prices. I’m able to exchange crap paper that’s literally bleeding value daily for Money.
      I am able to get my wealth completely out of the hands of the bankers.
      In 8 years, global interest rates have gone from ~6% to NEGATIVE. How long do you think we have left?
      STACK, regardless of price. IGNORE the dollar value of Physical, it is irrelevant. (unless you’re just trying to make a quick buck)

    • I don’t agree with you. 5000 years of human history tells me that PM’s have been money, and will be again, once the fiat money substitute’s wash out, again. That outcome seems a lot more certain to me than any other, and I’ve bet 90% of my savings on it. In other words, I have the courage of my convictions!

    • I have asked Gerald countless times as he talks about China and Gold. I ask Gerald a simple questio. If China is the largest producer of Gold and buyer in the world, “Why have they not exported one single ounce?” The Boys over there in China land have a shitload more Gold than the entire world thinks!

    • That they do @Ranger… and they believe that the size of their gold hoard is a strategic number that they are not willing to share with the world.  If so, then the importance of gold in financial matters cannot be overestimated.


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  4. I’ve heard this speel since 2008 and here we are 8 years later and the dollar is not dead (it’s rising actually) and true/sound money is getting constantly pounded.


    I imagine that if there is a deflationary episode, PM’s will get pummelled like last time. Dollar is already on the rise….

    • Gold went from over $1000 to $700 an ounce in 2008 and silver went from $21 to $9.  Both took off from those numbers and never tested those lows again. Fact is, the USD hasn’t made a new high in a year now (topped in 2013), and the FED just sunk any rate hike odds. There are no FED “hawks” left. The rest is pure unadulterated BS.

      Place your bets…


    • The US$ is rising because we don’t have negative interest rates and money is flowing into the US in huge volume from the places that do.  Note that this has pushed up the 10-year UST paper rate from around 1.4% to around 1.7%, a substantial move.  As more money flows in and bids up these interest rates, we will see the US 10-year rise to 2% and perhaps beyond that.

      Unfortunately for them, that money is desperately needed to build up their own economies.  But they have chased it away with their idiotic negative interest rates idea.  So, for now, that money is here in the USA and is helping to build up OUR economy.

      Negative interest rates are anathema to capitalists.  It is an ugly little thing that only a Keynesian could love.  It is a violation of all that capitalists stand for.  I see it as a form of banker capitulation.  Their fiat paper debt Ponzi scheme is coming unraveled and this is their last and only response to its unraveling.  Unfortunately for them, it is a stupid answer and not one that will in any way help them.  If anything, it is most likely to speed their financial demise.  We can only hope.

    • Someone once told me the currency market is like a reverse beauty pageant. The goal is not to find the most beautiful contestant but instead the least ugly. I agree, right now the US dollar is the least ugly.

  5. The US dollar is every Country’s safety net if there own currency implodes. There is economic fear in the markets, people, countries, hedge funds buying dollars. They know the unwind is happening.  Fleeing to dollars and precious metals. 

    Stacking the shiny till it hurts.


    • Here’s more clarity to your “brutal truth” It took Rome 400-500 years to fall. It has taken the US 40-50 years. You want this to happen [************]? It will happen, but […….].

    • I disagree. Ever since the silver peak of 2011 five years ago, Mike has been one of the few analysts who have kept a cool head. Jim Rogers is another one. This is the first time I have ever heard Mike say “Silver will take a Moon Shot” and I agree with him. This is your last chance to buy silver on the cheap for under $20 / oz. by the end of this year in December, forget about it.

      my 2 cents

      add on:

      I dare anybody here who disagrees with me to post a link to a video where Mike Maloney has said “moon shot” in previous years. If you can do that I will humbly admit that I am wrong.

    • @Charles Babbage


      I agree that Maloney is one of the better folks in the PM space these days.  His video series on currency, money, and gold are terrific.  Whatever rings true for gold also rings true in large part for silver.

    • Cianodon, you are an oaf.  You are both complaining I want it to happen (even though I am here in print publicly doubting it) and assuring me it will. lol. Im guessing alcohol is involved.

      I have been reading the internet “gurus” ever since the crisis 8 years ago. They have all been amazingly bad. All of them less than chance in their predictions. Recently the one guy who accurately called for the pullback (keith weiner) was roundly attacked here on silverdoctors. Oh and trader Dan is also a pretty accurate guy maybe more than 50/50.

    • @Vegasidler

      There is another guy that I have been following for a while that has seemed to get it right thus far since 2011. Check out Avi Gilbert. He’s my last hope for ‘gurus’ as he is saying that he believes (according to his EWT training) this correction is “almost over” in PM’s and that the next wave up will be happening shortly (by end of Oct or so). One can only hope….

      He’s saying that GDX should triple in the next 12 months or so (so long as 19.80 is not broken), which he doesn’t believe will happen (until it happens? lol).

      There is always the possibility that there could be a tectonic shift due to a new worldwide currency, but at this point in time I’m not betting on it yet.

      People are still running to the POS dollar and not sound money. I’m not sure what it is going to take to change this mentality….

  6. @Vegasidler   As to reading the “gurus”….me too, but……I remember Trader Dan saying that it would be a long time if ever before gold would go under $1700 again………admittedly during his period in cahoots with Jim Sinclair. As for Keith Weiner… the current price drop really of the degree that he has been forecasting? I see it as noise. In British pounds we are almost back to the gold prices we had prior to the April 2013 takedown. Believe me, once the price in your own currency rises dramatically you regret any lost opportunities to buy at the depressed prices. In December 2015 I could buy a 1 ounce gold Brittania for £764. It now costs £1091. An increase of  £327 or approx 43%. Enjoy your US dollar priced good fortune while it lasts. It can’t and won’t last forever.

    • @UKTramp


      “Enjoy your US dollar priced good fortune while it lasts. It can’t and won’t last forever.”

      Agreed.  Many here in the US are living in a financial fantasy-land.  As you say, this can’t and won’t last forever, although many here in the US behave as if it will.  A great many others are completely unaware of the true financial state of the US, so are oblivious to the need to protect what they have with hard assets.

      Reality has a way of teaching us all some pretty hard lessons.  This will not be an exception.  We all know that anything that is not sustainable will end.  One would have to be pretty far from reality not to grasp the fact that the current system is not sustainable, so will end.  The only question that most of us have is not “when” but “how”.

      The structural problems in the US economy have been papered over and patched up for a long time now.  Nothing that was damaged prior to 2008 has been truly repaired.  While that bought some time, that time does not seem to have been used productively or effectively.  All the damage that showed us the true state of the economy in 2008 is still with us and has gotten worse with time, as big problems so often do when not addressed thoroughly and aggressively.  The odds of a “soft landing” or other form of mild financial reset seem to shrink by the week.  This leaves us with the increasing odds of a “hard landing”, which will be a terrifying, eye-opening, and impoverishing experience for a very large number of people.


    • Oh, I am firmly in the camp of people who think that precious metals must climb in value. Its when that is the problem. They could stretch this out another 10 to 15 years.  The last 8 years have really put a crimp in my retirement plans.

    • “Oh, I am firmly in the camp of people who think that precious metals must climb in value.”

      I understand that, which is why I am not among those who dump on you much of the time here.


      “Its when that is the problem. They could stretch this out another 10 to 15 years.”

      It could.  While that seems unlikely, it certainly is not impossible.  But chasing “when” is VERY counter-productive, IMO.  Not only do we not know “when” but we cannot know “when”.  Therefore, it is a waste of time and effort to chase after it as if it was the answer to our problems.  It’s not.  What we need to do is to be prepared for a financial collapse so that when it eventually arrives, we will be among the few who can best handle it and not among the many who are financially destroyed by it.  It’s been my experience that when most people know “when” something is going to happen, they put off doing anything about it until the very last minute.  If they do this, then every bit of the time between now and “when” arriving will be totally wasted.  IMO, it is far too valuable to waste.  Therefore, I prep, stack, and prepare for the S well and truly hitting TF well before it actually does.  This is actually quite liberating because it completely removes the false problem of “when” and replaces it with the certainty of “what”.  When it happens, I don’t want to be among those who wasted a lot of time and only realize their egregious error AFTER it is too late to do anything about it.  I don’t know… perhaps I am wrong in this approach?  If so, then perhaps you and others on here can straighten me out on this.  I would appreciate that.


      “The last 8 years have really put a crimp in my retirement plans.”

      Sorry to hear that.  A delayed retirement is a serious no-joke matter.  I retired 12 years ago and am doing quite well, so no financial problems here that have affected my retirement.  I would hope that others are doing the same and that they will be able to retire in some measure of comfort and happiness at a time and in a place of their choosing.  I planned long and hard for my retirement.  Many things were sacrificed for 25-30 years so that money could be saved, invested, and grown into a respectable nest-egg.  Buying PMs over time via a dollar cost averaging process has resulted in a good sized stack that I see as my financial insurance against a severe recession, a depression, or even a complete collapse.  There’s no way to know if my plan will work and achieve all that I hope but having a plan is essential.  All I can say at this point is “so far, so good”.  Hopefully that will continue.  If not, then considerable flexibility will be required to adapt to the new situation that presents itself.


  7. This crash is going to be deflationary, and it will be true deflation.”

    This means that gold and silver prices will go DOWN in comparison to fiat currency, because as the dollar value goes up (deflation) then PM prices go down.

    Did they really think this out on a PM sales website?

    • Perhaps they are considering that the US$ will become devalued or even destroyed as have a great many fiat currencies throughout the ages since unbaked paper money was invented?  In that case, whatever one has in US$ either will be worth considerably less or perhaps even nothing at all.  Yes, this probably is a long shot but then that IS the nature of a black swan event.


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