It ain’t looking good for one Bo Polny’s May prediction, AT ALL…
Unless something MAGIC happens, Bo’s latest declaration is headed for that huge scrap pile he has been amassing…


Submitted by Marshall Swing:



Proverbs 1:5  A wise man will hear and increase learning, And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel


Proverbs 19:20  Listen to counsel and receive instruction, That you may be wise in your latter days.


It seems many things are planned by various counsel but you only wage war when you have WISE counsel:


Proverbs 20:18  Plans are established by counsel; By wise counsel wage war.


And the scriptures say there is definitely a problem if you turn to those who analyze future events by inappropriate methods:


Isaiah 47:13  You are wearied in the multitude of your counsels;
Let now the astrologers, the stargazers,
And the monthly prognosticators
Stand up and save you
From what shall come upon you.


I have an opinion that those who analyze gold and silver using technical chart analysis are sort of like stargazers…

I do not know WHY anyone would look at the multitude of technical analysis ink blots when you have hand delivered, for all to see, every Friday the culmination of trading up to the previous Tuesday, the COT numbers which I have proven to be accurate, definitive, and reliable for predicting the future of silver and gold price movements…

A month ago, on the world’s happy hearts day, I published my COT analysis indicating a fall from grace in the metals was imminent.  When the monthly menstrual cycle passed and there was no smash crash, writers seemed to declare the Speculators/Hedge Funds had the upper hand on the Commercials.  Then on March 3 the inevitable happened as predicted and the metals were SMASHED.  A little…

And just for the record… I told you so…  Well in advance…

But none of those other silver and gold prognosticators listened as they continued to paint rosy pictures of blue skies with silver and gold linings.  At least up until March 3 when the short covering price killing Silver Commercial Flood came as foretold…

So where are we now?

It ain’t looking good for one Bo Polny’s May prediction, AT ALL…

We’re staring an expected interest rate rise in the face and the market is not blinking, AT ALL.

In fact, I think the puppet masters are just waiting with GLEE to raise the interest rate and suck the masses into equities…

They have even hammered the price of oil, A LITTLE, in advance, in order to set up their next debacle.  Ever wonder WHY the world’s eyes were “focused” on OPEC for weeks, months, and years AS IF OIL PRICE WAS THEIR PROBLEM AND THEY WERE SOMEHOW AT FAULT FOR THE WORLD OIL GLUT and causing weak economies around the world? 

Ever ask yourself WHY as soon as OPEC cuts a little and oil price rises and economies miraculously start feeling better and better THEN U.S. oil production takes a dramatic rise and suddenly we are in yet another oil glut and all the article come out making OPEC look like the bad guys?  SO WHY, are not ALL the oil producers around the world in OPEN and forced into production limitations as well?

Well, there’s no control is the CONTROLLERS submit themselves to limitations, is there?

Unless something MAGIC happens, Bo’s latest declaration is headed for that huge scrap pile he has been amassing…

I want to digress for just a moment and discuss one reason WHY Bo Polny met with so much disappointment in his calculatations.

And for the record, I want to submit I think Bo Polny is a very, very smart guy and whoever helps him are smart as well.  Anyone who can figure out the 777 thing is SMART.  Those familiar with the math of his calculation know there were TWO 777s in his use of differing day lengths. 

BUT, just being able to find such a needle in a massive haystack completely impressed me!  But, the nutshell of Bo’s debacle was using faulty data and faulty assumptions…  THERE WAS AND IS NO SUCH THING AS 29 Elul in the prophetic calendar or in the course of the 7th Year Sabbath Sabbatical. 

It does not exist and for all those who followed Jonathan Cahn, as much as I like the heart of the guy and his enthusiasm Jonathan was also misusing faulty data built on the back of a religion called Judaism that is not the approved religion we see in Exodus or anywhere in the Bible. 

THERE WAS AND IS NO CALENDAR of Judaism that accurately displays the real 7thYear Sabbath or “year of release”.  That also took down Jeff Berwick, another REALLY smart guy…  THERE WAS AND IS NO CALENDAR of Judaism that accurately displays the real JUBILEE YEAR national Sabbath or “year of restoration of lands”.  THOSE THINGS DO NOT EXIST ACCURATELY ON ANY POPULAR CALENDAR.

In 2015, I wrote articles explaining the Elul 29 fraud in some detail.  Judaism simply and fraudulently twisted the “year of release” and placed a release date at the end of the 6thmonth, called it Elul, and also simply and fraudulently twisted their calendar to reflect a year count which is now 5777 and proclaim Jubilee when any 5th grade scholar that can Google knows their calendar omits VAST swaths of time in order to eliminate the possibility that one Yeshua Messiah (aka Jesus Christ) could possibly fit neatly in the time line of Daniel’s 70 Weeks prophecy…  A simple Google reveals all the information anyone needs to know that the Jewish Calendar is AN ABSOLUTE FRAUD.

Yet, many people get sucked into thinking and believing the Jews must be right and they, not doing their own due diligence, start promoting the calendar of that false religion (I saw false because Judaism intentionally twists and manipulates God’s Commandments from being recognized) and then writing analysis based on false calendars and times.

The Scriptures do not speak kindly towards anyone who would promote false times/calendars like Judaism DOES:


Daniel 7:25  He shall speak pompous words against the Most High,
Shall persecute the saints of the Most High,
And shall intend to change times and law.
Then the saints shall be given into his hand
For a time and times and half a time.


So, Bo Polny, Jonathan Cahn, Jeff Berwick, and many other fine writers were led astray by the twisted calendar and false times of Judaism.

Time to come home to real Truth, guys, as you all are zealous servants deserving of better.  The choice is yours.

And now, back to the silver and gold COT reports!

A month ago, Silver Commercials held 73.6% of all silver shorts, as of 3/7/17 they hold 79.3% of ALL silver shorts!

A month ago, the Silver Producer Merchant Commercial held 37.3% of all silver shorts, as of 3/7/17 they hold a crisp 41% of ALL silver shorts!

YHVH God’s Son did not give this commandment so that latter day believers would get blindsided by the coming Global Economic Crash.  Just like YHVH God told Moses to tell the children of Israel to get gold, silver, and precious stuff from the Egyptians, God’s Son told the Apostle John to make sure the latter day believers knew, when they saw the storm clouds of Revelation on the horizon, to not be ignorant BUT TO BUY all the gold (and silver) they could so they would not be poor:


Revelation 3:18  I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich; and white garments, that you may be clothed, that the shame of your nakedness may not be revealed; and anoint your eyes with eye salve, that you may see.


God’s Son was not covertly talking about some “SPIRITUAL GOLD” that is not defined anywhere in the Scriptures…  He is talking about using money TO BUY gold.  Period.  All the gold in the world belongs to YHVH GOD as do all the cattle on a thousand hills.  You think those are “SPIRITUAL CATTLE”?

Back to the COT…

“Wait a minute Marshall, you mean those evil, scum Commercials smash crashed silver (and gold) and they even increased their stranglehold on the metals?”


That is EXACTLY what happened…

That is EXACTLY what I said would happen…

I will try my best to write a COT analysis about once a month with other articles somewhere in between, stay very thirsty for silver and gold my friends,






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  1. Bo should find another career field.

    Also, I’m starting to think that BP is part of the Cabal. He builds-up our enthusiasm knowing full well it’s all a lie. Then, we get frustrated more when his prediction does not come true. Wash, rinse, repeat. He’s part of the Full Spectrum (Banker) Dominance to drive us away from PM’s and back into the paper markets.

    “So Bo, Gold might be God’s Money but it’s still the Cartel’s Paper Price. I don’t see it changing anytime soon.


    • Yep, I’ve had suspicions that many self proclaimed metals experts are planted by the cabal to drive people away from PMs, Deliberately giving false, misleading and downright ridiculous information at times. Then sometimes they give useful info but deliberately try to turn it into a joke to discredit it.

      But who are they? They seem to mash it up and put shyte in between some useful bits. So then one needs to stick with the plan: read as much as one can and filter out all the fluff. Continue stacking the phys, and enjoy some of the laughable entertainment provided along the way.

      p.s. @mayer, with all the crap they post from Snyder I would be at all surprised if they are involved, or at least forced to comply. or bribed.

    • oh please please please…. can i convert my real silver into this virtual bitcoin stuff, you know, the one that behaves like a bubble which went from a few cents right up to $1200 ? that kind of exponential price increase sounds real sustainable. i’m sure it will go on forever and i will be rich. i think it’ll take my entire families life saving up into the sky. smoke perhaps?

      these newer accounts pushing bitcoin are just sooooo obvious.

  2. Alt news sites need to take Polny out behind the old woodshed and put him out of his misery. He has no credibility left in him. I can pull random gold and silver prices and random dates out of nowhere and have a better chance of getting it right.

      1. Bo Polny is an IDIOT!
      2. The People (PM Webs) that allow his gibber to be circulated are also IDIOTS!
      3. People that believe this Gibber are BIGGER IDIOTS!
  3. God Bless Moses Swing. The Holy Spirit has just made a divine intervention through him. He has just preached the golden gospel for all gold and silver believers. Moses Swing was the only public speaker to predict the $15-$20 price levels as bargains of a lifetime. Mr. Market’s invisible hand will eventually clean up the price distortions and reward gold and silver investors for their devotion to honest money and fair markets. The Silver and Gold Summit might replace Davsoo.

    The criminal chiropractor Bohdan Stephan Polny promotes day trading in the Wall Street casinos when he is not ripping off hard working Christians. Bo Polny is a fake chart analyst and a fake Christian.
    Bo Polny’s bankrupt chiropractor clinic uses fake reviews and dishonest billing.
    Bo Polny’s clinic declares chapter 7 bankruptcy after customers wise up to his dishonest sales tactics.

    • In the “reviews” section in the 4th review it brought a smile to my face when I read: “but I’m going to start trying the deep tissue massages”  


      Just my stupid, wicked sense of humour I guess _JLG. 

  4. I do have a problem with wrong predictions but I also have a problem with those offering no hope on the future of precious metals… the COT is just a dog and pony show Marshall which tells us almost nothing except that the PM rigging game is still being played… the game will go on until it doesn’t.

  5. I only wish the comment section had up and down vote, I would up vote most of you because your comments are right on, especially those which exposes this insane fraud known as Bo Baloney.  We can thank God for one thing, he gave old Bo a name which we can make great fun.  It’s a complete disgrace that this site would even post third party articles about Bo.  Marshall is much too easy on this charlatan.

  6. Like anything, the information provided by Bo is incredibly accurate …. so long as you use it the right way. I learned sometime ago all you have to do is …. what ever Bo says … do the opposite !!! You will be guaranteed 90% accuracy. Yeah, sometimes Bo is right, which why I say 90% and not 100%.

  7. Trying to tell the difference between the twin imbecile huckster lunatics Bo and Marshgas is like telling the difference between pigflop and hyena turdz.  Both are religious lunatics, worthy successors to Jim and Tammy Baker and Jimmy Swaggart.  Con-men… douchebags… ‘roids.

  8. SilverDoctors published this article from Marsall Swing (whoever he be) two years ago dated 19th May 2015.
    Things don’t change much do they.
    I commented on it. In one of my comments I wrote the following paragraph.
    “Use the opportunity being presented here. My hope is that prices go even lower for another 2 or 3 years because I can get more for my fiat. This pathetic pat down on the 19th coupled with the associated exchange rate change that always accompanies these plays has barely tickled the price in UK pounds. This is a long term tactic to form a strong base to your finances but should not be the only way you deploy your fiat.”
    Marshall Swing replied saying:
     “  @UKTramp
    Pretty good view of reality!
    But it is not for 2-3 more years.  This all ends in September crash.  Then confiscation next year at good prices.  Sort of like 1933 all over again:”
    That wasn’t a great prediction either really was it. Rather on a par with Mr Polnys performance.
    Every commodity / asset has a bottom price beyond which it will not go……but that’s only able to be assessed in hindsight. Gold and Silver and the other PMs are convenient ways of holding an asset regardless of their other qualities. If gold was priced at $10 an ounce in our current environment it would be bought hand over fist and supply would collapse. A move to $20 would be a 100% increase. There is always a price below which it will not go without the cartel blowing their own feet off with two barrels. We still have a lot of opportunity here while some people are worried about this minor move.
    If you bought an ounce at $1900 and it goes down to $100 you should buy another. You will have brought your cost for 2 ounces down to $1000 thereby halving your break even price. Buying steadily and cost averaging in will inevitably eventually reap some reward even without carnage in the financial world. With carnage……who knows.
    Bitcoin will most likely be taking the elevator back down in the not too distant future. It is a speculative vehicle and a new toy for the mob. ETF’s in bitcoin? What a laugh……not really shaken off the banksters has it. And if they want more “supply” they will just issue Bitcoin 2, Bitcoin 3 etc etc. What a racket.


  9. Stop, Drop, & Roll your blues away at the preeminent silver bull(y)ion pulpit.   Just needs a distillation for dumbasses like me.  All this talk about wisdom reminds of a verse:

    In the multitude of words sin is not lacking,But he who restrains his lips is wise.  Prov 10:19

    I have to agree, author.  The whole calendar based prediction model is circular-file worthy.  Of course, most of these commenters already know the state of Israel is occupied primarily by descendants of the Khazars, who were not geneological Jews, but converts to Judaism many centuries ago;  So those peddling the disp-sensationalist sleight of hand in their zeal for “God” are unwitting cheerleaders of the Zionist regime.  Keep that Google search handy, prophecy students:

    “The Khazars, or Chazars, had converted to Judaism somewhere between 620 and 740 A.D. The precise date of their conversion is disputed, but no one disputes the fact that they were a Turkish-Mongolian tribe that had converted to Judaism. The Jewish Encyclopedia itself says, under the heading “Chazars,”

    “A people of Turkish origin whose life and history are interwoven with the very beginnings of the history of the Jews of Russia… Historical evidence points to the region of the Ural as the home of the Chazars.”

    Later in the same article, The Jewish Encyclopedia tells how the Chazars decided to adopt Judaism as their religion:

    “It was probably about that time that the chaghan [king] of the Chazars and his grandees, together with a large number of his heathen people, embraced the Jewish religion. According to A. Harkavy (‘Meassef Niddahim,’ i.), the conversion took place in 620; according to others, in 740. King Joseph, in his letter to Hasdai ibn Shaprut (about 960) gives the following account of the conversion…”

    We read also in An Introduction to the History of Khazaria, by Kevin Alan Brook,

    “Under the leadership of kings Bulan and Obadiah, the standard rabbinical form of the Jewish religion spread among the Khazars. Saint Cyril came to Khazaria in 860 in a Byzantine attempt to convert the Khazars to Christianity, but he was unsuccessful, because by that time the Khazars had already adopted a basic level of Judaism.”

    Most of this history was unknown to the western world (and to prophecy teachers) until 1976, when a Jewish author named Arthur Koestler wrote about it in his book, The Thirteenth Tribe. He told the story of the Jewish doctor for the Caliphate in Cordova, Spain, heard about a Jewish kingdom and wrote letters of inquiry to King Joseph of the Khazars. The Khazar king’s letter is quoted by most of the historians who write about Khazar history. Koestler writes on page 72,

    “Joseph then proceeds to provide a genealogy of his people. Though a fierce Jewish nationalist, proud of wielding the ‘Scepter of Judah,’ he cannot, and does not, claim for them Semitic descent; he traces their ancestry not to Shem, but to Noah’s third son, Japheth; or more precisely to Japheth’s grandson, Togarma, the ancestor of all Turkish tribes. ‘We have found in the family registers,’ Joseph asserts boldly, ‘that Togarma had ten sons, and the names of their offspring are as follows: Uigur, Dursu, Avars, Huns, Basilii, Tarniakh, Khazars, Zagora, Bulgars, Sabir. We are the sons of Khazar, the seventh…”

    King Joseph’s letter, then, identifies the Jewish Khazars as being from the House of Togarmah, one of the invaders of the mountains of Israel in Ezekiel 38:8. They were not Russians by ethnicity. In fact, in later centuries, the Russians conquered them and absorbed them. The Khazars, then, became known as the Ashkenazi branch of world Jewry.”
    Acknowledgement:  (










    • @
      Okay, so let’s say those Khazars DID convert to Judaism, what difference does it make?

      They still practice the very same Judaism that perverted pure Torah (God’s LAW) from 2,000+ years ago that Messiah hated…

      The bloodline is meaningless unless one keeps God’s LAW (which is The Gospel according to Hebrews 3 – Hebrews 4:2
      Hebrews 3:16-4:2  For who, having heard, rebelled? Indeed, was it not all who came out of Egypt, led by Moses? 17 Now with whom was He angry forty years? Was it not with those who sinned, whose corpses fell in the wilderness?18 And to whom did He swear that they would not enter His rest, but to those who did not obey? 19 So we see that they could not enter in because of unbelief.
      4 Therefore, since a promise remains of entering His rest, let us fear lest any of you seem to have come short of it. 2 For indeed the gospel was preached to us as well as to them
      Nice research, but what difference does it make?

      Jews in the bloodline, Christians, Muslims, etc who do not keep The Sabbath and THE LAW (The Covenant) are out of the ballgame…


  10. Geez…. where do you start with this one. Marshall and BO and lets throw Jim Willie in there along with his sock puppet the Voice. (Or is Jim the Sock Puppet and the Voice running things)…you can’t make this shit up. Okay so lets get to the point, It is one thing to make a prudent projection based upon facts in evidence. It is quite a different matter to pull things out of your ass and throw them up as if they are the gospel truth. I am sick of their sensationalist prognostications which are based upon NOTHING. The only redeeming positive here is the great comments which are very entertaining.  Let me also say this. At some point the dynamic with the metals are going to change. However, these idiots will have nothing to do with it. They are shills and pimps and any one who would take their advice and invest money based upon that advice, needs to have their head examined.

  11. More speculation, more bravo sierra; for the secular minded; yes. But as reeds in the wind they always bend to the prevailing wind of the day

    Swing, would have served his readers better if he had revealed the Lord’s plans for those who worship at the feet of the golden calf found at Ezekiel 7:19 which states:

    They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be treated as a thing unclean. Their silver and gold will not be able to deliver them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. It will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs, for it has caused them to stumble into sin.

    It is clear that prophetically speaking gold and silver is to play an important role in the Lord’s plan for men. What that plan may be one’s guess is good as another’s – as the wheel of fate spins round and round…

    We shall soon see!

  12. @
    Good one, among all the briers and thorns!

    Notice it says “treated as a thing UNCLEAN”.

    My theory…  In 2018, once the nations gather to fix the Global Economic Collapse and they institute a one world government and it recovers by instituting a one world currency based on gold and silver, they confiscate but some people do not turn it in thinking they will be able to use it in the Tribulation when things really get bad.  But the confiscation has a deadline so as to prevent any more gold and silver from entering into the marketplace as the world’s economies are specifically balanced.  So those that did not turn in their gold and silver to the one world government are SOL.  What they were supposed to do is use the sold and silver for good but they kept it for themselves and suddenly they find themselves locked out of the Revelation 12:14 Wilderness and realize how they were total selfish foolish virgins and now their gold and silver are like UNCLEAN things to them as they were not raptured into The Wilderness where those who keep God’s LAW go but they face the Beast system, the Beast, and the mark of the Beast…

    My calculations show it is around 6.5 months or less from the recovery of the world economic system until the Revelation 12:14 rapture of the Righteous and Blameless…

    But then, I have not released all those calculations…

    Hopefully, the crash happens sooner and there is more time to get ready for what is to come…

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