sinclairIn this MUST LISTEN candid interview, legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair answers precious metals investors’ questions regarding gold, silver, real estate, market manipulation, and systemic collapse:

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  1. Jim Sinclair TOTALLY FAILED in 2013:

    Jim Sinclair TOTALLY FAILED in 2014:

    A broken clock will be right eventually, one day….

    Silverdoctors also looks stupid promoting someone after they know he has made multiple wrong predictions.


    • yes pls enlighten us what stupid moves you made that make you such a hater.

      Obviously, with manipulations as big as what we have witnessed, few were able to predict what the cartel has wrought.

      The timing maybe off but it WILL come.

    • …Maybe its a bit unlucky being that early.

      But all in all and how it is unfolding , its amazing how early Jim, Bill and others who are out there – warning – are able to see this sh€t unfolding and never weaken to warn people from whats comming.

      They deserve respect, cuz you have to be brave to tell how it really is.

      (As Hitler said:”The greater the lie is, the more believe”)

      and I add up, the harder to put out truth and reality.

      Thank you very much for the work!


      PS and NObODY can demand that someone outside of the criminals is able to put a correct timing on this madness.

      I mean, uf one follows how this developes you can see it gets worse and worse, and then you think, soon the impact will be there, and then nothing, but while you still watching you clearly see it gets even worser that you could have ever imagined – to utter madness.

      e.g. 0% interest rates, and now negative interest rates, war, chaos, depth …

    • the manipulators will manipulate in such a way as to discredit people who make predictions. pms are manipulated artificially low.. therefore they are a GREAT buy.. if we buy they might crush the price lower causing us all more losses though in terms of fiat value.


      personally though, i think the negative interest rates signaled the game is over, the ships going down.

    • SeanKelly: hello… good sir… drat… now where did he run off to…

      Some people only log onto SilverDoctors once per day or less for a minute or 2, we don’t spend 60 minutes per day or more like you seem to….

      I agree silver and gold are good investments, I am waiting for them to finally break $50 / $2000.



    • Once again you guys at Silver Doctors are posting old stories and videos as new. Look at the dates of the comments. This is a fast moving time and you should at least disclaim the age of this video.



  2. 1#The coin question I say bogus its  a gov number it could be only 100,000. And yes the big govs of all the world are buying the silver and gold for the NWO . second to actual confiscation at these low prices.

    2# I thought gold and silver had daily limits on the upside. $100 and $3

    3# You say china has all the gold. Hogwash The NWO bank of distrust has it.

    4#You say cash is trash? When the banks are gone so is the cash. And you say there so much of it out there right now it will become worthless. Never happen America is starving, the banks never opened up to loaning in the usa. All the remaining cash will be worth as much as gold. Yes the mega banks are loaded up with cash. After all the QEs $4.5 trillion then by fractional reserve banking jacks it up to at least $45 trillion dollars. There stake horsing the NWO with it,

    5# Mortgage, car loans, credit cards,  kiss them all goodbye the banks are closed. unless they turn the gov into a bank and its always open.

    6# My question here??????? When the comex defaults runs out of metals to sell. Will the gov come to there rescue an shut the doors and lock down prices till they can come up to an answer of what the prices are going to be.? And was this there plan all along? BY buying all this metals so cheaply all these years???

    • Banks don’t print cash: the Bureau of Printing and Engraving does…used to take plenty family members visiting us in DC to see it. So that is a problem we won’t face when we storm the Chosenite unaudited criminal Fed. I also don’t recall any problems in the late 50s or early 60s when there were no “credit cards” in existance…America was “doing okay” then. And although I had to pay cash for my last three real estate purchases ( no farang get bank loans here for real estate purchases) the last R.E. purchase I made in US, I offered the seller 7% on a 15 year mortgage: 2% over the going savings rate and as a retiree she was thrilled to accept it. Try being a bit “less dependent” on Chosenite inventions to enslave and think of alternatives…like Ben Franklin advised:  “neither borrower nor lender be” a fine life philosophy.

    • I agree! I kind of hope at times, when this whole credit/fiat -government spending binge goes TU, that all of this creepy Orwellian Nazi ID and pat down crap will fizzle. Thankfully it cost too much for any country to enforce such control….unless they’re running a fiat system!

  3. Central Banks know that they can’t fix  world economy. It’s getting worse every day  and the debt can’t be repaid , so what is  left for them ? – only World War. They think they can win and then confiscate all gold for free from everybody ( from East Countries, Russia etc.) That’s why they selling all their gold now  ,  one day the gold will come back like boomerang. The paper money will be still on the top , they can print as much as they can.




  4. Am I missing something or did Sinclair talk for a 1/2 hour and say nothing? Silver on steroids? What does that mean exactly and when will that happen and why? Can’t say I trust him much as he provides no data – no back up at all for the superficial claims he makes.

  5. You actually listened to a Sinclair interview?  In 2016?  I take it you are new to this space.  You’ll never get that time back.  Let this be a lesson for you.  If the docs posting it it’s likely total bs or half truth designed to extract your fiat.  There is def some truth mixed into this cocktail of bs.  But don’t let that fool you(or do if you wish).

  6. Just keep stacking and create your own self destiny with your stack and other important items.

    I  have been buying metals for 27 years since 1988.

    Month by month stacking is the key to increasing your wealth.

    If one stays on course, you will be pleasantly surprised.

    Keep stacking till it hurts

  7. My god that was painful! I could not make it past question 3. Having listened to JS interviews in years past, I must ask – has he developed dementia? Hope not, as he is (was) a very knowledgeable man. Bill Holter on the other hand, is basically a neanderthal – WTF!

    • I can’t listen to these interviews – it’s the same old story again and again. It’s all about propagating fear so we buy PM’s from them, it’s not genuine information or advice. The minor uptick in the price of gold this year has got them all excited that collapse is imminent – which is highly unlikely. Yes events are warming up and yes it’s a good idea to hold some physical PM’s –  but the extreme predictions we hear are not to be taken seriously. Tragically some people believe them…

    • The truth is that anyone stupid enough to STILL be acting on these men’s statements probably deserves it.  It’s just so over the top and has persisted for so long that any semi rational people should have figured it out by now.  I imagine(just guessing) that most of the “happy stackers” commenters are actually metals dealers.  Any legit customers were likely crowded out by now(and the certainly are not happy to hVe their purchasing power crushed).

    • @Scmidt uh

      A couple of the mining stocks purchased for my account in November have doubled- I’m a happy guy.  You still stewing about that $1,900 gold  and $49 silver in your vault?  Here’s some free advice and worth every penny: get over it and keep stacking.  Stack ’til it hurts- you’ll thank me in a few years.

  8. Didn’t JS say in Sept on GregHunter’s YT channel, “We won’t make it to the beginning of winter without a collapse…”

    He once was the man. Now he has been wrong too many times to merit attention.


    PM’s are in a fool’s rally.

  9. I like what Bill is putting out in analysis and estimation.

    He and Jim are quite a knowledgeabke source.

    But what you really weak at Bill, is verbal communication – let alone interviewing someone. Pls watch out for someone doing the asking!

  10. So Jim, when gold hits $1650 it will be off to the races and never look back again? When have I heard that before? I am a big goldbug but anyone who puts that kind of certainty on a prediction is showing that they do not understand how the gold market works. Maybe now he has a bit more humility? Don’t know, didn’t listen to it.

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