goldWith gold and silver prices SURGING higher this week, we sat down with James Turk for an in-depth discussion on the markets and bullion:

  • James Weighs In On Silver Fix Manipulation: OTC Silver Derivatives Contracts Were Expiring– Somebody Wanted Out of An Option Position!
  • Physical Bars Vanishing: Swiss Refiners Have Bleed COMEX Dry of Gold!
  • Turk Explains Why the COMEX Physical Gold Bar Shortage is Setting Up a MASSIVE Short Squeeze
  • James Provides His Outlook For the Metals in 2016 and Beyond- Are MAJOR New Highs Ahead?
  • Central Banks Nearing the Point They Will Have to Throw in the Towel on Gold Manipulation!
  • Deutsche Bank Has Plunged to 2008 Levels… & the Financial Crisis of 2016 Has Not Even Begun Yet!

A MUST LISTEN SD Weekly Metals & Markets With The Money Bubble Author James Turk is Below: 

2016 RCM Predators Silver Cougar

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  1. There has been a divergence in the force. Something is in the air.  AU said FU to TFTB . Since when do they allow more than 1.01% move per day? All my spidey senses are going off.

    But I’ve been wrong before. I’ll be wrong again. Hell, I’m the benchmark for wrong – the laboratory reference for wrong. Wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong.

    • And yet, in spite of that, you are still aware that there is trouble brewing.  Many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters out there have no clue at all.  Because they have no clue, they aren’t doing anything about the coming storm.  They will deeply regret this at some point because they will have wasted the opportunity of a lifetime. But all is not lost.  At least they have kept up with the Kardashians.  🙁

    • @ed_b, re: “At least they have kept up with the Kardashians.  ”

      ROFLMAO !!!

      although i despise those kardashians with a passion, i do give them credit for being able to steal the minds, time and dollars of the ignorant masses. those kardashians are waaaaaay ahead of the average schmuck, which is a sad indication of the state of humanity.

      i do understand why the world’s elite scum to refer to most people as “useless eaters”. they truly are.

    • @silver-nurse

      While I do try to keep it under control, every now and then my natural tendency for sarcasm overcomes my better judgment.  😉


      Yes, the Ks do have an ability to cash in on idiocy.  Hmmm, something about a fool and his money?  lol

  2. Still warming up to hump “Wonderdogs” leg….

    I have a theory: That PM trolls are ACTUALLY formed from the stock market itself (kinda like Anakin made by the metachlorines)….

    I say this because science has proven…

    That as the stock market melts away, so do they. ????

  3. LOL I guess you don’t have to be an english major to post blogs!  Good time for stackers!  Unless your accumulating ;(. As a long time stacker first time blogger I want to say hello to everyone and I love reading your posts!  I’m still not sold this is the bull we have been waiting on, but after seeing a dead cat bounce today I’m starting to believe!  I’m watching the corporate bond spreads which is now above 2 pts.  If it gets above 2.5 I will be a firm believer!!  Sold off some gold and buying silver now.

  4. I was at my local coin dealer to pick up some silver eagles yesterday and asked if had seen an increase in new customers and he mentioned that a retired rancher came in to buy 50 gold eagles and 500 silver eagles. If just 2% of the US population started buying pm we will see a giantic spike in prices.

    Keep stacking

    • The world has enough gold for each person to have 1 oz.  I tell people getting curious about PM, to consider getting 1 oz of gold and the same dollar value in small silver pieces. That already puts them ahead of most of the world and a good place to start.

  5. So let’s agree: silver is cheap, gold is cheap and both are real money. Can over two billion Chinese and Indians be wrong? However, for us Americans, we have a parasitical monetary system attempting to impose itself on the entire world. “Creating reality” like some “god.” I already gave my opinion on who I believe that is. In other news, at globalresearch, is an article on who owns the patent in the “Zika” virus. Seems it is offered for sale online. Used for “research” purposes. Patent owned by the David Rockefeller Foundation. That is all…Lao Pob Gun Mai!

    • What does “Lao Pob Gun Mai!” mean??

      I am reasonably fluent in Thai, but Thai has 27 vowel letters and each one has 5 tones, for a total of 135 distinct vowels.

      To make phonetic approximations of Thai words using the 5 vowels, and a few combined-vowel sounds that are available in the English alphabet is impossible.

      If your Thai wife (probably 30 years younger than you?) writes it in proper Thai, I will understand it.

  6. “My heroes have always been cowboys…they still are today…” Been hearing plenty hogwash emanating from the lips of Chosenites like Bloomberg about gettin’ rid of guns and cash. This is the sleazy enabler of “legalized” front-running known as HFT. But being an old guy myself, I detect the hiss of a yellow-bellied sidewinder whenever this present resident of “The City” of London displays his forked tongue. I recall last year using Euro coins to buy gas in the morning on my way to Ramstein AB. I recall using Euro coins to buy lunch…groceries…just 4 or 5 coins the size of quarters. I recall an old John Wayne western where he “buys a spread” to ranch…and pays for it with a small sack that fits in his palm…gold coins. So don’t let these snakes…these yellow-bellied sidewinders…tell you different. Silver and gold arrived and always will be the only real money. Easily we end the Fed and use gold and silver coins again. Easily.

    • @farang @AGXIIK  I Was thinking last night, while watching “ancient blackops” the Spartans, in that they were a warrior state, bred from childhood…

      To a LESSER extent, I liken the U.S.A. and them pesky “Persian” globalist, drooling over this land know they cannot win by war. Even though our “Sparta” has been infested with “Athenian boy lovers” there are still too many “Spartan Warriors” armed, ready to fight in America.

      So much like the 300, the Senate has sold out to our enemies for personal gain & fortune, pushing to disarm our spartans, and water us down with more Athenians, and Athenians in our Senate, who neither have Spartan values, nor Spartan interest at heart, but those of our neighbors, who have despised our indominable ways for generations!

      Give me liberty! Or give me death!

    • @Shamus001


      “Give me liberty! Or give me death!”

      I’ve never cared for that kind of offer.  I’m more into the mindset of “I’m taking liberty and if you know what’s good for you, you won’t interfere”.  😉

      Or, in short:  Give me liberty OR I’ll give you death!  lol


  7. @Ed_B

    The only reason to keep up with the Kardasshians is for preppers to have  enough fat stored in the booty to live off the derriere for 6 months, like a bear in  hibernation

    Kim was selected as the first asstronaut to travel to Mars.  NassA selected Kim because of the  asstronomical amounts of weight saved for food.

    As the first female ANaut to Mars,  Obama  nominated her as the  Ambassador of Earth.

  8. @Shamus001   We haven’t started playing  MOLON LABE AND MUSLIMS    yet

    But no worries, that’ll be coming soon.  Obama ordered Border Patrol and DHS to STAND DOWN.

    Stop and arrest an illegal coming across border gets you fired.  There are thousands of patriot range riders on the borders protecting the the fence.

  9. I’m not sure if anyone looked at the bank participation report but the banks are still short in silver and gold futures by at least 6shorts for every long position.  they are long in copper but short in oil. With the labor report which wasn’t all that negative unemployment down below 5% workforce participation up .1% and income up, do you think this is short lived?  I’m thinking this might be hype to move the market by the powers that be (bank manipulation) I’m not sure but I definitely increased my physical silver holding this week thank god before it shot to $15, and sent a check in to buy some oil and refinery stocks!

    Dead cats only bounce so high!

    • @AKGONCI

      Yes….perhaps a concern if you own paper Au or paper Ag.

      However didn’t they reduce their shorts and longs with a remaining net short?

      But they also could certainly pull some shenanigans…

      …but if holding phyz for the long haul does it really matter?

      Lower prices= more pet rocks for paper

      Higher prices= higher value of accumulated pet rocks

      Either way its a win.

    • @scoremore

      Funny you say that.  I called up my buddy and was like augghhh gold is surging (please note that I am a long term accumulator so I’m in buying mode I want it to be down, it;s my tax free retirment money ;)),  He goes that is a good thing isnt’ it.  I told him only if you open up your safe and all you see is sunshine!!!!!.

      But yes for us stackers price being down is better IMHO.  I buy sell and trade not on any major scale but two a few people.  It helps lower my price.  I sold some eagles and bought some pre33 this week and a brick.  Everyone jumps on the train when it’s going up hill I try to improve my overall position!

    • @AKGONCI

      This week was fun to see my pet rocks increase in value…

      However I am nervous that my average per oz cost will be going up soon! (if I continue to add at these rising levels) Au already…Ag perhaps Monday..

      I imagine there is not that threat yet for other people that have been adding over the last 5 years or so…

      So for me it is the ole half glass thingy…

  10. @scoremore

    I agree,  I just try and buy below the 200 day moving average.  Now that gold has crossed that line I sold off a little bit of gold and bought three bricks and a few pre33 eagles.  (the grey sheet was based on 1090 gold so there were some bargains which made for a good swap).   it was nice to see the engelhards go up almost 6% in two days.  doesn’t get better than that.  If we get another bump I’ll sell those and hold for a lower position.  I’m not sold on this is the beginning of the bull, but I was wrong before when gold hit $900 and I moved out 30% of my physical holdings.   That was a mistake so it’s smaller position changes until I retire and sell a coin a week 😉

  11. @scoremore

    I buy and sell antiques an anything else for that matter but mainly antiques and collectibles.  over time i have built up relationships with not only buyers but dealers as well.  If they get in a private estate that has not only coins and bullion but antiques and sometimes the entire house furnishings they call me. This enables them toplace a bid for  the entire estate not just the coins bullion and jewelry.  I buy anything and everything.  After that it’s all networking and horsetrading.  It helps to have a couple friends with deep pockets and a stackers mentality.  They buy crap at auctions at a greatly inflated price, so if I get a deal I offer it to them below retail and they are happy as a bee in honey.  win win. so last week i was horsetrading, never for cash bullion for bullion.  thank god because the market is going crazy this morning.

    Someone please put the bull in his cage!!!!


    • @AKGONCI

      Yes I have heard estate auctions are a great place to pickup PM’s…

      Nice action this morning…

      If this continues even the estate auctions may be difficult…

      Well at least I got all may available monies in…

      It is all worth more than the paper I put in now! 🙂



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