Silver Prices Smashed While COMEX Open Interest Hits New Record.  Just What’s Going On – Are the Bullion Banks On the Ropes?
Expert Analyst Craig Hemke Joins the Show to Help Us Break Down All the Action:


  • The Capitulation Is NOW
  • Is Andrew Maguire Right? Are the Bullion Banks ON THE ROPES?
  • Craig Explains We’re Seeing the CAPITULATION in Gold & Silver Sentiment NOW
  • “It’s CRIMINAL” Hemke Is FIRED UP Over Silver Fraud
  • US Retail Gold & Silver Demand Gives Up the Ghost – US Mint Silver Eagle Sales Only 600k For Entire Month of April! 

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    • I remember reading a post on SD about a month asking if Maguire was even real.  The way he burst onto the scenes after a supposed assassination by automobile wreck and coming out of nowhere to be an instant precious metals guru.

      I just don’t see anyway for someone to be so wrong so many times in a row yet still be a supposed expert.  I think either he’s a tool for the manipulators to spread dis-information, snake oil salesman or something akin to Moe, Larry and Curly.  Take your pick but I will no longer even listen to his interviews.

    • I haven’t read an article posted here or listened to an interview in years lol.  And it’s not because I’m some fan of big government or central banks.  Hard to tell who are the liars and who are the morons here but I’m not sure that the distinction even matters.

    • “One of the saddest lessons of history is this:  If we allow ourselves to be bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.” ~ Carl Sagan

      If folks haven’t figured out yet that paid pumpers like Maguire and Turd will say anything and everything on a daily basis in an attempt to play their crowd and keep them onboard then they simply aren’t interested in accepting some uncomfortable realizations about (insert-your-favorite-pumpets-name-here).

      I believe for the most part that just about everyone whose been around the metals long enough have mostly tuned their noise out and ignore the daily excuses for the metals underperforming or the chronic outrage against (insert- whatever-authority-figure-du’jour-here) that all malcontents like to gripe about obsessively.

      Turd’s a crackpot plain and simple with a Forrest Gump-like market outlook and approach at times.

      I mean, if a person truly believes the metals markets are mostly/always rigged downwards with no realistic end in sight (once the blockchain comex trading takes over it’ll get worse) while they also believe that the equity or bond markets are continually rigged by the CB’s with no end in sight (you can all fool yourselves it’s coming to an end soon but if cash is eliminated in the coming years and digital/blockchain currency is the new normal it’ll change EVERYTHING) and because of that CB manipulation that equities will continue to slowly melt up as a consequence then WHY would a rational, logical (uncompensated) person keep advising people to stay away from making large paper profits (yeah I know, paper money is evil, right?lol) in the market and then in turn keep imploring people to buy metals (which isn’t a bad idea in moderation) based on some rather silly, anxiety/doomer laden rational (metal shortages?lol) that quite frankly at times seems very irritational or simply another pumped up meme to sell?

      For the most part these people have shredded their own credibility in public by making these types of repetitive synthetic  or manufactured daily analysis online and it was only a matter of time before people would tune out the noise and see it for what it is.

      Carl Sagan was right.


  1. Silver’s cheap.  Gold…I don’t know.  The price of chicken beer cigarettes pretzels everything is up but Silver is still off of it’s 2011 high.  A halibut filet is over a hundred bucks man.  What ever.  There are a lot of stupid pea pull out there. Don’t be one of them. Did you see how the price of monster dumbbells went up over a hundred percent? Damn. You can load those monsters one BB at a time. Oh well. I’ll cough up the dough for a set some day. The bank stirs take a lick n but keep on tick n. More Silver.

    • @andrew james

      Hate to see a fellow stacker get screwed….

      Please try:  for some of the best of the best seafoods from AK… currently, Halibut is only $27/lb boneless, shipping is about $4/lb or so, next day air FedEx, and the shipping box varies from $10 to $40 (which you should save so you can use it to share some goodies with the grandkids and thee come the holidays, etc)… I have done business with them since 1969 and have had them process my catches many times too! (use to live up there, eh?)..

      Fully agree – hidden inflation (from any MSM reports anyway) is runaway for the past 15 year or so… Living in MT means we can “find” some good beef and have it processed to our spec’s for a finished cost of around $2.25/lb or so…less for prime pig meat and smoked parts thereof… BUT, everything else eats away at our purse – leaving less and less for important things like AMMO and SILVER purchases!

      I’m back to figuring out how to add-in an AA capability… Maybe the Barrett semi and about 10 of those box mags?… and, some more “months” of storage food stuffs on the shelves. We are NOT out of this tunnel by any means or reality at all! We all figure that a crash is coming…yet, we keep driving down the same road with our eyes half-closed, eh?… The GRAND MINIMUM is coming too – just look how our weather is “flip-flopping” now and the earthquakes and volcanos have increased for all to see.

      Can anyone “forecast” what the effect of silly/crazy little fat boy over in NK will be on our favorite Ag items’ price when he pushes his version of the BIG RED BUTTON??? I can see the “fear” factor taking over from the common emotions that set our market prices (when the banksters’ fall flat on their face!).. Maybe he ships one of his nukes into LA harbor, even just the approach to it, and pops it there??? He is truly loony tunes – the resulting removal of 90% of his “country” from the surface of the earth means nothing to him… REpopulation may have to wait for a few centuries, eh?..

      Take care, enjoy your halibut… Check-6

    • ” A halibut filet is over a hundred bucks man.”

      $100???!!!  Wow.  I am glad that I don’t shop there.  Our local Albertsons and Safeway stores have halibut steaks and fillets for $13-15 a lb. when in season.  Not that I buy a lot of halibut.  Cod is almost as good and 1/2 the price, sometimes less.

      My favorite fish is swordfish.  It is really excellent but often is unavailable for months at a time.  I should probably buy 10-15 lbs. when available and freeze it in vacuum-sealed food-saver bags.  Good stuff, for sure.  Last I got was 6 months ago and it was $10.50 a lb.

      Fish used to be a cheap source of protein but not anymore.  It seems weird to me that some fish products cost more than NY strip steak.  The NY strips from Costco are excellent and “only” $8-9 a lb.

      Damn… I wish that it would dry out around here.  I am more than ready for BBQ season!  😀


    • I don’t think I painted an accurate picture. It was a Halibut filet that I saw.  You could have cut it up into at least a half dozen decent portions.  I stopped eating seafood in 2010. I was just sharing some intel. I used to eat the stuff and I don’t remember it being that dog gone spendy.  I eat oatmeal rice and beans mostly. I don’t know if the bank stirs are on the ropes but they are sure duke in it out.

  2. Maguire has pinned his reputation on the notion physical exchanges will overwhelm Comex pricing – well, so far the impact has been non-existent. The idea that the Bullion Banks are on the ropes is probably borne more out of desperation than reality. Comex will cease to be the price setting mechanism at some point but physical exchanges will only be part of the reason, the bigger reason will be some left-field event that forces the shorts to cover quickly.

  3. Oh Israel thy Silver is as dross and thy Gold will be gathered. Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem for there eyes were blinded. A real jew is one on the inside then the outside will be made clean so therefore the whole house of Israel that is ISRAEL will and shall be SAVED. SELAH AMEN.AMEN.AMEN.  JESUS IS THE VERY CHRIST God with us forever Amen. Who will hear me Father? Those who have ears son. God bless AMERICA but those that take by force may they be judged while we escape.  Amen

    • And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him [emphasis: the Sun] to scorch men with fire.
      -Revelation 16:8

    • How ridiculous. I have seen this type of thing with camera electronics a hundred times. I cannot believe that someone actually thinks the sun is pulsating like that.

    • “How ridiculous. I have seen this type of thing with camera electronics a hundred times. I cannot believe that someone actually thinks the sun is pulsating like that.”

      Even IF the sun were to pulse like that… so what?  There’s FA we can do about it, so why worry about it?  There are MANY things in life that we can affect for the better, so time spent there seems more worthwhile than worrying about the sun or Earth tectonic activity.



    • “To err is human. To repeat error is of the devil.”
      Sceneca the Younger, Stotic philosopher, personal advisor to Nero. Committed suicide 65 AD Rome, Italy; by order of Nero the persecutor of Christains.


      Evidently Sceneca the Younger was a man of faith. As the early Christian Church was very favorably disposed towards Seneca and his writings.


      It is a paradoxical point that you seem to have fallen on in your haste, my friend…

    • @Tregetour    Nero did not order Senecas suicide because he was a persecutor of Christians. He ordered it because Seneca was involved in an unsuccessful coup attempt against him. Seneca had been Neros tutor so maybe he was going lightly on him by ordering suicide. Seneca was a Stoic which was rather opposite to religion and was more a man made philosophy about how to live ethically. Christians may have had common interests in struggling with similar ethical questions but they came at the same questions from very different directions. You seem eager to label Seneca a man of faith when he was not and if the quote I gave which is commonly attributed to him is true it would be an odd quote for someone who was a religious believer.

      However I am the first to admit that certainty over the origins of this quote is not possible and many dispute it. In any event any quote regardless of who made it is only the view of one man and doesn’t actually make the quote true or otherwise. My reason for quoting it was that I am fed up of hearing religious references on this supposedly precious metals site and without launching into the rant that I could launch into this sentence / quote, whatever it is, efficiently summarises my view about religions. If Seneca was the origin of it then clearly this view is not new and has been thought the case by some for a very long time.

      The United States has this very fundamentalist approach to religion, often seeking to invoke gods blessing on the “exceptional nation” while in actuality behaving in ways utterly at odds with pretty much every religion that ever was. This is how states and elites utilise religion as a useful tool as per the quote.

      Anyway, maybe the only thing that we can agree upon here is that we all have to be Stoics to be involved in the precious metals markets as they are currently being permitted to function.


  4. You guys wasted your life.

    You should have earned and spent fiat and partied.

    Fiat is the essence of humanity.  It is flexible money.  Gold and silver are for losers, or for industrial or jewelry purposes, that’s it.

    • @dolph

      “You guys wasted your life.

      You should have earned and spent fiat and partied.

      Fiat is the essence of humanity.  It is flexible money.  Gold and silver are for losers, or for industrial or jewelry purposes, that’s it.”

      So why come do you come to this website to post this?

    • @AC_Doctor: You asked dolph why he comes to this site. My response: I have noticed that the trolls seem to be the newer members of the site. When did dolph become a member? TPTB are desperate to take the wealth from all of us. Don’t you know that paper is worth more than silver?

  5. Gold and silver has been used in commerce, business, trade for over 6,000 years since Adam and Eve.

     More than 700 references made in the bible about Gold and Silver.

    Stacking the shiny because the bible tells me so. Imho

    • King James Bible
      For I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

    • John 3:16

      New International Version (NIV)

      16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

  6. Philippians 2:10-11

    10 that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those in heaven, and of those on earth, and of those under the earth, 11 and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

  7. Happy that Satan has fooled his worshipers ,that there is NO Hell and punishment ,I know some who have survived 4-5 heart attacks and other deadly illnesses and you want to live forever, not happening ,just like the market rigging its coming to an end ..Amen

  8. Religion and fairy tales each are  for weak minded individuals who see the  irrational as rational.

    Stick with the here and now and not some boogy man called Satan or paragon of  virtue named Jesus.

    No disrespect for those who believe in either  but please keep  your beliefs/comments  to yourself or amongst others at  your respective places of worship. What the hell(pardon the pun) has Mr Satan got to do with the bullion banks being on the ropes? Or this piece of nonsensical  gobbly gook from our resident Rasputin aka Silverdagger: Individuals like the aforementioned really need to find a new hobby!

    King James BibleFor I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city.

    REALLY you dont say..Where does this sh..t have to do with precious metals and our beloved banksterism.

    • @inlikeflynn, sir you sound like a reasonable person, and while I do not speak for Doc or I believe that a message is being conveyed by the owner of  this paticular venue aforesaid mentioned.

      Here is a subtle hint:

      The Elijah Calling: Restoring The TRUTH

      Now I know this is very subtle and may be hard to understand. But it looks as though the Paragon of virtue Jesus is welcome here in this venue, and so is mention (limited basis only) of Mr. Satan, for critical, and corrective criticism.

      As concerns whose is in control of the current market, and monetary mechanisms, we colloquially sometimes refer to as the ‘Great Whore,’ I will not bore you with the details as you have already rejected the premise; preferring a more secular explanation.

      We meet here on friendly terms, but no one ask us to remain here, but we never attempt to marginalize those that we disagree with, unless their overtly luciferian, or cannibalistic.




    • I imagine there are some in the “know” in metals markets… who read these comments of those “ignorant” of the powers and forces that move mountains of markets…. and when reading those little pea-body comments, concepts, opinions, they laugh (almost madly) to themselves, because of the presumed knowledge of those who “know nothing” about what they speak of.


      Likewise, when godless men speak of God with “ignorance” they are at times met with defenders of such faiths, who act solely upon faith. (I admire them), but I myself, am not stirred by those “ignorant” comments made by those who know nothing of what they speak of.  I myself have called upon the Lord at times needed for intervention on circumstances that were answered through faith and have been the recipient of divine intervention of “biblical proportions” some of which exceed many that are written in the bible; some of equal awe, and many others that I would rate as mild, but others talk about similar experiences as if it were the pinnacle of their experience!

      There are no coincidences on the levels that I have been exposed.  If I were to list them here and now, I would likely be branded a lunatic, or likely even look at suspiciously by brothers of the same faith.  So what do I get out of it?  I keep my peace, and know that there is no excuse for me in the hereafter.  It’s sad that like “Thomas” I likely had to penetrate Jesus wound before believing, which I liken to my divine experience I have witnessed in life.  To those who believe “without proof” Jesus said “You are Blessed”.

      Faithless… you utterly waste your time peddling religious mockery, you only succeed in fooling yourselves….an invitation by fools to a fools party.  Don’t be a fool in your own self educated wisdom.  Don’t fear to discover something you never understood.  Who says to themselves “Math is useless” without first entertaining the lessons of math before making a sound judgement?  Because you “heard” rumors from here or there about math?  take a class first, then in time decide it’s utility.

    • Thank you for coming to terms, a lot of individuals can’t, I knew you were reasonable.

      And your reasonableness will pay dividends, because sir we are in a period of high strangeness, and no person is an island unto themselves, it will be a collective effort to see our way through it all.

      While you may disagree with people like myself, and Silver Dagger in the present, what we say may just well be what saves your life in the future, but more importantly will hopefully save your soul, I am putting you on my prayer list, God Bless.

  9. There are religious nuts here because well, gold and silver people are nuts.  Birds of a feather flock together.

    You simply cannot accept that humanity has moved onto fiat.  There’s no going back, you are completely delusional to believe we will be using metal coins again.

    • @dolph    Dear dolph………..that’s not the point is it. Most here don’t think we will be using precious metals coins again. Metals are one way of storing value over long periods of time. It could be lots of other commodities or products but just about everything else rots or decomposes over long periods of time and / or are too bulky / inconvenient / impractical. Fiat currencies gradually lose value over time against all those things by design and very dependably. Precious Metals are used in this way for very good reason as they are the best solution when you seek to own an item of value that cannot be reproduced endlessly and at will by the scum of the day in charge. Furthermore they can be held in your hand independently of the banking system and holding wealth this way does not perpetuate the fractional reserve banking system or turn your currency into an unsecured loan to the banks. Etc etc etc……….

      Anyway probably no point in wasting further breath as you do have a very trollish air about you.

    • @UKTramp @dolph  UKtramp be informed that dolph is one of many “trolls”- yet trolling is an understatement; as he only serves to “grief” parties who are actually interested in metals investments.  In that, he serves no utility on this site whatsoever.  He has never made a positive comment about metals investing; on the contrary he has belittle, badgered, harassed and mocked customers and interested parties on this site.  He is Anti-American, Anti-Precious Metals, Anti-God and if there was an article posted here that promoted fiat (and you were interested in it) he would likely be Anti-Fiat.

      “Griefer” is the term.

      @Fakedoctor is another “Griefer” – easily exposed by it’s name.  – best for you folks to simply ignore them.  Responding to their babble only serves their entire purpose for being here.

    • rex deus gratiae, in god we trust, indeed that’s nothing new.

      that’s also the people who are comfortable with the concept of someone watching every move you make

    • Shamus I can almost guarantee That I have stacked more than you.  Attempting to shut down opposing view points isn’t going to change the objective reality that we made poorly timed descisions.  You close minded folk can be insufferable.  I knew as soon as I looked around at my fellow “stackers” that I had probably made a mistake.  It’s a club that one is embarrased to publicly associate with.  Thanks for that lol.

  10. @Shamus001  Cheers Jimmy. 


    I only respond to point out to newcomers to this site who the idiots are.

    On a different topic … the frogs (term of endearment) are just about to start voting in their French Elections.

    Back to the question in the title.  _JLG. 


  11. I don’t normally waste time listening to these things, as I can read five times faster than they talk, so my time is better spent elsewhere.

    But, I had time to kill just now, so I started it.

    About three minutes in, one of these clowns thought that 235,000 contracts times 5,000 ounces per contract was 1.175 TRILLION ounces, when, in fact, it is 1.175 BILLION ounces.

    That was when I shut it down and felt satisfied that I was totally wasting my time.

    90% of the stuff on this site is total GARBAGE!

    • Yes the metals community is special.  Not really into math.  Or facts.  Or reason…   Hey shamus is it your contention that everyone who dies of cancer(or another horrible disease) didn’t pray hard enough? Please share your thoughts(or you can ignore me which is probably safer for you).

    • @Fakedoctor I’ll take that pepsi challenge!

      First off, I enjoy a good fight.  Never backed down from one that I calculated could be won.  Never underestimated an opponent, especially when fighting arts are concerned.

      You however are very foolhardy.  So lets start off with your “Im a stacker” weak-shadow op.  I’ve been here since…ohhh…2011-ish.  You just popped on the scene spouting silver-hate.  So I’m pretty certain your full of crap.  Secondly, as per your “hefty stack” – in all the years i’ve been here I’ve never once declared I own more silver than him/her.  Why?  Because I don’t make assumptions about things I know nothing about. (sound familiar? Read above!) – But I’ll give you a hint!  I started stacking in 2011, I earned ballpark 124k that year, and >170k in 2012 & 2013; 2014-2016 I fell back to 108-125k/yr.  So I’ll leave you at that.  But I would reiterate, only fools make assumptions about things they know nothing about.

      As for your feint attack on my take on faith regarding cancer…here’s “my take”. = Everyone dies. And a year is but an hour to the Lord.  Your lifespan passes quickly, and your creator really is not concerned as to “how you die” but “how you lived”.  Since we all will stand before him, and ALL be judged by which measure God uses, receiving pardons as God sees fit; Evil is allowed to be committed so evil men may be judged by their actions.  Do not concern yourself Fakedoctor should evil steal your child away, because your child will be accepted as an innocent.  My father died of bone cancer in 2008.  His last 10+ years he really got his soul in order…. I don’t feel like God let him down, our bodies give out; I only hope Dad had his spirit in order to Gods requirements, and I’ll never know likely.  I feel he did good! (I hope)

      So I give you crap about trolling, but don’t think because I hate trolls, I don’t want good things for you in your life. (this is why I took the time to explain this) – How you live your life, DURING LIFE is what matters, not how quickly you and I meet our ends.  It can come for any one of us in a blink of an eye, so try not to take time for granted (I know its hard!)

      As for “Divine Intervention”?  Can/Will God heal you?  It is possible, and I’ve experienced miracles of many origins, but intervention is completely between God and man, many things are involved like our level of faith, personal relationship with God, Active sin “barriers” that we ignore, and ultimately, is there a need for intervention, or should nature simply take its course for the better?  We will never know, because we cannot see the future.  Take a child who dies in a car accident.  Dies at age 5- perfect! “Heaven is for the children” because they are without malice! So the (little girl) is saved!  Lets say God were to intervene and this little girl were to grow up and do drugs, and eventually prostitute herself out and fall into all manner of evils… (no father wishes that, but children turn into adults!) Lets say God knew this, and by not intervening she was saved, because she never grew to be under the influence that changed her later in life? Perhaps it was abuses that changed her?  Then one can argue by letting her die, she was saved from cruelty, abuse and a sad life. (which would have occured) – pretty deep hmm?

    • Sorry about you pops.  I can relate.  I mention the stack soley because I know you guys will claim I “silver-hate” or I’m a “griefer” and now a “shadow op”. Balanced people don’t assume that everything is a govt shadow op.    It’s a little strange to start with “only fools make assumptions” before going into a discussion about how you KNOW things that no living human can possibly know.   Congrats on the solid income though.

    • @Fakedoctor Hi, thanks for your decent reply.  On other topics that are less important than our soul, I will openly be more brash.  I never said I know things no other person can possibly know; I brushed over experiences without details which serves my personal conviction mostly, but is almost comical when hearing others make assumptive claims about something they clearly know nothing about.  – anyway, enough of that.  Thank you for your regards to my pop.  Please don’t congratulate me on my income, money is $hit, other than it serves to feed my family.  I was raised extremely poor, and so I have a first hand empathy for the value of life without money (and let me tell you, in a great MANY WAYS it is BETTER!) – at least the quality of time spent.  What if you personally experienced a number of things that you could not deny EVER and aside from your own conviction, you knew you couldn’t share with others because they could NEVER believe it?  Pretty frustrating?  When you hear others in need of witnessing?  Only my family knows (sister, mother, nephews) because they know how prudent and logical I am, and so knowing my character their entire life, (and even today, working as a predictable engineer) they know how grounded I am… no hype, just the simple truth.

      Hey, if you ever have ACTUAL questions, and I happen to have the answer, don’t forget to @me (IE: @shamus001) otherwise I may miss it… I have a bit of a demanding schedule at times.

    • Sounds like you have had incredible inexplicable experiences.  Is it possible that their is a God and that he personally intervened in your life to save you?  Sure.  But you can’t KNOW that that is what happened(though I repect your willingness to say it).   Money is useful and good just don’t fall in love with it.

  12. So the FED’s Jew-Buck Printing Press is broken?????


    I just traded in $2006 JBS for 2 oz. of shiny ‘little silver’ metal. Far rarer than gold and far cheaper, at the moment.


    I do the same every month now.


    I can’t recall the gummint outlawing it back in the 30’s either.

  13. Hemke is a failure from the finance industry. He never made real money trading on his own investment themes. All he did was pitch sales from a broiler room. Since the tough crowd from ZeroHedge chased him away, he has been pumping his worthless website. At least the website warns about his terrible track record and the fruity romance in the forums.

    Did Hemke finally fix his fireplace to comply with OSHA standards?

    Maguire’s entire career resume is fake. This is a rare truth from the evil nerd Jeff Christian. Ask Coghlan Capital why they cut all ties with this lying leprechaun. So many investors paid for his day trading tips and wiped out their principal for it.

  14. @Montana Mel

    Mini Me aka the PORK FROM NORK,  would probably dress out at maybe 65-70 of real meat. The rest is fit for rendering into tallow and candles.

    @Fakedoctor  @Shamus001   That was a good back and forth  Thanks.

    God saved my fuzzy butt more times than I can count because I was a cloddish moron who did stupid shit more times than I can count

    Which means I owe him big time.  Kind of a large karmic debt to repay.

    Trying to be a good person to others, knowing that I fail 3 times for every 1 good deed might not be worthy of a comment or a heavenly mulligan but all I, and we, need to keep working for the good causes and a few good deeds, making others lives a little easier.  Particularly if our lives are blessed with a bit of abundance.

    Silver and gold are helpful to that end and a good reason to stack. Because we never know when the shit will hit the fan.

    There are plenty of other reasons as well.

  15. @AGXIIK Right on bro! Thats all any of us can do, really. Only politicians and 1-800-Evangelicals pretend to be perfect.

    @Fakedoctor Right! Thats why I’ve been sayin all this time about NOT hopping onto bitcoin sites and harrassing investors over there. Were all big boys, we dont need investment-griefers badgering us about our choices. If anything it makes us DIG our heels in deeper…and you know why? Because we’re Americans, and we’re stubborn. 😉

  16. Gold and silver are money. We are extended so far on our current world fiat currencies historically, only precious metals will have real value. Probably will be when the globalist make us take the mark of the beast to buy , sell, and trade to protect their racket of theft through fiat currency. After this collapses, it will be an implanted digital chip. I am not a nut. Get some wealth now to protect yourself. There really is  a union of global elitist trying to dictate and the world economic collapse is their doorway. Wake up and believe the truth like you did when you were a child before this world order deceived you. There really is black and white. It’s not grey. Thank you for reading this.

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