Bernanke-Dimon-Fed-TunnelLadies and Gentlemen:  We are now having our old fashioned run on the bank:
Gold is leaving the COMEX by the buckets….

Let us head over to the comex:

The total gold comex open interest ROSE BY AN HUGE 10,066 CONTRACTS to an OI level of 576,746 as the price of gold ROSE by $13.50 with YESTERDAY’S trading. We are now in the NON active month of SEPTEMBER/

The contract month of Sept saw it’s OI FELL by 46 contract DOWN to 195. We had 66 notices filed yesterday so we gained 20 gold contracts or an additional 2000 gold ounces  will stand for delivery. SOMEBODY AGAIN WAS IN GREAT NEED OF PHYSICAL GOLD. The next delivery month is October and here the OI lost 1659 contracts DOWN to 25,590. The next contract month of December showed an increase of 11,225 contracts up to 446,479. The estimated volume today at the comex: 131,769 which is WEAK.  Confirmed volume on yesterday: 181,740 which is fair.

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Today we had  48 notices filed for  4800 oz of gold.

And now for the wild silver comex results.  Total silver OI ROSE BY A HUGE 4455 contracts from 198,391 UP TO 202,846 with the RISE in price of silver to the tune of 33 cents  yesterday.  We are moving NOW CLOSER TO the all time record high for silver open interest set on Wednesday August 3:  (224,540).  We are now into the next active month of September and here the OI fell by 21 contracts down to 562. We had 27 notices filed upon yesterday so we GAINED 6 contracts or 30,000 additional oz will stand  for delivery in this active month of September. The next non active delivery movement of October lost 4 CONTRACTS TO 433 contracts.  The next big delivery month is December and here it ROSE by 4338 contracts UP to 177,271. The volume on the comex today (just comex) came in at 46,811 which is very good.  The confirmed volume yesterday (comex and globex) was huge at 76,478 . Silver is not in backwardation.  London is in backwardation for several months.

today we had 50 notices filed for silver: 135,000 oz

 SEPT 23.
Withdrawals from Dealers Inventory in oz  


Withdrawals from Customer Inventory in oz  nil
65,907.500 oz
 2050 kilobars
Deposits to the Dealer Inventory in oz 5500.01 oz



Deposits to the Customer Inventory, in oz 
 48,293.234 oz
No of oz served (contracts) today
48 notices 
4,800 oz
No of oz to be served (notices)
147 contracts
(14,700 oz)
Total monthly oz gold served (contracts) so far this month
261300 contracts
261,300 oz
8.1275 tonnes
Total accumulative withdrawals  of gold from the Dealers inventory this month   192.90 oz
Total accumulative withdrawal of gold from the Customer inventory this month   387,589.6 oz
 Today; good activity at the gold comex and 1 kilobar entry and another large amount of gold leaving the comex
We had 0 dealer deposit:
Total dealer deposits; nil oz
We had 0 dealer withdrawals:
total dealer withdrawals; NIL oz
we had 1 customer deposit:
i) Into Scotia: 48,293.234 oz
Total customer deposits: 48,293.234 oz.
 We had 1 customer withdrawals:
ii) Out of Scotia: 65,907.500 oz   (2050 kilobars)
total customer withdrawals: 65,907.500 oz
Today we had 0  adjustments:

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If anybody is holding any gold at the comex, you must be out of your mind!!!
since comex gold storage is unallocated , rest assured any gold stored at the comex will be compromised!
I also urge all of you do not place any option trades at the comex as these gangsters will gun you down.
If you are taking delivery of gold/silver please remove it from comex banks and place it in private vaults

Today, 0 notices were issued from JPMorgan dealer account and 0 notices were issued form their client or customer account. The total of all issuance by all participants equates to 48 contract  of which 0 notices were stopped (received) by jPMorgan dealer and 0 notice(s) was (were) stopped (received) by jPMorgan customer account.

To calculate the initial total number of gold ounces standing for the SEPT contract month, we take the total number of notices filed so far for the month (2613) x 100 oz or 261,300 oz, to which we add the difference between the open interest for the front month of SEPT (195 contracts) minus the number of notices served upon today (48) x 100 oz per contract equals 276,000 oz, the number of ounces standing in this  NON active month of September.
Thus the INITIAL standings for gold for the SEPT contract month:
No of notices served so far (2613) x 100 oz  or ounces + {OI for the front month (195) minus the number of  notices served upon today (48) x 100 oz which equals 276,000 oz standing in this non  active delivery month of SEPT  (8.5847 tonnes).
We gained an additional 2000 oz that will stand.  We have surpassed  our original standings on first day notice. (ON FIRST DAY NOTICE 7.5561 TONNES STOOD FOR DELIVERY) as well as surpassing the 8 tonne mark.  This is without a doubt a record level of gold ounces standing for September.
 Total dealer inventor 2,165,480.34 or 67.355 tonnes
Total gold inventory (dealer and customer) =10,687,511.585 or 332.42 tonnes 
Several months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today the total inventory rests at 332.42 tonnes for a  gain of 30  tonnes over that period. However since August 8 we have lost 21 tonnes leaving the comex.
Ladies and Gentlemen:  the comex is beginning to lose some of its gold as no doubt the Shanghai fix is having its effect.
The gold comex is an absolute fraud.  The use of kilobars and exact weights makes the data totally absurd and fraudulent! To me, the only thing that makes sense is the fact that “kilobars: are entries of hypothecated gold sent to other jurisdictions so that they will not be short with their underwritten derivatives in that jurisdiction.  This would be similar to the rehypothecated gold used by Jon Corzine.
Ladies and Gentlemen:  We are now having our old fashioned run on the bank: the comex as gold is leaving by the buckets.

And now for silver
SEPT INITIAL standings
 SEPT23. 2016
Withdrawals from Dealers Inventory NIL
Withdrawals from Customer Inventory
856,256.000 oz
CNT, Scotia
Deposits to the Dealer Inventory
 nil  OZ
Deposits to the Customer Inventory 
180,332.500 oz
No of oz served today (contracts)
(250,000 OZ)
No of oz to be served (notices)
512 contracts
(2,560,000 oz)
Total monthly oz silver served (contracts) 2676 contracts (13,380,000 oz)
Total accumulative withdrawal of silver from the Dealers inventory this month  NIL oz
Total accumulative withdrawal  of silver from the Customer inventory this month  7,129,518.6 oz
today, we had 0 deposit into the dealer account:
total dealer deposit: nil oz
we had 0 dealer withdrawals:
 total dealer withdrawals: NIL oz
 we had 2 customer withdrawals:
i) Out of CNT: 605,441.54 oz
ii) Out of Scotia: 250,814.460 oz
Total customer withdrawals: 856,256.000  oz
We had 1 customer deposit:
 i) Into JPM: 180,332.500 oz
total customer deposits:  180,332.500  oz
 we had 0 adjustments
The total number of notices filed today for the SEPT contract month is represented by 50 contracts for 250,000 oz. To calculate the number of silver ounces that will stand for delivery in SEPT., we take the total number of notices filed for the month so far at (2676) x 5,000 oz  = 13,380,000 oz to which we add the difference between the open interest for the front month of SEPT (562) and the number of notices served upon today (50) x 5000 oz equals the number of ounces standing 
Thus the initial standings for silver for the SEPT contract month:  2676(notices served so far)x 5000 oz +(562 OI for front month of SEPT ) -number of notices served upon today (50)x 5000 oz  equals  15,940,000 oz  of silver standing for the SEPT contract month.
we GAINED 6  contracts or an additional 30,000 oz will  stand FOR DELIVERY IN THIS  ACTIVE MONTH OF SEPTEMBER. 
Total dealer silver:  30.969 million (close to record low inventory  
Total number of dealer and customer silver:   170,335 million oz (close to a record low)
The total open interest on silver is NOW close to its all time high with the record of 224,540 being set AUGUST 3.2016.  The registered silver (dealer silver) is NOW NEAR  multi year lows as silver is being drawn out at both dealer and customer levels and heading to China and other destinations. The shear movement of silver into and out of the vaults signify that something is going on in silver.
    • Several months ago the comex had 303 tonnes of total gold. Today the total inventory rests at 332.42 tonnes for a  gain of 30  tonnes over that period. However since August 8 we have lost 21 tonnes leaving the comex.

      Huh? I appreciate Harveys devotion and data as much as the next guy, but it is generally incoherent.

      Harvey, please please incorporate historical graphs and visuals to get your point across. These data dumps of yours make for glassy eyes.

    • Harvey is about as dedicated as they get but somehow cannot seem to grasp the idea that gold is bought AND sold and that as it is, inventories move up AND down.  Nothing is “lost”.  It has merely changed hands.  Thank heavens that it can too, else none of us would have any PMs at all… unless we can dig / mine / pan our own.

    • Remember when “Starvin” Harve made such a royal ass of himself last December?? Seems he has learned nothing, nor has Doc for continuing to post his BS.  Probably a nice guy, is Mr. Organ, but so was John Wayne Gacy.

    • @JustTheFacts


      “Remember when “Starvin” Harve made such a royal ass of himself last December??”


      I wish that I could say that I did but I am trying to remember a time when he wasn’t making an ass of himself.  lol


  1. I’ve heard so many cry wolf in the precious metal market over the past 8 years it’s impossible to know what or who to believe anymore.  However, at some it makes sense as banks keep interest rates near 0% while printing fiat currency like there is no tomorrow and constantly dive bombing gold / silver with blind naked shorts to cap the price that a bullion run will eventually happen.  Is it finally taking hold or just another commentator crying wolf?  Wish I knew the answer to that!

    • Yeah, me too.  But just because there is a lot of crying “Wolf!” out there does not mean that there aren’t any wolves on the prowl.  This is a bit like what they say about paranoia… “It ain’t paranoia if they really are out to get us”.  😉


    • @undeRGRound


      Hey, man.  How’s it goin’.  Well, I hope.  Things are pretty much OK  here.  Taking it one day at a time so as to try to avoid complete BS over-load from the media, elections, and all the other drek going on in the world today.


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