What goes up… must not be allowed to…


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From Tyler Durden, Zerohedge:

Someone just decided this was the perfect time to dump over $2 billion worth of notional paper gold onto the markets…


Over 16,000 gold contracts (and 7,500 silver) were dumped in that 5/10 minutes segment.

It appears Draghi did not like the impression of his impotence that precious metals were suggesting.

It appears the Gold/Silver ratio at 72x was a big buying opportunity?


As the longer-term trendline holds support…

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  1. Like Rocky, being pounded by Clubber Lang, we say

    “Is that all you got?!!!’

    ‘Is that the best you got?’

    Y’all are a bunch of waffle eatin’ pussies.

    Fu** you cartel

    We know where you work. We know where you live.  Your summer homes in the Hamptons will be burned to the ground with you and your entire families inside.

    You think ISIS are a bunch of killing machine sons of bitches?

    You aint seen nothing until We, the People go on the war path and destroy you.

  2. G&E

    then we continue with the bankster oligarch pogrom until everyone involved in this 5 millenium scam is put to the knife.  The Patsies will be first.  Their overlords are next.  The Judgement of Nuremberg trials of these unhuman wretches will continue until the earth is scoured of their presence.  Time for turning the other cheek and forgiveness is  OVER.

    • “Time for turning the other cheek and forgiveness is  OVER.”


      When has man ever forgiven or turned the other cheek … have faith friend .. the end will justify the means …


      albeit at this time/separation  it be  hard to understand … myself at times giving in to carnal fantasy’s of wanting to storm the head courters of these  Jesuits with a very big sword and slice them all  asunder 🙂

    • @kochevnik


      For what its worth …


      Forgiveness is to see from a place of understanding as to where the person is that you forgive by not counting their sin/perception against them knowing their confusion is the effect of what caused it ….


      The mind of carnal/natural  man measures everything within/between  the two borders of time  as in a beginning and an end … for it is this minds perception that it abides in a reality/truth  which be the truth  and therefore measures/judges  within these parameters ….


      To forgive  is to understand that we at this time are in a proses of coming to the knowledge of self/truth by the measuring between these two opposites { good & evil ( both of which having  their extremes ) }


      To forgive another’s sin/perception  ( their actions being the effect thereof ) is to forgive their confusion as to where and who they are …. or as Jesus put it …. if you  love those who love you … what reward have you ? … which is to ask  … have you done ?



    • Forgiveness is to see from a place of understanding as to where the person is that you forgive by not counting their sin/perception against them knowing their confusion is the effect of what caused it ….

      Confusion about what?  Some fairy tale?  You assume confusion where cunning and opportunism reside.  Also sin is is a fictional construct.  One man’s sin is another man’s goal. One man’s bowels is another man’s soul. One man’s womb is another man’s grave. One man’s god is another man’s slave

    • @kochevnik


      Confusion about what?


      Who you are …. by not knowing where you come from … which is to be confused … sin is a perception down to a single thought that you be something less than the ONE you came out of …. albeit this not out of order …





  3. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ignoring the shenanigans on the COMEX, and instead going to the head of the class at the prices posted on the physical Shanghai Gold Exchange. There was no such take down on the Shanghai exchange (http://www.en.sge.com.cn/). Although difficult to read, the silver (Ag) was a relatively steady 3770 CNY/kg and the gold (Au) 263 CNY/g. At an exchange rate of approximately 6.467 CNY/USD, these figures translate to 18.10 USD/ozT  for silver and 1263 USD/ozT. It looks like the COMEX will be forced to comply, as the Chinese now have most of the gold and they are exercising their right to rule.

  4. @AGXIIK: MY MAIN MAN!!! Now, all I ask is where are you going to “pick up” those follower’s US on your way to the Hamptons? Me thinks we need a bigger jet, eh?… (No big gig…some very reasonable 747’s and 727’s are on the market now…and, when the economy finishes crashing should be available for a pittance!).


    I just love a good story like this….they pour all they got into the pot and it still won’t boil…what a bunch of dweebs!.. I see us $8+ on the day so far…after they only managed a $10– dip with their folly yesterday after close… and, I think those missing $2 were already back on the board too… Net-Net-Net as they say is ZERO to show for their paper storm… The rebound on the Ag side was even faster I think… Wonder who will stub their toe or let their mouth run away with their butt today… We still have Friday in front of us…

    @Ranger: Are you the one that bought the bull machine out of Gillies’ when it closed down?… I sold my bumper sticker (with a 1985 Chev P/U attached) about 3 years ago…still running and I could still hear the music in the parking lot… hot, muggy, nights in Pasadena…where’s my Lone Star?

  5. Stacking some Can maple leafs @ spot +3.5 just an hour ago. They are sold out of ASE, 90%silver and now can silver maple leafs. They sold 70 ounces of AGE to 1 customer Tuesday and 3 monster boxes of ASE, about 105k to 1 customer. Holy shit Batman!

    Stack and pack

    • I’ve been purchasing from perthbullion, and they’ve nearly run out of all their fractional silver rounds and 1 oz silver kangaroos. Hang in there, stackers, the end game is here for sure.

  6. @montanamel  I got all my pilot homies in the ‘vil   Certainly there are some 747 or such parked on the tarmac.  Requisition a few.  My friends are all 4 engine jockeys.  I’ll ride shot gun.

    Being a left coastie, we will take a trip to SFO or LAX.  Tall buildings, lots of banksters in the towers.   Maybe a few Goog or FaCIAbook geeks to add to the fun.

    More ammo.  More guns.  more of everything that does the J.O.B.  If JNUG gets much higher I think I’ll peel off a few skins for the more obvious preps

    Hmmm I wonder if I should be more discrete in posting?  Fuukit   Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead

    • @AGXIIK


      “More ammo.  More guns.  more of everything that does the J.O.B.”

      Indeed so, Bro… but don’t forget the Molotov’s.  It is, after all, BBQ season.  😉


  7. Went and scored more….Ag Ozs on rounds are now higher than my average cost per oz of my stack.

    But made a nice transaction…could be the last bit of time we see prices this low again…

    They dumped how much? And what did it do? Nada

    Smiling ear to ear regarding my current position…

    Here we go!

    • @scoremore – i was able to find some rolls of 20 VG walking liberty halves for $165 on ebay with 8% ebay bucks back and of course credit card rewards… so… picked up 6 of those now so far today… they are down to their last few… i’m not seeing much else out there without paying an arm and a leg… all these hesitant mofos are gonna be sorry… anyway, nice work brother… high fives as always.

  8. @mudflap – that printing press is what’s driving our silver higher… the more they use it, the higher our nominal value and the more desireable our holdings become. our whole point in buying silver is betting that the socialists can’t keep their grubby little hands off of the print button. and its working fabulously. lets hope they print up a few dozen 747s of Tubmans and paradrop them on the masses.

  9. Over at the hedge I have the darndest time these days.   The page shifts up and down by two lines.  I can’t even click a link.  It is really an unenjoyable experience most of the time now.  The page never stops loading.  etc…

  10. I think we will see silver hit the 14.00 to 14.50 range one more time. JPM knows when to pull out of the silver rigging market. They know that when there is a true supply problem they will not be able to control the market any more. I will be watching the COT’s and the bank participation report. JPM has 500 million ounces of phys. It would not surprise me to see them dump 50 to 100 million ounces of phys to monkey hammer the price down, make profits on their short contracts, then come in and buy more at a lower price.

    This next sell off will be the last. I would not be surprised to see 100.00 silver this time next year. Or, even higher.


    • i’ll take the opposite side of the bet as you… i bet that the cartel is neutered… i bet that the strong 2016 uptrend in silver continues… and i bet that my junior miners and associated stock options perform at an amazing level.

      @poppat, will you be sitting on the sidelines or actively shorting the silver market from here? just curious 😉

    • you aren’t even counting the options in the market… look at the combined cot and its over a billion…

      @kansascrude, this is actually an amazing set up for us… they have engineered a world class entry point for us and then politely coiled a massive spring upon which we may be catapulted to the heavens.

      take a look at my junior silver mining stock options that i’ve been recommending. the CDE 2018 calls are up some 600% since january. the HL 2018 calls are up 300% … and now they have set me up for what looks to be life-changing gains as their promises are shown to be impossible to deliver on. they are going to bring about my permanent financial freedom and i can’t thank them enough.


      Not to worry.  Their rooms are already reserved.  It is likely that they will be just down the hall from Hilly-Billy and other low-lifes, 9th level.

  11. @mudflap – yes and they are digging their own graves by continuing to promise more and more silver… they lose credibility and now they’ve pushed the naked shorting to the end of the line… game over for them… they can’t print silver.. that is why as they continue to use the printing press it will be to our delight.

  12. I know the silver/gold ratio is 73 to 1 what is the paper to silver and paper to gold ratio???

    I guess it does not matter now anyway!!!  Hey seankelly I thought that you said the cartel was ball less!!!  Well it looks like the cartel can grow them bigger and faster that we thought!!!!!

    We will see if this holds if the dollar index continues to fall the cartel may become gender neutral so down with the dollar index!!!!

  13. That is the funny thing about the GTSR dropping   It is a normal reflective drop  This ratio runs on fear as gold is bid up faster than silver.  The global fear index is being mitigated by NIRP and QE papering over the coming financial and economic apocalypses.

    Do not be surprised to see 80 again and even higher.  When it hits 90 that is a very important level that indicates the crap is hitting the  fan and we are going to get a brown shower

    • @AGXIIK


      If that’s what a G / S ratio of 90 means, what does a ratio of 100 mean???

      It reached 99 in Feb 1991, so it’s not as if this is impossible.

      Interesting chart:  http://www.macrotrends.net/1441/gold-to-silver-ratio

  14. @SeanKelly


    “… they can’t print silver…”

    No, they can’t… or gold either… which is why they hate both so much.  Neither gold nor silver supports their fiat paper debt Ponzi scheme.  In fact, both are like Kryptonite pushed towards Super-Banksters… or garlic and a cross pushed towards a vampire.  Same effect.  lol


  15. @Ed_B   Feb 1991   That was the leading edge of one of the worst banking crises in at least 50 years.  I was working at Bank of Commerce and we saw the tsunami of bad banks and bad loans rolling from east to west.  It hit CA in 1991-2, with residential subprime loans falling apart .  Homes dropped 35-50% in value.

    In that time and for around 18 months thereafter the S&Ls were blowing up, we lost 1000 banks nationally and property values in many cases dropped 50-80%   Industrial parks failed, banks were taken over,  30 story office buildings were sold for an 80% discount.  The Resolution Trust Corp took over the bad bank assets and bought up $125,000,000,000 in bad loans and defaulted properties.

    During this time I left my bank and a very nice paycheck to start my business, a fortuitous decision as my bank was wobbly but survived.

    The 1991-94 credit debacle,   property bubble bursting and banks crashing was the worst economic decline since the depression. But 2008 was worse by around 10 fold

    The GTSR of the 1991 era was an incredible tell which we’ve seen played out over the last 100 years   80 to 1 a month ago.  Uhuh!   100 to 1 when the crap hits the fan

    • @AGXIIK


      “That was the leading edge of one of the worst banking crises in at least 50 years.”

      Yep… AKA “the bleeding edge”… and you were right there in the thick of it, Bro.


      “During this time I left my bank and a very nice paycheck to start my business, a fortuitous decision as my bank was wobbly but survived.”

      It’s not easy to leave a well-paying job and go out on one’s own.  That’s taking a lot of risk, IMO, and isn’t something that a lot of us can do.  I considered starting my own laboratory services business at one time but the start-up costs were very high and there was no way I was going to “bet the house” on being successful.  My chances of being successful were good, IMO, but that’s a lot more risk than I was willing to take on with a family to support.  Analytical instrumentation is very expensive and maintenance costs can be substantial as well.  I really liked working with instruments and was able to do a lot of the maintenance myself.  This saved the company where I worked tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs and in instrument down-time.  Still, it’s an expensive business to start up and run successfully.  So, instead of me working 18 hours a day for myself, I decided to work for 8 hours a day for someone else… AND have a life.  😉


      “But 2008 was worse by around 10 fold”

      Indeed… a true order of magnitude worse.


      “The GTSR of the 1991 era was an incredible tell which we’ve seen played out over the last 100 years   80 to 1 a month ago.  Uhuh!   100 to 1 when the crap hits the fan”

      Agreed.  Even those who say they want to ignore the G / S ratio and call it “meaningless” can still use it as a data point.  When it is high and getting higher, some serious financial trouble is brewing and will arrive shortly.  If this gives us some extra prep time or wakes us to the fact that all is NOT well, when many people are saying that it is, then it is worthwhile paying attention to it.  I would not obsess over it by any means but it is worth considering as part of the over-all financial and economic picture that we all try to develop.


  16. they are losing the battle and will not keep pm’s down much longer.   They are growing weaker by the week with desperate measures and lies.    Silver smiles on all who hold the real deal.




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