Eric Sprott Warns “It’s Off the Scale!” 
Is THIS About To Drive the Mainstream into Buying Gold and Silver?


From SprottMoney:

  1. Look Out Silver, Here Comes Solar Demand

    By Alena Mikhan and Jeff Clark

    In early July, Japan set a premium price for solar energy that was three times the rate of conventional power. This meant utility companies would be paid three times more for electricity sourced from solar. It’s widely expected that the premium will ignite the use of solar power – and solar uses a lot of silver.
    Silver Demand from PV Panels
    As you may know, silver is used in photovoltaic (PV) technology to generate solar power. A typical solar panel uses a fair amount of the metal – roughly two-thirds of an ounce (20 grams). To put that in perspective, a cellphone contains around 200 to 300 milligrams (a milligram weighs about as much as a grain of sand). A laptop contains 750 milligrams to 1.25 grams.

    Photovoltaic technology is relatively young, but each year its use is growing rapidly. Just since 2000, the amount of silver consumed by solar-panel makers has risen an average of 50% per year. Demand grew from one million ounces in 2002 to 60 million ounces in 2011. Last year demand from the PV industry represented almost 11% of total industrial demand for the metal (excluding jewelry). According to statistics from CPM Group, demand grew by 11.2 million ounces, the strongest volume growth of all major sources (jewelry and electronics). And this was before the Japanese announcement was made.


  2. Well the weather in Kansas for the rest of the week is very spring like!!!!   And silver is down .03 cents.

    I think the great Oz is trying to tell me something!!!!

    But toto and that girl he hangs out with have not visited in quite a while.

    The only thing that is going to surge today is my butt getting out to metal detect and find more treasures!!!

    STACK ON!!!!!

    GOT PHYSICAL???????????????????/

    • Bingo! Banks cant touch my wealth now. I like silver to go up quick, but, all I need it to do is beat inflation. And… I get taxed on any interest @ the banks, so I only keep “operating” cash in the bank.

  3. Pms ads running everyday on Fox Business News, even the wife has picked up on the increase in advertising. The footballers will finally figure out to spend a 1k on the silver shiny instead of 1k on there personal professional Cowboy jersey and add ons.

    Stacking and packing 

    • The footballers will finally figure out to spend a 1k on the silver shiny instead of 1k on there personal professional Cowboy jersey and add ons.”

      It is unlikely that they will figure this out anytime soon but when they do, we will all know that the last of us have finally arrived.  The dumb money’s entry into any market always signals a market top.

      But as to silver and gold, I spend no money on them.  I merely convert fake money, aka fiat currency, into real money via purchasing gold and silver.  I can convert back the other way again at any time.  🙂


  4. Natural gas is now officialy in a bear market. Nothing says hyperinflation more than a price collapse in everything but gold and silver.

    Trillions are missing from the defense budget.


    The USA is ready to back out of NATO and deal with Russia one on one sans Europe.


    Global Weimar is the topic at hand.

  5. “Global Weimar is the topic at hand.”   


    Thanks for the Segway into this topic.  _JLG.  


    The article is from Wikipedia. The links will not work because it is a JPEG.  




  6. Again these guys just don’t give up. Most who bought silver the last handful of years are underwater because they believed in the unrealistic price projections by those who market metals especially on the retail level. Silver has moved from a monetary base to basically being an industrial base commodity. Millions of jobs are dependent on the price being low. From manufacturing of appliances, electronics, autos, solar panels, TVs, etc. to retail jewelry. When price rises to a certain point demand falls and then price. This is the achilles heel for silver and this is the reason for the gold/silver ratio becoming meaningless. These people can rant to the moon the gold and silver is real money and the fiat is worthless but the doesn’t change the real world that we all live in and this is not going to change anytime soon.

    Professional traders like fund managers rarely state their positions or true opinions because then they could be a target for hedge funds. If they state something in public you can bet they are doing the opposite and using the media to move markets and sentiment in one direction or the other. It is like Soros before Brexit stating he was shorting the pound and long gold. Bloomberg reported he was actually doing the reverse and lost over $1.5 billion on the pound trade alone.

    Again if you look at the COT report, the commercials, (miners, wholesalers and those who have physical) are over 2/1 short and the speculators are 2/1 long in gold. The commercials are hedging to protect themselves from prices falling.

    Also I commented when gold was at the 1200 handle would the algos be able to push price up to the 1240 or the 1272 reversal level before currency traders in London start creating additional dollar strength. Three times now they were able to move price to 1240 and all three times price weakened at this level and currently we are at the 1233 handle.

  7. @jj

    Please help me understand your logic regarding the relationship between the millions of jobs that are dependent upon the price of silver being low and the price of silver.  Are you saying that the market is manipulated to keep the price of silver low to ensure that these jobs aren’t lost?

    Also, I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “when price rises to a certain point demand falls and then price”. This does not happen in a free market economy. In an unmanipulated free market, price is the yardstick used to measure demand much more so than demand is a yardstick used to measure price and even when this occurs it is almost always because of a sudden increase in supply or supply of a suitable substitute.

    If there is no sudden increase in supply then price is directly correlated to demand in a free market in which case reduced demand cannot result from increased demand so presumably you are referring to the manipulated ‘non free market’ price, right?

    If not I’d really be interested in what possible scenario increased demand causes reduced demand.

    • @tbombadil  You are obviously a free thinker, with no baggage & no barrow to push. 


      You may want to follow this line:
       It’s mostly about #P****gate.    —-  The reason he was fired. (Michael Flynn)  
      Check out & Alex Jones INFOWARS (if you can stand him interrupting his guests (just like GREG HUNTER does) while their guests are on a run with their train of thought. 
      Whether it is intentional I don’t know, but when you have so much inside your head connected & you get some @$$#@le constantly interrupting you while you are trying to explain, – the message may get garbled. _JOHNLGALT.  
      Alex Jones INFOWARS      Had a guy on who (allegedly, to quote a phrase) knew where the bodies were buried (from the CIA) and he kept interrupting him. 
      It was apparently more important for Alex to sell his supplements.   

      I posted that to another article. Happy hunting, and remember, you can’t chase every rabbit down a burrow.  _JLG. 




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