GATA Chairman Bill Murphy Joined Us To Break Down Today’s $2 BILLION Paper Silver Massacre:

Murphy Reveals Shares Were Slaughtered Ahead of Today’s Silver BOMBING, and This Is Leading To Something Spectacular In The Silver Market…



“CLASSIC GOLD CARTEL”   GATA Chairman Bill Murphy’s Thoughts On the Latest 1.15 MILLION Oz Silver Drive-By Shooting:

  • We Know Who Did It, And WHY They Did It
  • They What’s Coming When We Take Out $21…Will Be Historic – Like Nothing Ever Seen Before
  • When It Goes, Its Going to Lead to One of the Most Chaotic and Volatile Moves to the Upside People Have Ever Seen
  • It’s Coming…It Will Begin Out of Nowhere

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    • Bill;

      Enough of the ”throw yourself out a window talk”. Talk like that gives them the cover to throw you out the window. Your a vocal critic of the Fed Res. Banksters have been thrown out of windows for less.

  1. We could all rush into Bitcoin, which is exactly what TBTB want us to do.  You know as well as I do that Bitcoin has been setup too “look” like our savior.


    Silver may never go to the moon. HOWEVER, paper will go to zero.

    • “Silver may never go to the moon. HOWEVER, paper will go to zero.”

      Yep and when it does, gold and silver will still have considerable value… as always.


    • Ed_B:
      It depends on whether TPTB want it valuable or not. Even when everyone is broke they will still own everything! Nothing changes. We have never had computers like we do today controlling everything. I

      And I can guarantee that the computers TPTB use are not even on our drawing boards. We will never have access to what they do. Things are a lot different this go around than in the past.

    • Bitcoin is a prime example of: “When there’s nothing else left and nowhere else to go – BITCOIN. No wonder it’s soaring!

    • @Montana Yes there is a way.

      I am involved with a private company that runs its trading systems on high speed computers that facilitate their artificial intelligence based trading.Their processors crunch MASSIVE amounts of data to analyze the forex markets and determine the best entries and exits when buying and selling on the market.I am not involved with this program.
      They have often considered the possibility of applying some of this power to Bitcoin mining and recently discovered a UNIQUE process by which they can mine Bitcoin and other Crypto-Currencies VERY EFFICIENTLY by simply buying special equipment to plug into their empty racks.Then, by applying their ALGORITHMS they are able to mine Bitcoin and outperform other miners out there.I am involved in this one 🙂  and get monthly returns from the system mining,up and or down.
      They believe they are the ONLY ONES who have discovered this unique and highly efficient process. There is only ONE WAY to mine Bitcoin, but several ‘approaches’ and their  approach is unique.
      They allocate ‘trading power’ to mining. However, trading FOREX is their TOP PRIORITY and have chosen to NOT take even 1% of the resources from trading and apply it to mining.
      However, by purchasing some extra new hardware, they can apply their EXISTING PROPRIETARY SOFTWARE and ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to mining Bitcoin with ZERO IMPACT ON THERE FOREX TRADING.
      If interested to read more I can provide access to our Private member website where you can read more in detail..   Send email to:  [email protected]     Cheers !!! Ron

  2. I forgot:

    I am seeing 93-cents per ounce spread between SGE and London right now!

    Is this enough, per ounce %%, to start loading up the jets, yet?…

    Airliner size jets to make this work on silver… think 200,000 lbs per lift….at $14 per lb…ie: 2.8 Mil USD… vs maybe $600k or so for charter fees… I smell a play here!

  3. Summary:  The so-called “experts” have no clue either.  I guess you build a nice stack of phizz and chill…  sooner or later (it is already later!) silver will run big.

    BTW:  SD Bullion did a good job on my last order… they beat JM Bullion on the price.

    • I met a guy over the weekend who had invested his life savings in to silver bullion 35 years ago and finally had to give up when they took everything he had. He’s been laughing at me for 7 years while I stacked. Although I’m still in the black, I see his point. I’m tired of being a PM junkie when clearly, and VERY clearly, it ain’t gonna do shit! I better re-think things before I destroy my family finances. One day this situation may correct, but I best make sure my loved ones are taken care of because I’l be long gone by then. [************] banksters!

    • @JustTheFacts


      “The so-called “experts” have no clue either.”

      That is an indisputable fact.  The part of their commentary that I find a little crazy is that most of these people seem to believe that knowing a great deal about the metals, their mining, production, sales, and distribution somehow means that they can predict future price moves.  Nope, sorry, no can do.  Their dismal success rate at this SHOULD prove to them that they cannot predict the future in such things.  Most people have trouble figuring out a 3-dimensional graph with X, Y, and Z axes.  Predicting the future, if graphed, likely would be more like drawing a 10,000-dimensional graph.  OK, so maybe a super-computer could do it, given enough time and data but by the time it figures out what the future will be, that future has become the present or the past and therefore of no value because everyone now knows it.  Perhaps someday, when a quantum computer is perfected, they will be able to make predictions that are quite accurate.  Maybe.


      “I guess you build a nice stack of phizz and chill…  sooner or later (it is already later!) silver will run big.”

      Agreed… and some of us are doing exactly that!  😀

      “BTW:  SD Bullion did a good job on my last order… they beat JM Bullion on the price.”
      I’ve used SDB for sometime now as my primary supplier and they do a very good job.  I still buy a little from Provident Metals and from APMEX but only when they have a really good deal or something that I want and can’t find elsewhere.  I recently got 40 of the 2017 1st release MS-70 graded ASEs from APMEX with two of their PCGS blue plastic 20-coin storage boxes.  I plan to hold these for a few years and then sell them off on eBay or some other site in the hope that they will bring a little profit.  If not, then they are still stunningly gorgeous ASEs.  🙂

  4. Everybody just settle down.   Regardless of today’s action,  the painful bear market in silver that started in 2011 is over and it’s obvious we have seen a turnaround.  Now things are getting interesting.   When silver hits 22, momentum will start building toward the magical price of 50.00 and new all-time highs.   When that happens (which it will), all bets are off.  As an investment, silver will be the absolute perfect storm.  Somewhere along this timeline, the greedy herd will start to get on the bandwagon and there will be shortages.  At the same time, industrial users will panic and attempt to grab the remaining silver for themselves.  Silver and gold will get closer and closer in price, much closer than anyone dreamed possible.  Then, with physical evaporating from the market, people will flock to the next best thing which is miners, and silver stocks will go ballistic.   Even the junkiest, pie in the sky, micro exploration companies will go into the stratosphere.   Don’t believe me?  Has anyone really thought about what the term “no bid” really means?   Bottom line, this perfect storm has been building for centuries and soon everything will come together with the force of a cat 5 hurricane.   Yeah, yeah, I know, we have heard this all before, and we get irritated because it hasn’t happened yet.   But it will happen, stackers, so keep the faith and keep stackin’.    The time we have waited will make the payoff all that much sweeter.

  5. This guy has followed the manipulation more than anyone and he’s still rendered almost speechless by day’s like today. There’s not much you can say. They do it because they can. The people who could expose them won’t. 

  6. Great distribution day as the entire Planet sells their silver for pennies on the dollar just to have that “worthless scrip.”

    As long as equities keep soaring silver remains the safety play.


    Not lead.

    Not copper.

    Not zinc.

    Not nickel.


    Silver (and gold if you’re feeling randy i guess.)

    Ask yourself this: “what did your investment guru say on news of Brexit?”

    If he didn’t say “silver is a buy” going into that disaster then he’s not doing his job.

    And “Brexit” was just the beginning.

    Greece has been dollarized and Russia is starting to have to pay for their Wars.

    Commodities getting slammed says “buy silver” to me as the USA is…ding ding ding!…a HUGE commodity producer.


    18 US dollars an ounce is a STEAL.

    Will buy you one TON of metallurgical coal if not right now then probably within a week or so.

    One ounce of gold buying 12 TONS of coal is totally ridiculous!

    But, hey…”tis gold not coal” i guess.

  7. I agree. This manipulation could go on for years and years. Why would they end it? As long as the US continues as is, the manipulation will continue. I think a lot of stackers may have lived out their lives and be dead before the manipulation ends, if it ever does.

    • “As long as the US continues as is, the manipulation will continue.”

      Well, that IS the rub in all this, isn’t it?  But the facts as we know them show that the US financial condition is more precarious than any of those in the government dare to admit.  What has been done and what continues to be done is not sustainable and, as we all know, that which is not sustainable WILL end.  That we have no idea WHEN it will end does not contradict the math of the situation.

      The US cannot continue to consume more than it produces.  While that works for a time and credit is extended, this is not something that can go on forever.  It will end when the largest debt holders come to the conclusion that their loans to the US will not be paid.  At that point, they will be forced to write off what they have already loaned the US, and go from there without regard to that which has been written off and lost.  Without these loans, the US financial system and government will not be able to continue as they have.  They will be forced, no doubt, kicking and screaming to do what many of us already do… and that is live within their income.  The only two possible responses that are available to them will be to raise taxes considerably or reduce the size and scope of the US Gov.  It’s highly likely that both of these will create economic death spirals that will crash the US financial system, the US dollar, and all US Treasury paper.  If so, that will be an extremely high price to pay for failing to control their desire to spend ever more money.

      All of the above will, no doubt, usher in some very hard times… like the 1930s, only worse… and perhaps a LOT worse, thanks to the massive amount of debt out there, the huge derivatives book that has more than doubled since the 2008 crash, and the ever so helpful (not) TBTF banks that are now bigger than ever.  Everyone in the US will feel the impact of all these lousy financial decisions that have been made over the past several decades.  But those who have physical gold and silver in their hands as their savings plan will do better than pretty much everyone else.  It’ll still be ugly, even for stackers, but at least they will have most of what is needed for a decent life.  This is also one of the great lessons from the Great Depression, where there were oodles of things available to buy but very little money with which to buy them.  When paper flops big-time, gold and silver will be recognized as real money once again, if not by the US Gov then certainly by We the People.  Whether this adds to our net worth or not, we cannot know.  But it will retain our buying power like very few other assets out there can and that is likely to be about as good as any of us can do.


    • “This manipulation could go on for years and years.”
      Yup, been goin on since I bought my gold coins for $280.00/oz and silver coins for $3.00/oz. I don’t really care what they do. If the price goes below the cost of producing it, the mines will close. Price to mine increases as prices of land, machinery, wages, taxes, permits, milling equipment, etc. rise. Our financial system is designed that way.
      If ya think yoar just goin to become a millionaire in a couple yrs. better look for a different investment vehicle or a casino.

  8. I am with silver train. A perfect storm is a brewin.

    1 Mines shutting down or running short

    2 Along with the spring loaded gun pointing at the sky being pushed down more and more every day.

    3 Add to that the industrial usage rocketing upwards.

    4 The fiat currencies around the World all going down.

    5 What am I missing… Oh yea Canadian Dirt Lump passing all that gas up in Canada causing Global Warming


    note: love DCL’s posts

  9. With my impeccable timing I bought 100 oz of Silver just before they smacked it down. LOL.

    I buy once a month and look at it this way.   If I didn’t buy PMs I would probably spend the money.   So my thinking is that I get to spend the money and keep it at the same time….. if that makes sense.

    As for Bitcoin I tried to buy one with CoinBase just see how it operated.   It was such a hassle and such a mess that I eventually cancelled my sign-up.   I wouldn’t trust Bitcoin as far as I could kick it (which I can’t because they don’t exist in real form).

    I think Bitcoin is like one of the fly eating pitcher plants that lure insects in and then devour them.    Bitcoin’s success is too good to be true…. and you know what they say when things are too good to be true.

    • @GBS
      Bitcoin.  Yeah.  I have serious doubts but it has to be worth a small punt.  I am trying to do this at the moment.  Maybe £500.  But I just want to hold it without bothering to understand it.  Apparently these blockchains store details of every transaction made for ever.  So if it ever takes off not only can unwelcome forces see what you are doing but the entire internet becomes full off blockchains so everything stops.  While bitcoin has a limited issue, anybody can design a new crypto so you have a possibility of crypto-hyperinflation anyway.  Looks like a built in failure was achieved at inception – but I might be wrong – so running with the sheep for a time at least looks like it might be worthwhile.

    • @silverline.

      My idea with Bitcoin was to buy just one to see how it worked.   It seems that if the Bitcoin world starts to collapse there is very little chance of getting out and if you have invested your wealth in Bitcoin (and feeling very smug) you could lose the lot.   There seems to be a very tight rein on how many can be cashed in.   Also if many people wanted to sell there would be a log-jam and you could be sitting at your computer just watching you savings disappear.

      There are so many people (without financial knowledge) urging people to buy Bitcoin that it reminds of this:- “When even shoeshine boys are giving you stock tips, it’s time to sell” (Joseph P. Kennedy)

  10. The slam has restarted this morning with gold under $1230.  If this continues there is a possibility that the Maguire reset is planned for this weekend and for Monday with a collapsed gold and silver price. Holders of paper gold will be subject to a forced cash settlement at a “coincidentally” (yeah!) low price and the paper and physical markets will be separated.  Thus will end the manipulation.  Paper precious metal holders will realise finally that they have been screwed and that this has been planned from the begining BUT the banking system will be safe (for now) so crime doesn’t matter.

    Of course this means that gold will rise without any further liability to the banks but it also means they have lost one central planning tool.  The value of other fractional reserve paper “assets” will be called into question and a panic into PM buying will finally begin in earnest…

    Ah! Another fantasy.

  11. Brothers and Sisters of the PM community…..we cannot win this fight!!! Know that now, our small purchases hurt, but will never stop the crime syndicate bankers. I was like all of you, thinking buying silver/gold/miners/ was the way to win this game. I am telling all now who will listen this is a new paradigm we live in!!!! Bitcoin is the future of money love it or hate it!!! I have been buying bitcoin and small bitcoin stocks such as BTSC and GAHC…..they are killing it!!! I plan to take my winnings and purchase more phizz, but i am using the enemies play ground to make my $$$. We have to change our strategy if we want to win!!! I believe in my opinion Bitcoin is on the verge of exploding in price, therefore these small penny stocks which are leverage to the price of bitcoin will go up in many multiples, which they have already skyrocked from subpenny. Its my opinion that this is the way to play the game, use your fiat, buy paper instruments that will explode with BTC, then cash out your winnings and buy Phizz!!! I know alot of naysayers will mock me, but i was like alot of you denying Bitcoin as the future…..embrace this technology and use it to your advantage!!!! They cannot control BTC like they can silver/ gold. One day we are all right the system will explode/implode, but til then dont fight a symetric war when the enemy has all the weapons!!!! Fight the Guerilla War…..using a unmanipulatiable weapon such as BTC to grow your stacks!!! Those who have eyes let them see those who have ears let them hear!!! If like i said buying BTC is to difficult for the nontechies….look to the small BTC stocks like i mentioned above, just look at their charts!!! Again this all is my opinion and each to his own!!! Do your DD, but this is how im counter attacking the bankers!!! Good luck to all!!!

    • Probably better off posting this here:

       “The reason they crashed it at $50.00 was, (IMO), to show us how powerful they are  because that’s the price they crashed it at twenty or so years ago when the Hunt brothers were into the metals, again by *changing the COMEX rules”  
      “If I remember correctly what they did back then was to change the requirements on the delivery of  silver futures”  

      Yes the (alleged) SCUM who were betting against the HUNT BROS. and the SAUDI’s with paper contracts which they could not cover simply *changed the rules so that the HUNT Brothers could only sell and not buy.   

      Plus the margin requirements were increased to whatever the &^#$%#@ thought would be required to do the job on the HUNTS who were playing by the rules.   

      p.s. Sound familiar?????????????  _JOHNLGALT.    

       Nelson Bunker Hunt dead: Former world’s richest man dies in ‘modest circumstances’ in US after losing his fortune       How the Hunt Brothers Cornered the Silver Market and Then Lost it All.    

    • @Silver [email protected]  


      “Brothers and Sisters of the PM community…..we cannot win this fight!” 


      ” I was like all of you,”   ……………………………………………………………………….    


      …………….... Oh, WTF. _JOHNLGALT.  


    • @silver-muppet

      Let your heart not be troubled. Gold and silver have survived 5,000 years of funny money. The physical market will eventually determine the sky high price for gold and silver. Now is just torture before pleasure. Bitcoin will have to share the headlines with gold and silver soon.

      10 percent in precious metals is more than generous and maintains financial sanity. However, when the late party starts, 10 percent will obviously be a huge regret. Gold and silver investors will be richer than SnapChat bag holders soon.

  12. That pathological liar Bo Polny sent a spam email to Bill Murphy and GATA saying a nose dive crash would not happen in gold and silver. $2,000 and $49 would be easy punts. Did Jonathan Cahn’s Shemitah and Daniel’s Calendar predict Thursday’s nose dive? Bo now confesses to being a fake doctor and a fake technical analyst. Here is the link from September 2016.

    “Ready to Explode”: GOLD, SILVER & THE BIG PICTURE FOR 2016 – Bo Polny

    It should now be clear as daylight robbery that Bohdan Stephan Polny is a complete fraud and a bankrupt loser in life. God bless to all bitcoiners and CIGAs. The silver lining happens after the storm.

    It is time to deport this Ukrainian crook and make the precious metals market credible and safe again.

  13. Quit the crap you guys, it went up because it did

    It went down because it did.

    Who really knows?

    what we do know is how this ends, because we have read HISTORY (some of us)

    The $#!TCO!N crowd are just a distraction in the END GAME. 

    Stackers stacks are the same weight & height as yesterday. WE ARE NOT AFFECTED.  


  14. One of my thoughts on PM’s. I will leave each of my children a bag of PM’s as part of an inheritance with some simple instructions. Stash it, don’t tell your friends, add to it when you can and if the world cracks in half, you’ll know what to do with it. Better to leave them PM’s, a little cash, instead of a bank account that big-bro knows about. Screw the Taxman.

    • @f16hoser  I know @Ed_B  will reply to this and tell you this is a great idea. All I can say is maybe give them some websites to go to: Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter, Max Keiser, Silver bear cafe, Silverdoctors, ZeroHedge,  


       p.s ” don’t tell your friends”  YEAH, RIGHT. good luck with that. _JLG.  

    • @JohnLGalt


      “I know Ed_B  will reply to this and tell you this is a great idea.”

      Indeed it is and I have similar plans.  The devil, of course, is always in the details.  Something else that would be good would be to type up no more than 10 pages of info that tells the young generation “How to be successful in life”.  If they read, understand, and follow this, it won’t guarantee them a successful life but it will bend the odds in their favor considerably.  Much of this would be info on finance, ethics, and experience.  If they can learn things from others and don’t HAVE to learn only from their own experience, they will benefit from this immensely.


      “All I can say is maybe give them some websites to go to: Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, Bill Holter, Max Keiser, Silver bear cafe, Silverdoctors, ZeroHedge”  

      I’d be real tempted to leave Max out of this but the others are fine.  Maloney and Schiff would be my favorites but then SGT Report would be good as well.  Just be sure that they know what a BS filter is and have one firmly in place when reading the articles and comments.  There is worthwhile info in both but also some dross that needs to be skimmed away.  As is often the case, critical thinking skills will stand them in good stead.

       “p.s ” don’t tell your friends”  YEAH, RIGHT. good luck with that.”
      Agreed.  I give it 20 minutes before it goes viral on You Tube or Face Plant.

  15. @JohnLGalt……i dont care what you think or do!!!!! The truth is the Banks are in control of PMs!!! They dont control BTC….i was just offering my opionion in order to help people make more fiat using there system to help you increase your stack, but to each his own.

  16. Keep buying bitcoin guys….the price rise is not finished yet, not by a long way. It will reach $2,000 before the year is out. Sell all your useless silver to do so if you have to.

    Remember, TBTB can NEVER manipulate the price of bitcoin.

    In 50 years time when everyone is their own banker (that’s what bitcoin does for you) and banksters are exstinct, people will look back and laugh at how we allowed our lives to be run by crooks.

    • BTC is government creation… this is why governments have not banned it.  The block chain/open source story is just a fairy tale… it’s the bait.   You believe this because you read it on the internet? – lol!

      All of you bitcoin devotees have all been fooled.

      Banks do not hoard bitcoins, they hoard gold and silver… tangible wealth, value and real money.  The 5000 year track record cannot be debated.

  17. If someone got into BTC cryptocurrency  or another vaporware FIAT early and is up 100-1000% then good for them.  Riding something like this is akin to any bubble. BTC could end up ‘worth’ $1,000,000 per coin.  Just so long as another person is willing to accept this ponzi as a value then the circus will never end.

    At some point in time all FIAT is vaporized whether paper or digital.  It’s one of the dozens of ways all purportedly civilized governments and their attendant criminal syndicated impoverish their serfs, peasants, citizens and tax slaves. All governments start out as a hope and change epiphany that removes the former set of thugs for a new set, foisted on the people by the same types that try to convince us that they are the next best thing.

    Nothing has changed in 6,000 years.

    FIAT’s always been used as one of a multi pronged strategy to remove wealth and income from the tax plantation slaves.  The moment a government forms it takes no more than a few days before the government begins to separate itself from the governed. Revenues  are then demanded  from the citizenry to support this useless negative yield appendage.  In very short order the division becomes them vs us.  Them wants what we gots and will get it by hook or crook.

    There is no voluntarism in taxes taken by legalized theft,  used to support this newly formed entity that demands the serfs and tax slaves support it in its increasingly ostentacious profligate lifestyle while enriching those who hew to the elites mandates for a piece of the action.

    The first profession was that of the harsh ruler; a pohbah, potentate, premier, president, pharoah, prime minister or other overly pretentious pretender to power.   The second profession was the  goon squad thuggish praetorian who’s sole assignment was to collect the taxes.  Every other profession was designed and set up to support the throne or seat of power.

    All bow to the king.

    Within the memory of maybe no more than 2-3 generations the king would debase the currency to support his lifestyle while rewarding his cronies with vast riches, build shrines to his  increasingly lunatic and sclerotic bureaucracy , wage war on some unfortunate on the other side of the river, over the mountain or across the sea while  building a legacy and heritage that to support his inbred gap toothed spawn in opulent lifestyles of their own.

    Down the line, the FIAT held by the lowliest of the citizenry is clipped, whipped, dipped, chipped, snipped and flipped until the entire population is crippled by fiscal ineptitude.

    Welcome to the party.

    Got some gold and silver?

    • Happy birthday @AGXIIK, you crazy old coot!  😀


      “Nothing has changed in 6,000 years.”

      Au contraire mon frère.  A very great deal has changed in the past 6k years.  Yes, human beings still have all of their usual base desires but on average, the level of ethics and spiritual awareness has risen considerably.  Do not be deceived by the scum that has floated to the top.  They are not representative of the vast majority of people.


      “All bow to the king.”

      Indeed.  Meet the new boss… same as the old boss.  :-/



  18. I blame Elmer Fud & Acme company.  Bugs Bunny and Road Runner should’ve been basted bunny chops and rocket roasted bird a long time ago.  Instead, engineered obsolescence has produced a prolonged priming of their prides’ pump, precipitating a precarious pummeling of the pair of pitiful bipeds!


  19. If gold and silver never reset, survivors will just have to work and toil for the rest of their lives in the crony capitalist gulags. The pansy gold gurus sound like they have never had an honest career. If that reset never comes, survivors will not be as comfortable and fortunate as Sinclair sitting on the New England mountains. What happened to stubborn gold and silver investors in the 1980s after central banks hiked interest rates to the stratosphere?

    In 2008, the stock market and real estate crashed so badly that many retirement accounts never recovered on time. Retirees reentered the job market as part time grocery store greeters and food bank customers. Frugal grandmothers bought secondhand clothes for their grandchildren for Christmas. What kind of financial advisor has no stop targets? The pansy gold gurus are starting to sound like Jmi Cramer in 1999 and 2007.

    A conservative amount of precious metals and plenty of cash will always maintain peace of mind after many brutal bear attacks. This week was not different.

    • “In 2008, the stock market and real estate crashed so badly that many retirement accounts never recovered on time.”

      Typically, that is true of those who bail out of the market at or near its bottom and then never get back in again.  Those of us who stayed in and even added to our shares at the 2008 depressed prices did very well indeed.


      “A conservative amount of precious metals and plenty of cash will always maintain peace of mind after many brutal bear attacks.”

      Agreed.  Cash is vastly underrated by those in the financial advice game.  They want their clients to be “fully invested at all times”, mostly because a part of their income relies on this.  Is this best for the clients?  Not usually.  But, like selling annuities, it IS good for them.  Cash has some very important attributes.  First, it can be spent for living expenses so that depressed shares need not be sold at a loss.  Second, it allows the holder to use some of that cash to scoop up depressed shares that some other fellow has been forced to sell by market conditions and personal needs.  Finally, it gives one peace of mind in that they have time to consider their next financial move and need not act in haste when the market turns against them.  I consider a 20% allocation to cash as a wise financial move.  I have had that since I retired in 2004.  Has this reduced my potential earnings?  Probably.  But it has also reduced my losses.  Overall, this works for me.  Whether or not it will work for someone else is up to them to decide based on their own financial situation.

      As to the PMs, they are my SHTF insurance and long-term hedge against inflation.  I am very comfortable holding 15% or so of my wealth in PMs, mostly in silver but also in a little gold.


  20. 1.15 million isn’t so much really. 1.25% of the annual physical market.

    I have customers, average Joes, who own 30,000 ounces and more. It doesn’t take many of them to come to 1.15 million ounce.

    What exactly is the big deal? It’s impressive that so few paper ounces could move such a big market.

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