Craig Hemke Breaks Down the REAL Risk: Paper Gold/Silver Flash Crashes or the Entire Banking System?

    • Below we have the crowd with their typical one-liners and nothing to offer to the conversation.


      How about discussing the Precious Metals you guys instead of playing the man, try playing the ball and let us see if you have anything to offer. _JLG. 

    • @PowerBall


      “When does ANYONE ever get held accountable for their incredible rainbow hopium forecasts on this site?”

      They don’t… not ever.  But on the other hand, why should they?  I can tell you for a fact that anyone who could predict the future accurately could make BILLIONS of dollars from doing just that.  They would not be giving it away for free on this or any other web site.  Ergo, they cannot predict the future and they should not be expected to have that ability.  Consider their comments in the same vein as those made during TV commercials and all their talk of “new and improved”, whiz bang this, that, and 10 other things, blah, blah, blah.  When my itch for fantasy needs scratching, I watch sci-fi movies and TV shows.  😉


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