Lots of Things Going Our Way!
Legendary Billionaire Gold & Silver Investor Eric Sprott Isn’t Too Worried About This Latest Act of Desperation By the Cartel:
From SprottMoney:

  1. As the circus turns.  This man has not gotten one thing right yet!  The PM have reversed a 5 year downturn?  Really, are you joking, the price of Gold is under $1300 and silver back in the $16 shortly.  How  can anyone believe any of this bullshit!

    • Sprott, Maguire, Keiser, Turd etc are classic pumpers/shills who’ll say anything in order to extend/pretend their Chicken Little message in the hope that everyone doesn’t wake-up and realize how they’ve been spoon fed a bunch of BS hopium for years.


      At this point they’re just bottom fishing for newbs who don’t realize just how flat out wrong these guys have gotten it.


      Can someone tell me exactly what it is that they’ve been correct about besides their “manipulation  crutch” they lean on when their synthetic analysis doesn’t pan out again and again?


      Who would knowingly pay for consistent BS fake analysis and corny hyperbole on a daily basis?


    • Last year Maguire and The Turd were on Max Keiser’s “show” and they were predicting (a.k.a. making B.S. up) the gold market would break in 2016. Lol, seriously?

      Go here…


      And 1 year later Maguire and his shills are talking about how gold will now surge within 26 days?!? Lol!!!

      This is the same guy who said in early February that within 90 days there would be a gold price reset?!? C’mon…lol!

      It looks like just one more extend and pretend B.S. narrative and he gave himself another 30-60 days hoping that no one paid attention to the previous blown predictions over the years.

      When will someone take these pumpers to task publicly and ask them why they feel they can just make stuff up and talk crap over and over…month after month…year after year?







    • Hey Hazey,

      Yes, it’s been a long tough slog for PM’s investors and most technical analysis has been utterly useless.  I told Turd that a few years ago and was promptly kicked off his site for questioning one of his “moderators”, who was completely full of shit. I’m sure you recall all that nonsense. Regardless, cheers and Aloha,


  2. breaking a five year downturn as au/ag begin to fall apart. sorry, but this site has become nothing but a joke. how in good conscious can anyone recommend these articles to rational human beings….

    • We are not rational human beings, we come here daily, year after year to read how its about to break out from metal pushers and liars that will say anything to sell more metals. We bought the dips, we stacked and stacked and stacked some more.  We bought gold and we bought silver. Let me rephrase, I USED to buy a lot of silver (and a little gold) but after seeing my silver investment lose two-thirds of its value I’ve had enough, they win. Had I invested only 20% into Bitcoin of what I spend on silver in 2012 alone I would now be sitting on nearly three quarters of a million in profit. I will not by another ounce of silver, in fact I’m selling what I can afford and buying Bitcoin and Etherum. I sure as hell have a better chance of “preserving my wealth”. F*** silver.

    • slvrgold, ag has a far better chance of going below 10 than ever going above 22. if so, then an idiot would wait any longer to cut their loss. it may be that you’re that kind of guy, the bulk of the world isn’t that stupid. it’s the same as having that worthless trash of a girlfriend that you find out only wants your money.  a guy like you would still hang on hoping that everything changes, but rational guys would kick her vagina outta the house…..

  3. Silver, Peanuts, Charlie Brown and Lucy

    We are Charlie Browns who never grew up

    Lucy grew up, got married to a billionaire, changed her name

    She’s the senior senator from California

    Her name is Diane Feinstein

    She’s still jerking our balls away.

  4. @Bay of Pigs  It’s great to see you Bop by the boards

    I have taken to wearing full sized, extra strength adult Depends for one reason.

    Well, maybe for two reasons, but the main reason I wear said apparel is simple

    There will come a day, maybe soon; maybe the near future, when one of these gurus is right after 8 long years of relentless wrongness that is so wrong there isn’t even a word or definition of how wrong they’ve been.

    One will be more than just right.They’ll be  right in such a SPOT ON way that everything every said bad about this guru (unknown and unnameable) will vanish in an instant.   I’d be happy that gurus who’ve been wrong every day and in every way were proven right for once—just once, and move us beyond this vail of tears we’ve seen for nearly a decade.

    Until then,  good day and good cheer.


    PS Why do I wear Depends. Because when that day comes I’ll fill the diapers full up and then some in a paroxym of amazement.

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