With Silver Prices Popping Back Above $16, Are the Commercials Ready to GUN the Metals Higher?
Eric Sprott Breaks Down the “STUNNING STUNNING Reversal” in the Silver COT…
From SprottMoney:

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    • There are two narratives we repeatedly hear, interchangeably , regarding COT data

      1. Commercials are covering their shorts because metals are going to be gunned higher. We hear this after every pump and dump.

      2. Commercials are covering at lower prices and now have the neutral positioning to slam it again.

      Im hoping for 1. along with Mr. Sprott

  1. Stunning?

    Hucksters trying to pump up excitement about silver regaining $16 is akin to a landmine victim trying to stay positive that only 3 limbs were blown off.

    You have to realize at some point that these guys wills say anything in the present or future tense but NEVER revisit the numerous blown B.S. synthetic predictions from just recently or years past.


    And then there’s the fresh Maguire nonsense that exposed what it’s all about. Pretend and extend, ignore reality and keep trolling for fresh meat who has no clue about their abysmal track record.

    Turd’s world of self aggrandizement now believes he can offer an apologist excuse or vouch for Maguire…based on what?
    Seriously, what? Based on some fantasy scenario and your imagination or your sense of self preservation because the B.S. narrative is coming to an end and you’re sensing the crowd finally waking up to it and you? You’re too late.
    Weren’t you, Maguire and Max Keiser telling everyone last year that the gold market would collapse by end of 2016??? And how about the year before that etc.?
    How pathetic has this charade become?
    Lol, you want to talk about completely shooting yourself in the foot and going down with the entire  ship that Maguire and his pumper buddies(paid apologists/shills) clearly represent.
    There’s alot more comments at the link.

  2. stacking the shiny silver phyzz at these low artificial prices.. dam skippy, what are you waiting on, back the truck up and get some of that shiny… 1% of the US population gets it, that the shiny phyzz is REAL MONEY! Common core education is at play, anyone under 45 does not comprehend real money unless home schooled or private educated. What happened to reading, writing and arithmetic?

    Stacking the silver shiny phyzz one troy ounce at a time.

  3. Seriously when does ANYONE other than the commentators call out Andrew McGuire for his fairy dust hopium call that was released early June?   He forecasted in ~26 a days massive spike in gold price back on June 9.


    I understood from his follow-up article last week this was going to be a gold backed crypto currency and 250 tonnes for physical delivery would hit the markets any day.  Since then it’s been crickets.

    If you look at the marketcaps of the crypto currencies in order to purchase 250 tonnes of gold that’s somewhere around $9 billion USD.  To do this with a crypto currency it would need to immediately be the 3rd largest.  So only Bitcoin and Ethereum would be larger than this gold fund out of the 100’s out there.  In 1 day it would over take Litecoin, DASH, Monero, etc.  To say this seems fishy is an understatement…

    The problem is there are already several crypto’s which back or partially back their coins / tokens with physical gold.  None of these are performing very well.  So I have no idea how he plans to raise this type of capital using crypto currencies.

    Can anyone shed more light on this prediction?  Any updates other than what we already heard last Friday?  Or just another incredible hopium call based on loose facts and unicorns designed to create panic buys into the metals?

    • Shed some light?

      Ok, how about considering the notion that there was absolutely NO BASIS for anything Maguire and friends have said for years based on nothing else but a contrived doomer narrative laced with spy-like intrigue that hints at having some type of insider knowledge.

      And then there’s irrelevant psycho-babble crap like this…

      “Oh Mother, Our Mother! Your fearful trip is not done. Your Fed has scammed every rack, yet the prize you sought is not won.”


      …from just one of a myriad of Jim Kramer wannabe’s who’ll say anything (nursery rhymes? really?) to distract from previous blown calls or last weeks  self-inflicted Maguire debacle.

      This is how I’ve seen it for years and it can relate to many things in life…


      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us.

      It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”


      -Carl Sagan-




    • @Powerball:  Yes. Andrew McGuire tweeted yesterday in response to Craig Hempke’s comment about the Terry Duffy article, that “It won’t be long now”. He said he would update asap.

      I’m willing to wait and see on this one. Yes, he missed the timing, but I doubt he threw this out there without actual knowledge of something in the works.  There is no apparent upside to a random public speculation on his part…but there is plenty of downside.

      Lot’s of bubbling out there, including the ongoing crypto meltdown…


    • Nope, don’t let the cats out.  They might be harvested as food items or used in some sort of weird animal sacrifice ritual by those hoping to curry favor with whatever dark forces may be loosed upon the world.


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