SprottIn the excellent interview below, Eric Sprott discusses exciting developments in the physical gold market as well as the historic price discrepancies currently seen in silver:

Kraken SDBullion

Kraken SDBullion

  1. If Japan’s bond market goes totally neg we will have to go to alert code red!!!

    At the rate Japan’s bond market is going it will take less than two weeks to go totally neg!!!  If anyone tells you that bonds are still a save haven tell them no thanks and make your stack of PM’s your garateed save haven!!!!

    The Japanese will have to work overtime to save face of their honor!!!

    Killroy was here

    • “If anyone tells you that bonds are still a save haven tell them no thanks…”

      Indeed.  A lot of investing “professionals” are stuck in the past when US Treasury paper really was “as good as gold” because it was based on US dollars that were backed by gold.  Now, fast forward 4 decades to the present.  Young investing pros are still being taught what was valid 40+ years ago but no longer is valid.

      Like a lot of other paper investments, US Gov bonds are nothing more than a promise written on paper.  Heck, a lot of the bonds that are “owned” these days are simply book entries at the US Treasury and in some brokerage’s computers, so aren’t even written on paper.

      My wife inherited a reasonable amount of US bonds from her parents.  These were from the 1990s, for the most part, and paid 4-4.5% interest.  She has some some of these that were nearing their maturity date and sold them but kept others.  In the current financial environment, it is difficult to make a good argument against a 4+ percent interest bearing UST bond.  She has the certificates because her parents never owned a computer.  As these mature, they will be sold because once they mature they stop paying additional interest.  I would be a lot happier if these were sold and the money put into PMs but keeping a happy marriage means that she does what she wants with what is hers.  Same goes for me and the money I inherited from my folks, so it works out pretty evenly.  As long as the US Gov and dollar survive, these will continue to have value.  It is possible that the US Gov and dollar will not survive but that seems a long shot to me… possible but not likely.  If it does happen, it could well be years from now.  Hopefully, they will all be sold by then and the money put into real property of some kind.


  2. Gold goes Down… badaboum…patatras as we say in french…I think I should become a french teacher basing my teaching of french on gold assets…I shall also wear some kinky items…anyone interested?

  3. The elites cannot kill off Japan fast enough. The  BOJ goes FULL RETARD NIRP. Between NIRP,

    Fukushima, the demographic death watch and that weird suicide club practiced by the Japanese leaders, I’d give Japan 10 years tops before the island is uninhabited and uninhabitable by life form more advanced that single call organisms; maybe cockroaches.

    • @AGXIIK


      Cockroaches or elites?  What’s the difference?  😉

      Yes, Japan does indeed seem to be engaged in a form of national seppuku.  If they do not get rid of their idiotic Keynesian approach to economics, they will be toast.  I predict that in 20-25 years, there won’t be a Japan… just another group of islands where Japan used to be, occupied by and added to China.

      Much of the West is no better off these days, following Pied Piper Keynes down the primrose path to utter economic destruction.  The theory seems to be that we will all be equal then.  Yeah, right.  Equally poor, hungry, and miserable, perhaps.  Will that be when we can once again feel good about ourselves?  🙁


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