After years of black-balling the GATA Chairman, CNBC invited Bill Murphy onto its SquawkBox program for a LIVE interview, which spun out of control rather quickly for the financial pundits when Murphy took the conversation to silver, and specifically where the white metal is headed when the banksters lose control of their price manipulation scheme: 
Silver is their Kryptonite.  If they lose control of silver, the game’s over! If Silver takes out $18.50, its on its way to $100!
The GATA Chairman’s Full MUST WATCH Interview is Below:

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  1. This is highly unusual.

    Do you think a CNBC follower can understand/do any thing about the infomation.

    Or will it turn out that the corporate media can say ” we warned you “……suckers. Deal with currency devaluation. While insiders ride the Gold/Silver train thats left the station.

  2. Did you catch near the beginning when the interviewer was talking about the public’s distrust in the Currency and the Federal Banks? Is this an opening for pushing a cashless society red flag and public awareness? Gold and Silver a backing for a cashless society? Lol  Keep Stacking

    • Except distrust in currency & Federal banks were spoke in the same breath.

      If you dont trust banks or their xurrency, why would you trust you entire life to their digital computers?

      This interview was strangely accomodative! With the single 0 sum game lead, which bait wasnt taken. Perhaps just an innocent question? No smirks, no riddicule…very strange indeed!

  3. What a load of rubbish GATA was formed in 1999 to warn about an evil cartel who were keeping the price suppressed ,SO what happened Gold went up 10 years on the trot .Murphy comes across as a slightly mad snake oil salesmen peddling snake oil remedies.YOu have to be an idiot to spout such nonsense but an even bigger idiot to believe this tosh.




    • I was there in 1999 when GATA was formed in Vancouver BC at the Cambridge House Resource Conference. Back then it was JPM and Barrick doing all the heavy lifting of suppressing gold, not to mention Gordon Browns Bottom where he dumped UK gold into the market (1999-2002).  It was years before gold starting moving higher in earnest through $300 and then $500. Once it broke through $850 and especially $1000, they started to lose control and had to intervene with massive paper dumping efforts. The FED, UST, ESF and BIS got directly involved in April 2011 with the false flag Bin Laden PM smash of PM’s. It is all documented with facts.


      You have no idea what you’re talking about. Open your eyes and ears to the reality of Central Bank intervention and market manipulation.

  4. “Silver is their Kryptonite.”…Disagree. I’ve never heard a reasoned argument to convince me silver is the Achille’s heal to the rigging of the “game”. TPTB can let silver go and still remain in control. Goodness, they can let gold go and still remain in control. What they can’t do is let the bond market go. The masses have no relationship to gold and silver, but interest rates, credit, inflation, jobs, people are in tune with those things.

    • “TPTB can let silver go and still remain in control. Goodness, they can let gold go and still remain in control.”

      Totally disagree.  The name of the game is about control and issuance of ‘money’.  Gold and Silver, being hard and honest money, are the complete opposite of debt-based fiat ‘money’ (a counterfeit).  A shooting price in Gold/Silver will signal to the world that faith in fiat ‘money’ has been lost, thus leading to collapse of the modern financial and economic system (made possible only by the acceptance and use of fiat ‘money’).  Even Paul Volcker admitted that they made a mistake by letting the price of Gold rise in the previous ‘crisis’, where he had to take interest rates for holding fiat ‘money’ to 20% in order to save the US Dollar’s role as ‘world’ currency.

      Silver is a much smaller market than Gold, thus much easier to control and manipulate.  It is much easier to control sentiment in precious metals by controlling the price of Silver, thus holding back Gold.  The reason that central banks don’t hoard Silver is that there isn’t enough available ‘hoardable’ physical Silver for them to hoard.  Plus, they would rather Gold be money rather than Silver, since they have control of most of the Gold, whereas Silver is in the hands of the people.  Remember also that, before they de-monetized Gold, Silver was first de-monetized.  Silver going up in price would mean it’s becoming saved as money again, and that would be the biggest competitor to fiat ‘money’ in the eyes of the people.

    • When ‘they’ lose control of Gold/Silver the ensuing loss of confidence in FIAT will usher in the final death knell for the bond/stock/credit markets. FIAT failure will flatline liquidity and at least temporarily ‘freeze’ nearly all economic activity worldwide. The millions of folks that know something is “wrong” but can’t quite put their finger on exactly what it is will have something to focus on when Silver jumps to $50/500/5 whatever.

    • Pleb and tBomb….Yeah, I’ve heard all that before and it might have been true when the dollar was tied to gold.  But, since 1971 there is no direct trading link between the two.  I contend that silver could go to $400 and the USDx would not be effected.  The USDx is not an empirical value.  It is a ratio.  Silver at $400 would effect all currencies in the basket leaving the ratio essentially unchanged.

    • I went back and listened again INat38, I believe what he was saying was WHEN it hits $18.50, that’s when it is unstoppable and will ‘explode’ up to $100.  You and I can both hope that it hits that $18.50 number soon and that Murphy’s prediction is correct.  Heck fire, it’s OK with me if SILVER goes to $2000.  I’ve had 90% of my ‘stack’ since pre-2000, started ‘hoarding’ in the late 60’s and I am way past ready to spend some of it before I croak.  I do feel your pain…in at 38.  Hang on, I do believe that the top is going to come off soon.

    • ‘negative interest rates’ + ‘cashless society’ are keywords for everyone to buy gold and silver asap . … silver would have hit $50 but it was manipulated lower to stop it from hitting $100… “$3000 – $5000 gold is in the bank” … sounds conservative.

  5. i have mentioned several times before that i watch the main stream media closely too. like a light switch they have covertly been presenting positive reports recently about the metals all over western media. i have also seen their “mood” of reporting change with respect to property, the economy, etc etc. they are presenting more negative sentiment on pretty much everything else.

    this is no accident. just like putting bill murphy on CNBC was no accident. it was planned – a small part of instigating the upcoming financial catastrophes.

    this across the board “marketing” indicates to me that they are very much in control of the public’s thinking and easily direct the sheople into or out of whatever asset class they want.  it takes time to change public opinion, but i believe the ball has been set rolling. there is now stopping it now. i believe some pretty big (bad) events will be coming in the not too distant future.

    • @silver-nurse

      I do believe that you have hit the nail on the head. Bill Murphy on CNBC without a naysaying, smirking talking head as a counterbalance is jaw droppingly significant. If this isn’t a huge billboard screaming that the Gig is finally up I don’t know what is.

      Hold on tight folks because it looks like big changes are a coming, much sooner rather than later. I had hoped for at least a couple more years in the matrix, now I wonder if we even make it to the Election…

  6. Its funny, they’ve tried to steer the masses against Trump. Internet articles bashing his every statement, msm doing the same, pollssaying how hes polled to lose Nevada, polls saying how he scores low with the hispanic vote, it goes on and on…. But he picked up speed, and crushed Nevada!  Its nice to see people thinking for themselves, whether yoy like trump or not, the population is anti-establishment, and mad as hell, and no psy-ops they can throw out seem to work. Lol!

  7. C’mon…it goes to $18.50, it goes to $100! where’s the logic in that? Oh, you were using those charts and graphs that don’t mater in a manipulation. I’ll bet you that hundred dollars Bill that it doesn’t matter if it hits $18.50 or any other Bill Murphy magic number.  Don’t get me wrong, I hope that happens and I’ve beed waiting for 6 years for it. I’ve heard all of this before (from Bill) and their grip continues to remain firm.

  8. If Murphy gets publicity on CNBC that does not mean the word is getting out, any more than Jim Rickards telling his audience that crap is about to hit the fan. The audiences of aware people, wealthy people, stackers and their like are not the vast number of people who really need to hear this.  CNBC’s audience is very small.

    This is excellent information from Murphy but showing it on a small audience venue means it will pop up, be heard by a handful of people, few of whom will really understand what he is saying and then disappear from view;  like a Ginzu infomercial shown once on NPR at 2.30 AM Monday morning, or a 1,000 watt AM station broadcasting in Modesto, with power to transmit a total of 2 hours a day.

    • @AGXIIK

      The simple fact that CNBC provided a legitimate forum for Murphy is likely more significant than the size of the audience.  I do not recollect any time in recent history when this has occurred and the CNBC forum was probably just a trial balloon to gauge the reaction of those that are paying attention.  If they are in any way accommodating Murphy now, something big is underfoot, this does not even remotely resemble their modus operandi for the past several years. They are cold and calculating and this was done deliberately, likely to start weighing the best way to “break it to everyone” that we’re truly flat broke in every sense of the word with the least possible collateral damage.

  9. @tbombadil  Good points all.  I hadn’t thought of it that way.  If this element of the MSM wants to shove a wedge into the facade and crack it open a bit, others might enter.  CNBC would get some kudos for the first MSM to bring this too light. Not too bright a light, just in case they face blowback but they were the first to the well.  If we see more and more of this story and Murphy appears on other primary media channels, this could be a huge news event and the emperor is going to be  seen as buck ass nekkid PDQ

    • CNBC Asia or Antarctica, the interview was in English and afaik CNBC Asia is still a subsidiary of CNBC. They had to know that this video would receive coverage in the U.S.

    • That is exactly my point. This won’t get any coverage in the US, same as the other GATA interviews which have appeared on CNBC Asia before.

      Silver Doctors is almost irrelevant as far as information flow goes. You are reading way too much into this story.

  10. Dont you realize the position of the cam, in which Bill has to look and how it is planted on a position, which makes him look quite moronic?!

    I am quite sure from the body language science, Bills eyes have the position of people who are telling lies and the camera forces him doing so.

    Of course it was a trap and it snapped.

    And after this interview, they smashed silver hard, …

    and called the asylum workforce to come with the white jacket in Bills well fitting size …


    that was the goal … to discredit him … nothing else …


  11. It was a great interview!!  Go Bill,  it was good to see CNBC put someone on with his viewpoints!!!  I truly believe in what he says and one day in our lifetimes we will consider him the financial Nostredamus (ok spell checkers I left it open).

    I don’t think it was any discredit to Bill,  I think the interview was very fair and the questions were relevant, I don’t  believe they tried to discredit him.  He answered precise and put forth his arguement.  I’m just shocked the central banks didn’t pull the feed!!!! 😉

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