Just How High Does Clif High’s Web bot See Silver Prices Going In the Coming Financial Collapse?

  1. Clif High said a few years ago that there was a catastrophic event coming to the NW USA where all the bridges in the NW would fall, thereby trapping millions of people and crippling any type of overland movement.

    I’m not sure why anyone would listen to Clif High.  He is in his own delusional world and clearly has time to imagine some interesting fantasies, yet calls them legitimate research.

    Better off listening to Blo Polny, who has also shown himself to be a complete moron, I might add.

    Complete fairy tale science.  Clif High is ruining his own reputation.

    • “Clif High is ruining his own reputation.”

      That’s generally how one’s reputation is lost.  I have read some comments from this fellow but the few that I have seen seemed quite idiotic.  I don’t know.  Perhaps CH is an acquired taste?


    • “Those making predictions are always mocked, until the event happens.”

      Those making false predictions are always mocked.  Then if the event finally happens, after umpteen failed predictions, no one is listening any more.  How many times must he cry “WOLF!” with no wolf sighted before people finally get it that he has no flipping idea what a wolf is or where it might be located?

      Most on here have more than sufficient brain-power to figure things out for themselves with no “help” needed from these so-called self-anointed gurus.


    • Hmmm .. . .  wonder if the CA big dam collapse will turn out to be the catastrophic event or another big overdue earthquake . . . High is not a predictor . . . he is just compiling language trying to figure out the trend.


      As for Polny, wrong too many times – the opposite usually happens.  Explosion is not few cents again above $18. . . . his simplistic math method is just that . . . too simplistic. . . and “outside” the cabal to know . . .

  2. I agree, of all of the waste of time morons that get space here, “self educated” Clif High with a baseless word counting translation into meaninglessness wins highest honors for most senseless biggest waste of time and effort!!

  3. He’s a quirky, interesting guy that’s fun to listen to as a form of entertainment, but I don’t put a lot of stock in his predictions as he’s been wrong at least as much as he’s been right. Sometimes when I come to SD and see articles like this, Polny, Swing I feel like a fool.

    Nevertheless, I would still council any person to buy a roll of silver ounces, hide them away, and then get back to their normal life and don’t listen to the internet.



    • “he’s been wrong at least as much as he’s been right”


      Expert bettors are right only 55% of the time. Why would you think a prediction mixed with randomness could be 100% accurate? The critics don’t understand the difficulty of making predictions.

    • “Sometimes when I come to SD and see articles like this, Polny, Swing I feel like a fool.”

      You don’t need to feel that way, Don Q.  The real fools, IMO, are the people who follow the advice of these people, lose their shirts, and then come on here blaming everyone but themselves for what happened to them.  Such stories are sad but they are also all too common.  Everyone’s bottom line should be that no one cares as much about our money and our financial well-being as we do, so we need to educate ourselves to be our own financial advisers so that we don’t have to depend on others to do it for us.  While most financial advisers are good people who work hard and do a fine job, some of them are out and out thieves who must be avoided at all costs.  The problem that most of us have is in telling the good from the not so good.

      The part of this that really ticks me off is that a VERY good case can be made for owning some silver and / or gold.  Hype is neither needed nor helpful.  If one just takes a look at the mathematics of our financial situation as a nation, it becomes very clear that we are in BIG trouble.  A $20T debt is virtually unpayable.  It is WAY too  large to be repaid via growing the economy, unless something truly radical is developed that does great things and is cheap to build.  Think anti-gravity vehicles, Mr. Fusion power systems, and the like. In other words, the chances of us coming through the current crushing debt level unscathed is virtually nil.

      Added to this is that fiat currencies always fail, they always lose their buying power to the inflation that is built into them, so become worth less and less until finally they become completely worthless.  Diversification is one of the most potent forces that an investor can harness to their financial plan.  But it is funny to see so many have 100% of their assets in US$ denominated assets, such as stocks, bonds (debt), ETFs, etc.  Their paper investments may well be quite diversified among the various forms of paper but it is ALL in US dollars.  If the dollar collapses (black swan event, small likelihood of occurrence but devastating in damage IF it does occur), all US$ based assets will be wiped out.  Gold and silver diversifies us out of having everything in US$.  Other currencies can be owned but if the US$ fails, it will likely cause a financial tsunami that will inundate all other fiat currencies and economies.  An alternative to this scenario is required if we wish to reduce the effects that this will have on us and our families.

      The final thought that I have on this is that we KNOW that inflation is real.  We see it when we shop for food and other necessities.  Things seem to get more and more expensive because our dollars are becoming worth less and less with the passage of time.  In good times when jobs are plentiful and wages good, this effect is easily over-looked but in times like the past 8+ years, this effect has been glaringly obvious.  Gold and silver retain their buying power better than most other affordable assets.  That which could have been purchased for a fixed amount of gold or silver a few decades ago still can be.  This is on average.  Some things will cost a little more while others cost a little less but overall, anyone holding gold and silver instead of just paper money has retained their buying power.  I know a few people who reached retirement age with about $100,000 in their savings and figured they were set for life.  That seemed like a huge sum of money to them.  In fact, while it is a respectable amount, it is not a life-sustaining supplementary fund over a retirement period of 20-30 years, if not more.  Inflation can and will consume a large portion of it unless one has something of tangible value, like gold and silver, that can offset the loss of wealth to inflation.


    • @ed_b : A stable financial system can work with a 10% backing of capital (A lot sounder than todays system). It would also be possible to back the money (debt in the usury system) with a 10% in gold, hence the real value of gold would be 7600 $/oz, a price that I believe will be attained in less than 5 years. That would be the price if the gold amount is real, if there is only half, then the price would have to go over 15k.

      I don´t see other stable option as the Ponzi scheme is increasingly less trusted.

    • @Paco


      You’re right about that.  I had not considered partial currency backing with gold / silver.  I am aware of this but did not include it in my post.  Thanks for the reminder!  🙂

      One of the things about partial backing is that we have to trust the US Gov to have the percentage backing in hand that they say they do.  I can very easily see this trickling down from the official percentage to a much lower percentage.   Governments LOVE to spend other people’s money.  It is irresistible, so they will gravitate towards this at every possible opportunity.  I guess the question there is, “How do we keep them honest in the backing?”.  Off hand, I don’t know.  If gold and silver coins are money, then it becomes a lot easier to estimate just how much money is in the economy.  Since the coins typically would be 90% gold or silver, they are the backing.

      Another point is that when we had a dual metallic money standard, gold and silver, we also had paper money that was convertible into gold or silver “on demand”, which is to say that the person holding the money could decide whether they wanted metal or paper.  I very well remember back in the late 1950s when one could go into most stores and any back where paper could be swapped for silver or silver for paper.  It was a very common transaction.  This fact alone kept the government finance relatively honest, which they hate, and sharply curtailed government spending, which they also hate.  We have a HUGE national debt today specifically because those in government tend to be spendthrifts.  They have lost sight of the difference between “want” and “need”.  The failure of the Oroville Dam spillway in California is a perfect example of what happens to vital infrastructure when government drops the ball by spending on non-essentials, such as social programs for illegal aliens and other feel-good programs, while essentials go begging.

      Bottom line is that IF some sort of forced truth in finance mechanism could be implemented, then I would be in favor of even partial US currency backing by gold and / or silver metal and preferably both.  But as with most complex things, the devil WILL be in the details.

      My last thought on this is, “What would we call a partially metals-backed currency?”.  Currency?  Money?  Hybrid curmoney?  😉


    • @Ed_B  If you like your paper money, you can keep your paper money?.   


      German hyperinflation, from Wikipedia. Last time I tried to bring something here from Wikipedia, it allegedly had too many links and I was off the boards for about 3 weeks.


      That is why I’ve copied a JPEG. _JLG.   





    • lol @JohnLGalt


      “If you like your paper money, you can keep your paper money?”.

      Gee, thanks, John, you’re a real prince.  😉

      Fact is, paper money has its place but to be truly useful it has to be backed by something of considerable value and not merely “the full faith and credit” of a bankrupt lying government.  I can promise you that having $250k in my pocket in the form of a paper check is a LOT more convenient than having that same amount in gold coins.  The trick here is to make paper money convertible into gold or silver as were the old gold and silver certificates of 1932 and before.

      The basic conflict before us is that honest money is not favored by dishonest people.  The opportunities for bribery, graft, and corruption are FAR greater under a “we can print all we want” fiat system.



      @Ed_B  While I’ve got your attention Ed 


      While I’ve got your attention Ed, in case you didn’t get to watch this old Video of

       Merrill Jenkins – MONEY, the Greatest Hoax on Earth’   He is debating precious metals backing paper promises with a FED Official.  
      p.s. You may have to rewind to the start.   



    • @grunta




      It’s looking like it would be worth less than the LARGE stack of silver and gold that I own… whether or not there’s a devaluation, collapse, etc.   🙂


      On the other hand, if I have a heart attack or get hit by a bus and die, nothing that I now own will be worth anything to me.  We don’t know the future or when it will become the present.  Hedging our bets is about all we can do.  The $250k check is merely an example of the convenience of paper money.  It’s a LOT easier to mail or carry around paper than it is to mail or carry around gold and silver.


      When gold and silver were used as money, there were paper gold and silver certificates that were payable to the certificate bearer on demand.  Both could be converted into the other at any time in most stores and all banks.  In good times, people often preferred the convenience of paper money.  In bad times, they tended to prefer the financial solidity of the metals themselves.  The important point in this is that they had a choice as to what they held in their hands.  This also put a significant damper on the US Gov’s ability to spend money.  They HAD to keep enough gold and silver metal available to cover all of the gold and silver certificates that they’d printed.  Today, nothing stops them from printing currency out the wazoo… so they do.  This is the primary reason we have a staggering $20T debt.

  4. Let’s all get positive here.  If the national debt is 20 trillion dollars and we are forced to go back on the gold standard to cover out debts, that means gold would need to be at least $80,000 and ounce and that should put silver somewhere between $6,000 to $10,000 and ounce.  WOW, stackers rejoice!

    Hey, my logic is just as sound as Clif High’s, or Blow Pony, or Mr. Swang, uh??!

    • Yep.  The numbers I use show that gold would have to be over $76k per oz. if we “assume” that the US Gov does in fact have the 8,150 tons of gold that they claim to have.  Since it is unlikely that they really DO have this amount, the cost per ounce would have to be higher to cover the fact that they have less gold than they claim… and perhaps MUCH less than they claim.

      Given a $76k gold price, if silver were valued at 1/50 of gold, it would mean a silver price of over $1500 per oz.  Of course, a good case could be made for a lower G:S ratio and a higher silver price.  If this ratio were to be 1:10 instead of 1:50, 5 times as high a silver price or about $7500 would be necessary.

      Depending on what else was happening at the time, stackers could indeed be rejoicing.  😀


    • @Ed_B : A stable financial system can work with a 10% backing of capital (A lot sounder than todays system). It would also be possible to back the money (debt in the usury system) with a 10% in gold, hence the real value of gold would be 7600 $/oz, a price that I believe will be attained in less than 5 years. That would be the price if the gold amount is real, if there is only half, then the price would have to go over 15k.
      I don´t see other stable option as the Ponzi scheme is increasingly less trusted.

    • @Paco


      Agreed.  Some sort of REAL backing is necessary for a currency to hold much of its value over time.  That backing can be a lot of things.  Traditionally, it has been gold and silver.  But it could be other things that have intrinsic value, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, beef, pork, chicken, lumber, oil & gas, etc.  It’s easier to use PMs as backing because they are easy to make of known weight and purity.  The quality of other commodities can be difficult to determine.


      In the meantime, PMs are for saving and fiat currency is for spending.  Inflation and devaluation of a currency have little to no effect as long as it is spent quickly.

  5. Absolutely had a guts full of all the never ending predictions of how high gold and silver are going to go to. Never say silver might go to $50 one day. It’s always  some extraordinary amount. How do they know. Why do they need to tell us. The metals will go to whatever the situation is. We will all find out in due course.  Several years ago it was gold going to $5000 one day. That amount has been said so often that it is no longer mentioned, because the predictors know it doesn’t have the same impact now, so now they say figures like $10,000 or $20,000. Fact is they don’t know any better than you and I. Plus all they can see are dollar signs.  They are like a gold prospector, lusting and dreaming of making a fortune. I wish they would shut up and keep their dreams to themselves

    • Fortunately, none of us are forced to read their predictions.  We can and many of us do skip their articles because we KNOW that NO ONE knows the future.

      But we DO know that inflation is real and that the inflation that we experience is greater than that claimed to be happening by the Fed and the US Gov.  Because of this, we all need to develop a long-term plan for protecting our wealth from the theft of our buying power that inflation does.  For me and probably most on here, that means owning some assets, the value of which does not disappear due to inflation.  Fine art, exotic cars, productive land, and good businesses all have this financial capacity to fight inflation.  So do gold and silver.  No, they are not perfect but they are better than most other things that we could buy and unlike a number of them both gold and silver coins are relatively affordable.


  6. Clif loves to talk…. boy does he love to talk.   You could ask him a question and he would start talking.   You could leave the room and come back an hour later and he would still be talking.

    Clif knows everything there is to know about everything and he is totally right……….. he said so.

    Seriously though.    Clif’s spiders go out and bring back conversations.   The things people talk about NOT what they do.   People talk all the time about stupid ideas that never come true (Bo Polny?).

    The problem is Clif believes what people are saying so that’s what ends up in his ALTA report.

    • “You could leave the room and come back an hour later and he would still be talking.”
      Thanks for starting the morning out with a laugh.  🙂   Must get a little lonely out there in the woods at times.

      Hopefully he filters out BS chatter and focuses on the group which stepped to the side and is witness to the crowd painting themselves into a serious economic corner.

  7. Silver Doctors must be HARD UP, this Krazy Guy has made me a believer that S.D will put up anything, over and over again, even if it is just plain BULLSHIT.  What a waste of time reading this garbage has become.

  8. once i had talked to him via twitter, he insisted he had predicted brexit too, in one of his monthly “report”. this is man has big ego.


    there is only one man who is talking about silver at $600, that is he himself.

  9. The trouble with webots is that like most conspiracy theorist they do not, indeed cannot, check their inputs.  Clif takes all their outputs seriously and takes every fringe wacko, nutjob and fruitcake theory out there and future developments there on as literal truth (x 58% apparently).  His science ain’t too good either…..

    …. However when the inputs are grounded in reality his web bots do indeed come up with some interesting and surprising stuff which makes him worth listening to 20% of the time at least.  Its a bit like listening to Jim Willie but not as repetetive … as the web bots move on.

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