Fed monkeyFor those paying attention, the market is giving signals which indicate that the silver manipulation scheme is becoming unmanageable…

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Submitted by Dave Kranzler:

The Open Interest in silver is close to the new all time record high – set just last week – and gold’s Open Interest is at the same level as 2011 when gold hit it’s all time high in value. As you know the acquisition cost of gold is about $600 less than in 2011 which makes the Open Interest all the stronger. What will it be when gold really starts moving again?

In this episode of the Shadow of Truth’s Market Update, we dig into the signals being given by the market which indicate that the silver manipulation scheme is becoming unmanageable.  In addition, we discuss the ongoing global systemic financial and economic collapse.
A Quick Move to $1900: Jim Willie Breaks Down BREXIT Impact On GOLD and SILVER

Jim Sinclair Believes This Bull Move Will Ultimately Take The Price of Gold to $50,000/oz!!

Live and Historical Market Data, Charts, and PM Prices:

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  1. I used to use Netdania all the time for my real time charts. It changed to needing a specil extra browser for it to work, and now I really can’t get the old version anymore.

    Anyone have an online chart service where I can overlay more than one chart, and get to choose for instance EUR silver, not just USD spot? Thanks!

    • I don’t think they lost control. The moment they will, gold will be into 5 digits and silver into 3 digits. I think they are giving up some of their manipulative action in PMs to concentrate their action more on stocks (expecially bank stocks) and bonds. I hope they are going to loose control completely very soon…

    • It will cut loose when Soros is ready to USURP the EU Nazi regime and take control of the party while financially decimating them.

      Funny thing about evil teams, the Dark Side only has two, a master and a subservant- who is always lurking in the shadows, waiting for his master to show weakness so he may slay him and take control.

      EU has lesser Sith minions vying for control of a flailing superstate. All were united in overthrowing the Jedi, using their democracy against the people until there was no democracy, now I perceive them overthrowing one another to take control of the project.

      No, Im not talking Star Wars, Im talking EU/Brussles/Germany/France/Soros

      Funny thing is, I thought Star Wars made it to Europe, how could they not perceive their losses in this manner?

    • @Shamus001


      “Funny thing is, I thought Star Wars made it to Europe, how could they not perceive their losses in this manner?”


      The Dark Side clouds everything!  Muahahahahaha!  lol


  2. Perception of the big boys losing control is precisely the message they are giving to the well read. Financial sector must be preserved ” Big Banks” for the Ponzi to continue. Pet rocks are not of there concern at the moment. Until silver hits $50, it will not be on there radar.

    Stacking and always packing

    • Their radar has not been so picky for the past 4 years.  Perhaps there is now more  competition for their time and attention?


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