Bo Polny Believes A Breakout Has Just Occurred in Silver, and Prices Are About to “Explode” Over 300% Higher…In The Next 72 DAYS…


(Editor’s Note: While we would love to see gold and silver over $2,000 and $60/oz by May, we suggest taking Polny’s latest PM forecast with a grain of salt, considering his previous track record)

Submitted by Bo Polny:

In December 2016 while market analysts Martin Armstrong and Harry Dent were once again writing about gold UNDER $1000, we stated on December 16, 2016 gold had bottomed at $1124 and would go NO LOWER (to VERIFY Click Here).

We ended up being correct to the exact day and price.

Then on February 10, 2017 we posted this video below indicating Gold & Silver were to BREAKOUT BEGINNING the week of February 13-17, 2017 and to expect a NEW DAWN for the precious metals. On February 16, 2017 silver closed at $18.07 ABOVE a 6-year UNbroken Bullish Wedge at $18, see attached chart.


A PRICE EXPLOSION follows in the days and weeks ahead! Gold will be over $2000 and Silver over $60 by May 2017, if not sooner; and the fear-provoking gold analysts Armstrong and Dent will once and for all be proven incorrect!


  1. Why this man gets covered on here is beyond me. Years and years of absolute predictions that never materialize….and never a word of explanation of why….just the next wild wide eyed assurance.

    Sometimes words just fail. This is one of them.

    • For gold and silver this guy hasn’t been able to forecast his way out of a wet paper bag!!

      It’s not that he’s been wrong multiple times but INCREDIBLY WRONG multiple times.  There’s a difference!

      Being wrong is stating silver will go to $20 by May and instead it flounders and drops to $17.

      Being incredibly wrong is stating silver will go to $60 by May but instead it drops to $15.  That’s a 400% mistake and anyone that bought stocks or leveraged instruments could easily go broke or lose significant amounts of their wealth or get trapped into trades for years just trying to break even.

      So far Bo has been on the INCREDIBLY WRONG side of the silver trade.  Follow him at your own peril.




    • Logic:

      Let’s bash Bo Polny because he is wrong.

      But lets praise Clif High and $600 silver.

      (But don’t mention his calls of $30+ silver in 2016

      Just sweep that under the carpet.)

      The hypocrosy of the alternative media never ceases to amaze me…

    • You raise a good point @Tim.  I don’t believe either of them but Clif just seems more intelligent and likable than Bo, who in my opinion seems quite disingenuous and ‘slimy’ for lack of a better term. Plus Bo Polny rhymes so well with random words such as:


      This happy coincidence presents me with an irresistible urge to create random phrases that sound like Bo Polny, such as:

      Phony Bologna
      Phony balogna Bo Polny [^^^^^^^^^^^^]


      It’s not personal per se, just some immature fun at the expense of a weaselly huckster.

    • @4 oz


      Price does like to go on and on, doesn’t he?  But it is more than a little odd that silver coins have not appeared in the countries that have the most silver.  One would think that countries like Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, and Poland would do this before Russia.  In fact, it makes a lot more sense for Russia to be doing this as one of their “thumb in the West’s eye” type moves than for any concern about the Russian people having money instead of currency.

      Not that I am opposed to the issuance of real money by any national government but it will be interesting to see just how long that real money remains in circulation.  Typically, such money gets hoarded and disappears from circulation muy pronto.

    • Bo’s Previous and endless spoutings as to the immanent dramatic rise in the value of the PMs, can hardly be termed ‘predictions’, as that would imply some level of connection between the events forecast and the unfolding reality, something that has so far been spectacularly missing from any of Bo’s happy dreams about possible post-apocalyptic futures. If you take my advice all of Bo’s writings should be viewed as the rantings of a happy and over-optimistic idiot. But hey, fill your boots my friend….

    • My personal truthful opinion, “You can not serve GOD and mammon, he’s in big trouble with God! REPENT BO. He said in 2016 as I recall , The Gold and Silver was going Sky High. Ask REALIST NEWS at  Jsnip 4 about all the people who he stole and lied to. A clock has to be right at least twice a day. But it is true that this year the stock markets are going to have a serious correction and Gold is going up to 2000 after it reaches 1440 and stabilizes for 3 to 5 days there after my friend. I would’nt put my money in the stock market now for nothing cause it’s being held up by the Fed. If you don’t hold it you don’t own it. It would be a very good idea also to stock up on food and water for at least 3 to 4 weeks because the ATM’s will be down till things are reset and back on line. My heart goes out to the poor and needy. God bless you.

    • Want the truth? Gerald Celente, Top Trends forecaster and INFO WARS by Alex Jones. Our President Donald Trump held up a 12 by 12 Card with the words INFO WARS on it telling We the People to listen.  God help America and us.

    • @Wyldbill

      FYI: Celente OK but Infowars is a classic limited hangout…

      1. 911 truth… but never ever mentions the multitude of Mossad connections. According to AJ the dancing Israeli’s were muslims…. any other questions? Good.

      2. Pizzagate…total hit job via strawman argument against Ole Dammegard. One of the best researchers into paedo scandals…. period.




    • He’s been pretty accurate. Bo called a bottom last spring and there was a big rally that followed into the summer. Granted his price predictions may have been off but random events of Fed manipulation is enough to throw anything off or at least delay it. Ignore the critics on this board, they are just amateurs who are used to losing money.

  2. Whatever Bo says the opposite will happen in general. I don’t see silver at much more than 20 dollars per ounce by May as the banking Kabal simply won’t allow a gigantic spike to happen . A gradual increase is what happened last year and this year will be identical only to be crushed again in the 3rd quarter. Rinse n repeat.

  3. I’ve got a call into PACO to see if my little Pony is someone worthy of criticism. I wouldn’t want to be called a name again, much less ruin his day. AGAIN.. LMAO.

    Either way, it’s always fun to listen to this guy deliver romantic overtures into the mic while con te partiro or some other classic plays on the piano softly in the background. IT offsets the bullshart nicely.


  4. I am backing up the 1 Ton dully and buying some shiny silver while there is sum to be gotten.  BO  needs to go to La la land, Socal is where he would fit in with the fruits and nuts. Ok, ok just pulling out the wheel barrow instead.

    Stacking the stack to have sum future Jack. 

  5. Wait a minute. Bo did predict the pullback 3rd quarter. You must give him that. I looked at his record, he’s been wrong slightly more than right, but he’s not just out there saying “to the moon Alice” every day waiting for the big reset. Remember, that is going to happen and we only have to be right about it one time. Trying to predict prices when the Crimex is in full control is impossible. The question is, what is their timeline for falling apart. My prediction on that has to do with baby boomers retiring and expecting to finance it on SS their pension funds and 401K money.

    No genius needed to tell you, that can’t happen. Even at the obscene overvaluation of current stocks, most of these pension funds are still underfunded. When they start having to liquidate those valuation will drop like rocks, meaning there goes the 401Ks too. Then social security goes from being 23% of the budget to 33% of the budget. There are two solutions from here:

    1) everybody gets less $$$ than they expected and the price of metals skyrockets because it is seen as an investment that won’t drop below the price of pulling it out of the ground and it will work back to its historical average ratio with other commodities (32oz of silver used to buy a head of MO cattle, currently it buys about 1/3rd)

    2)everybody gets the $$$ they expected, and the dollar gets smaller. Hyperinflation is used to reduce the buying power of the dollars that everyone has been promised. This is the scenario where silver really goes to the moon because the public will start using silver not as an investment, but as actual money. The current supply of tradeable gold, silver and other PMs will take a greater roll in the “Narrow Money” market as well as “Broad Money.” When this happens, is when you will see things like you did with bitcoin back in the day like when someone listed his Porsche for 200 bitcoins even though they were not officially trading for that much. Silver may only be trading at $80/oz based on the hyperinflation, but if someone needs to do a deal, and they have to have 200 oz of phyz on hand for the deal, and what they have on hand is a Porsche, the premium on those two hundred 100oz bars just became  the better chunk of a $100K (hyper inflated value) car.

    • It’s a good point about pension fund viability – their future is untenable given the demographics and impossibly low bond yields. It’s a given that CB’s have been manipulating USD/JPY so that highly leveraged funds can make money out of the carry trade to survive, they’ve also been goosing the stock market for the same ends. These are final acts of desperation from a dying regime and are the very reason PM’s make sense. When and how the end will come is guesswork (and for what it’s worth I think Polny is wrong) but the end WILL come and probably in the next couple of years.

    • “I looked at his record, he’s been wrong slightly more than right…”

      Which means that one could do a little better via flipping a coin.  Given that, there seems to be no value in his comments.

  6. Lol Give the guy another chance at least it went above $18.00 for now. He did say between the 13th-17th, it’s the 17th and it went over $18 on the 16th so maybe he’s onto something. Lol Keep Stacking

    P.S. I was hoping he was really onto something and God is not (Someone is looking out for us), he is Spirit.



      Not even entertaining anymore BLO. _JLG. 

  7. Bo knows nothing but to add lib when he is wrong on his predictions. This is why I read the comment section. Priceless…

    Stacking the stack, while someday the silver will turn into Jack. Time for a  Shiner and some bar-b-que on the front porch.

    • Hi @lynnybee  good to see you   Andrea Bocelli.  Now that’s singing  Cheers

      Hi Charlie  @Marchas45  I am really enjoying the paid side of TFMR

      $60 silver won’t but it. Not by a long way

      I need $200 silver for my gently used ASTRA 1125 SP  There’s some blue light specials for  some those fast movers  Yee Hay

    • “On This Day In History………….May 1, 2017………we’ll see if Bo earns his place in the annals of history” 


      You didn’t mean ………………….


      “On This Day In History………….May 1, 2017………we’ll see if Bo earns his place in the ANUS of history”  

      by any chance did you?. _JLG. 

  8. And so he’s back with another lame prediction. This guy can’t predict what hes going to have for lunch much less his BS calls. Face it, that is just not knowable. Anyone that would trust this guy, or his predictions is, quite frankly, mislead. At some point the metals will go up, but It won’t be because Bo, “my little Polny” came up with a date. This guy is a shameless shill and should be banned. Talk about FAKE news. Look it up in the dictionary. See BO Polny…

  9. LOL seriously GOD will make silver price go up!? WTF? You call that really an economical reasoning in investing? You will go into silver becouse God told you so?

    Someone please show him mercy and shot the bastard, same as you would do for injured horse.

    Easy his pain and just finish him off.

  10. C’mon bony! There’s no way for anyone to make a prediction on the price of silver, when it’s so manipulated.  They will just dump that paper if it goes to a price they don’t like. But one day oh bony will be right , but not till the manipulation stops. If he would say the manipulation has been stopped, and silver will go to 60 an ounce. Then I might, just might consider his crazy thoughts.


  11. My original post was knee-jerk.  Guess that’s what happens when jerks blog their shit.

    Does this clown ever get tired of being wrong.

    Like Brother JF, who called for 3 digit silver over 4 years ago.

    Like Robert Kyosaki, Dave Morgan, Peter Schiff, yada yada yada ad nauseum.

    Silver will get to whatever it gets to.  When it breaks $50, I’m selling every ounce I have.
    I will have regained my losses.

    To all who wait for it to hit $100….$500….$10,000 (Bix Wier)  You know what?  If silver
    is going for $10,000, it’s like $50 for a loaf of bread.   What’s the difference?

    Hey you fellow stackers.  When it hits $50.   Sell. And I’ll also sell my gold.  With that, I can
    cash in the rest of my chips, and bug out of this loony tune system.   Until then.  I ain’t budging from my strategy.  I think a lot of us know it.

    Just my 2 cents.

    Out to ya my favs…AGXIIK…Ed B…a lot more, but Jack Daniels is kicking ass.

    • Good comments @GuitarDan.  🙂

      OK, so let me think about this… the article claims that “Bo Polny Outdoes Himself” with this one.  Well, heck, I hereby predict that gold is going to $100,000 an oz. and that silver is going to $5,000 an oz.  REAL SOON NOW.  There.  That’s some one upmanship if ever I’ve seen it.  Yes, my prediction is complete BULLoney but pay no attention to me behind the curtain.  If I can just pull and push the right levers, all will be well.  😀


    • The reason he has so many views is because people cannot take their eyes off of the trainwreck…I.E. Bo Polny.

      Have you ever driven by an accident on the freeway, and everyone is staring at it? -Same phenomena.

      Have you ever seen a crack head/tweeker acting crazy…and you just have to stare because you are so amazed at the craziness? -Same phenomena.

      Bo is a side show/Train Wreck, and this site has proven they are about ad revenue & slangin’ Eagles first & foremost by posting this garbage.

    • It’s not the article, Jake, which most on here will skip, but the comments.  They are worth about a million times more than Bo’s exercises in idiocy, IMO.  Wait!  Did I say “a million”?  Forget that.  Make it a BILLION.  😉


  12. The Holy Spirit inspired this revelation. May all His children prosper. God prohibits con artists fleecing His flock. The lake of fire awaits false prophets.

    1. Bohdan Stephan Polny is a fake doctor. He is a disgraced chiropractor and lost his chiropractor office in bankruptcy. He tried to take $100,000 from Citigroup. Ex-subscribers received no refund. The court papers are below.

    2. He sells newsletters for $900 per month, but has no returning customers and no accredited certificates for technical analysis. His chart interpretations only come from inexperience.

    3. He is not an American. He is a Ukrainian conman hiding in a sanctuary city. Deportation is a serious consideration. So many investors have lost their retirements. He is no law abiding alien. The wrinkles on his forehead and weathered face show signs of stress after many years of lying to the precious metals community about $100 silver since 2012. Santa Sinclair looks healthier.

  13. For the newbies Bo is a pretender. He just grabs some of the jargon and pretends. Look at his chart “breakout”. Its rubbish even by the standards of all the other TA that doesnt produce positive results. And what does that say about the self proclaimed “Legendary Trader” Jim Sinclair who endorsed him?

  14. Most of us were in it in 2003 and 2010 and 1979.  i expect a 1  year rise minimum. We have 7 year sycles in silver. So juni 2018 would be a top. To make a 10/1 au/ag. There is little time. This Summer should be the  start.  i expect 50$ end of this year. Then the creasy spiking starts . Anything is possible 100$ .?

    every pullback is  buy.


  15. Bad news could be a last pull back  85:1 au ag. 14/16$ From there on a 3 stage rise. 25$, 60$ then the moon alice.

    Thats my gues. But it does not matter to me to be a free miljonair or multimiljonair.  silver i love it .


  16. Wow.  Either love him or hate him, but Polny does strike up quite a few comments.   Sure he is taking a SWAG and his calendars and timelines are interesting, yet not always accurate, but you have to agree that he does get us thinking about timing.

    He might be a salesman, but if he can promote one person to consider moving from fiat currency to stacking silver or gold, isn’t he doing us all a service?  I just appreciate that he keeps trying.  Who knows, the lot of us might be darned surprised if he is right.  Time will tell.  Beat him up when nothing happens, but likewise, be prepared to apologize if the “blind pig finds a truffle.”

  17. That’s on ambitious target however once confidence goes those figures are a touch below my guess of the next gold and silver highs.  I am hearing a less enthusiastic tone from my friends when we discuss economics, they are begininng to question the wisdom of holding all their investments in equities and feel purchasing new property assets is not going to give the returns or security they’ve been used to.  None have jumped to PM’s just yet but they are asking me about them with genuine interest now rather than the usual polite pity reserved for the gold bug amoung our group.

  18. People still watch weather forecasts despite constantly changing forecasts and are often wrong. I’ve seen a forecast for the next few days change multiple times in one day. It’s called randomness. Makes predictions difficult. The amateurs don’t understand that the “goal posts” need to be changed often. People should stop posting, it’s not making them look good.

  19. No, No, Come on fellow STACKERS. Give the bloke a go. 


    I’ve been taken off the site (allegedly) for telling the truth. (can’t you take a joke), when the Docs are (allegedly) TROLLING you?  he he.


    And you people talk about BIX WIERD, Just look at a PHOTO of this GUY.


    Can a mother stand up for a GUY like this????????????????? 


      This is not a personal attack Mr/Mrs Moderator, it is just COMMON SENSE. 


    If you want to keep putting this stuff on here for Comments & CLICK – BAIT We’ll fall for it. _JLG. 

    • @SilverDocs, If you want to get Click Bait browny-points, maybe I can help.  

       Let’s see if I have a following, at the moment the following is a JPEG @ about 2.05 p.m.

      We need about another 350 views to beat Clif High. for the week.  

       Over & out 10/4  Rubber Ducky_JLG.  


    • Doing me best for the team Docs.   


       We are only 120 behind with BO BO now I reckon this will put him in front in the ‘Click Bait browny-points’ race some time today. ha, ha ha-te ha.   


       Sorry, if there are people following my comments out there, but the only reason the Docs would put this (alleged) charlatan on is for the CLICKS.  _You know who.   


    • @lynnybee  Came across this from 3 years ago.    


      “PatFields, thank you for that link.    we are all researchers & reporters now”    


      R.I.P. PAT. We oldies will forever remember you _JLG.    


      p.s. To the rest of Pat’s family – if you are still out there – all the best. 

  20. I have always wondered why BoLony is only featured here. He must make for some boost in failing sales. i stopped counting a couple years ago at 12 or 13 failed predictions. His track record speaks for itself and make this site a joke. If Doc just posted truthful articles I think he would not have become the “entertainment” site that it now is.

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