PRICE is about to meet TIME and for those of us in the gold and silver community… your time to prosperity, after years of stacking, is finally now very near.
It’s ‘D-Day’; either gold or silver explode vertically these next few months or they collapse under $1000!  Who will be right?


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Submitted by Bo Polny:

Bo Polny’s rebuttal to Marshall Swing’s multitude of unprovoked assaults


We have never commented on the work of Marshall publicly; however after several of his long winded posts, we felt a rebuttal in good faith is appropriate.


For the record, yes our stock market forecast was a miss in 2016, very few analysts got that year right; but the gold and silver track record for Marshall Swing can be best be described as a ‘SWING’ and a miss, and a miss and a miss…  The amount of times Marshall has written to ‘back up the truck’ and buy silver since the Shemitah date of September 2015 is now difficult to even count; but who are we to judge, so instead we thought is more appropriate to ask several questions…


Marshall, since you are so willing to judge others and your analysis allegedly un-parallel:


  1. Did you call the exact day gold top on September 6, 2011 at $1923? I think not.


  1. Did you call the exact day silver top on April 29, 2011 at $49? I think not.


  1. Did you call the exact gold bottom on December 3, 2015 at $1045? I think not.


  1. Did you call the exact day gold bottom on December 15, 2016 at $1124? I think not.


We called all four and presently calling a gold bottom at $1200.  Are you? 


I do recall you stating ‘buy’ silver at the alleged $21 bottom about two years ago.  How did that work out?


Based on your article posted March 14, 2017, and Gold trading at the $1200 range and silver at the $17 range, the article indicates gold and silver are going to continue down much lower than $1200 gold and $17 silver because of the current record largest short interest COT structure in history, which we actually find rather concerning to read considering our analysis indicted the EXACT opposite. 


With all due respect, no analysis can be constantly correct; but a good analyst always goes back to see what was missed.


With regard to our bullish gold and silver analysis, the only thing still MISSING from our Long Term cycle analysis is a vertical price spike to $2000+ gold.  The time delay we have all unfortunately witness does not change the end result, only makes the price spike higher. 

The price spike phenomenon can best be described as PRICE meets TIME, for there is a 1:1 relationship between time and price (1 unit of price to 1 unit of time); therefore regardless of the unprecedented 6-years of price ‘manipulation’, PRICE is about to meet TIME and for those of us in the gold and silver community… your time to prosperity, after years of stacking, is finally now very near.


It is fascinating Marshall finds it appropriate to judge on our work, yet judges NOT the work of analysist such as Harry Dent and Martin Armstrong who have been forecasting ridiculous prices for gold UNDER $1000 or even down to as low as $700, causing many to possibly ‘sell’ while at the same time both have been dead wrong going on 5-years now; meanwhile we called both the December 2015 and the 2016 bottoms to the day while ‘they’ were writing about gold under $1000 that never came.  Interesting?!


Lastly, please do NOT try to explain to the reader at Silverdoctors what formula we use to base our analysis, you have NO clue what we do.  Might I suggest you use your time more wisely by trying to figure out how gold could possibly reach $2000 by the end of May?   To help, I include this Gold chart provided to my subscribers…


It’s ‘D-Day’; either gold or silver explode vertically these next few months or they collapse under $1000!  Who will be right?

And for a third time on the record:  Gold bottomed December 3, 2015 at $1045, then made a bullish higher low December 15, 2016 at $1124 and TRUMP put in a Golden Floor at $1200 with his inauguration in January 2017.


TRUMP = $1200 Golden Floor.  This $1200 zone (+ or -) will HOLD Gold and the current largest short interest in history will fail.  My forecast for gold over $2000 by the END of May 2017 stands.

God Bless, Bo Polny




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    • It would be quite a run, your holiness, but a U.S. Gov’t budget crisis could get us there, as could a number of other triggers. You best keep stacking, no guarantee you’ll see prices this low again any time soon. Everything you’ve seen bitcoin do, gold will do too once the manipulation stops.

    • In the 1970s gold bull market gold went from $400 in November, 1979 to $887.50 in January, 1980 so it more than doubled in about two months so I do not count out Bo’s call for May. I’d say a new all-time high at $2500 is realistic.

    • .42 on the rate hike. Not quite the 6 Hun big B was calling for but I’ll take it.

      Yea, Bo n Marshall squaring off more like a tempest in a teacup

    • You’re right. We are fighting against much greater powers in the financial cartels who even control the governments. They will NEVER relinquish control and manipulation over the PM’s, and no one can stop them!! These metals have been stomped into the dirt and spit and urinated on. There is no end in sight to this as the most powerful entities on the planet (PTB, oligarchs, banking cartels, governments–you name it) are all colluding in their herculean and unstoppable suppression. Do not listen to any of the headliner names  here, or elsewhere, as they know nothing about the future or measures to be taken to finally prevail against IT. The only outlier that would matter and has the requisite power would necessitate a massive global rebellion of investors and the common citizen in the street trying to save their “money” and financial freedom against this flagrant fraud! There is ample incontrovertible evidence for the criminal manipulation that has occurred for many years and the major class action suit has been filed in London recently. But, it would require huge numbers of participants (and litigants) to sign-off and actively demonstrate—and that won’t happen. Sorry, fellow stackers, but the game is soooo strongly rigged that there is little chance of change or rectitude! Our only hope is the ultimate power of the People to standup and effect this long overdue swing to (reversion) to authentic valuation and intrinsic worth–2 core attributes in which the prostituted, polluted fiat currencies (FRN’s) and worthless paper instruments (ETF’s) are utterly lacking!

    • “gold went from $400 in November, 1979 to $887.50 in January, 1980 so it more than doubled in about two month”

      Maneco let’s the cat outta the bag! As to why the anglo-merikan “analcysts ALWAYS GET IT WRONG.

      Gold rose quickly higher at the start of 1980 because the Iranians – whose stateside held gold hoard was literally stolen by USG as a result of the Embassy crisis – starting buying gold like mad from Europe. Then the Iraqis followed suit, and everybody else chimed in to the panic as the confidence in American good faith was shaken world wide.

      Watching US Exceptionalist morons debate each other – while diverting attention from the geopolitical events which move markets in the real world outside the imagination of gulagistanis is akin to being chained to the idiot box and being forced to watch endless looping reruns of Dr Smith and the robot high schticking each other on LOST IN SPACE.

    • BO POLNY, “a good analyst always goes back to see what was missed.”



  1. COT means [nothing]. Take a look the data 2003-2007. On Jan 20, the lead changed.  Bo may be late but he will be right (cannot tell U when). If you have nothing good to say, do not say it..Harmonic Convergence from 1987 is with patient, time is important but not everything. If J.P Morgan is buying PM on behalf of Chinese, then we are set.

  2. Ok, both have missed calls. Aug. 2014  Bo said 19.11 was final bottom and silvers 20 year chart complete and bull starts then. Wrong! Marshall said last sept was the debt forgiveness and huge bull for metals. Wrong! And as for Swing, he tells everyone to follow the Old Testament to the letter when it clearly says to kill  Muslims. So I’m listening to everyone with scepticism but am listening to all. My little voice tells me we will not get out of this decade before it happens. That’s only a few years away.

    • Yup, the Old Testament is a written up (by some fishermen) gospel of how genocide it totally cool, as long as someone remembers a dream in which someone suggested it. And people complain about Qoran being bloodthirsty. Old Testament was there a good while sooner. Even Jews like it. Perhaps because in the New one they get to be the one killing a messiah. And just after tehy suffered the holocaust, what do they do? Genocide. On the same land they claim was giving to them in the Old Testament. Seems they just can’t ever kill enough people, they keep claiming the lad that was always theirs.
      Imagine the native Americans Indians just not leaving. And you have to keep killing them. Wait, that actually happened. The OT is such a great inspiration. The gift that keeps giving. If only other religions had such a wonderful book. They might walk back into Europe or USA and get down to business, slaughtering pesky locals until there were no more.

    • No one hates a Muslim more than another Muslim of a slightly different sect.  Yes, they would both rather kill “infidels” but when none are handy, those damned Shias or those damned Sunnis or those damned (fill in the blank here) will do nicely.

      A few years ago, it was noted that there were 21 wars in progress on Earth.  Of those, 18 of them involved Muslims.  So, why is it that 14% of the world’s people are involved in 85% of the world’s wars?



  3. Polny is correct that time is more important than price.  Ignore at your peril.  I did in December of 2012 when time expired and the USD should have dropped.  It did not.  I made up excuses such as the huge debt overhang requiring more time to consolidate in order to inflate away(lower dollar).  Well what do you know the dollar began a rise in 2013 and GOLD was smashed.  I should have taken the Gann time signal on the dollar break down, instead I lost my ASH. Time can be delayed a little but if Polny has an accurate time signal then somethings got to happen either way.

    I also realize Polny’s advice has been terrible over the years

  4. As if there have been any egg fart salesmen over the last 6 years, from the best to the worst – who have had a track record that is anything BUT embarrassing.

    This is like a guy with a 225 pound wife making fun of another guy with a 250 pound wife. It looks ridiculous.

  5. Blows a liar! I subscribed in 2011 before both tops.First off there is no “WE” its him and he is on his own.Like he has some kind of staff of even a rented office is laughable.He never called any top in gold or silver or the bottoms.He said $1180 was the bottom and would not break for two years.He has been LONG WRONG for years.

  6. The cynics are right.  There haven’t been any great calls in this space for a long time.  We have levitated in a narrow band.  The US economy has been levitated by the FED and MSM jawboning.  I don’t think either of these pundits has made a great call.  Both understand the fundamentals well.  But nothing changes, despite the fundamentals.  I feel badly for David Morgan, trying to earn a living amidst such corrupt markets.  Why get a newsletter?  At least Jim Willie has some deep state dirt.  He started to make calls on AG/AU last year, but seemed to have dropped that old school punditry.  So, why come to this space?  What are we doing here?  The news stories are very interesting and more so than the market calls.  That’s why I come.  The news is good. I am sure there is a way to be more productive here.  But, maybe it is motivating the victims of corruption to get out into the streets.

  7. There are three people on this earth who are directly communicating with God.  Bo, Marshall and me. Over brunch last week God casually mentioned to me that the only way to settle the Bo/Swing argument is for a good old fashioned trial by combat. God would not tell me who he intends to have win but he did mention he thought they should fight naked with flame throwers.

  8. In the 1970s gold bull market gold went from $400 in November, 1979 to $887.50 in January, 1980 so it more than doubled in about two months so I do not count out Bo’s call for May. I’d say a new all-time high at $2500 is realistic.

  9. Maybe Bo is deserving of a break and the benefit of doubt?




    Naww,  he’s wacked out on his own supply again!

    Gold 2K by MAY means a lot of bad things have happened since today.

  10. Copy that @Falco

    Give Bo the benefit of the doubt?

    I doubt he’d benefit

    One piece of good news other than price of AU and AG jumped.

    We close escrow on St Paddys day

    I plan to imbibe more than a shot.

    Maybe a double double or 4

  11. Please , please , please BO  , do me just one  favor  and do just admit a SINGLE time , once ,  THAT THE MARKETS ARE RIGGED  !!   Bo , i respect your work ,  i respect your believe , but YOUR DUTY IS to finally admit , THAT alle the markets , esp. the PM-Markets are MASSIVELY rigged  by the proxybanks of the FED .


    YOUR admission , Bo ,  that rigging of this markets exists (do it like Andrew Maguire , Rob Kirby , Bill Holter , Eric Spritt etc) would be VERY valuable  !  DO IT , AT LEAST AND JUST ONCE  , DO IT FOR YOURSELVE AND FOR US ALL  !


    MANY THANKS , BO  , Greetings from Germany




  12. I’ve been reading silver articles for 7 years and everyone has gotten the timing wrong.  No one knows the hour except God and the elite pulling the strings.

    I learn from everyone and we should put our best theories out there rather than criticize and pick fights.

    Keep up the good work Bo.  I’m just curious…In your articles and videos, you always reference “we” at 2020 gold forecast.  Please introduce us to some of the analysts or staff on your team!



  13. If Boo Boo’s idea of gold “exploding” higher is going up $25-30……well then, it’s been mission accomplished! Idiot…..

    Exploding higher would have been $150-200 in the day but I guess I have higher expectations when using the word “explode”.

  14. History has shown that Bo Polny is a drama queen and a fake Christian. When rational skeptics criticize his messy chart analysis, he throws a fit like an obnoxious drag queen. The wannabe trader has been making unreliable forecasts for over 5 years. Since he is bankrupt and unemployable, he has all the time in the world to reply to Marshall Swing’s fair criticism. With all that time, why won’t he just get a real job like a real man and pay back his creditors?

    But when will Bohdan Stephan Polny reply to the numerous chapter 7 bankruptcies and fraudulent billing fees against ex-customers? Bo Polny is stuck in a vicious cycle of lies.

  15. Bo logna couldn’t accurately predict his way out of a wet paper bag. Two of the four calls he cites that I can verify based on posts made to SD were both made after the fact and therefore prove nothing since the ‘price’ of GLD still has the rest of eternity to change. How anyone can make the following claims with a straight face is beyond me:

    1. Did you call the exact gold bottom on December 3, 2015 at $1045? I think not.


    1. Did you call the exact day gold bottom on December 15, 2016 at $1124? I think not.

    Both of these ‘calls’ were made after the stated dates and for that matter, #4 completely contradicts #3 because if $1045 really was the ‘exact day gold bottom’ (whatever that means) then how did the bottom move up to a higher price on 12/15/2016?  Feh, what a load…

    I won’t even get started on the literally dozens of other utterly inept and inaccurate predictions that Blo has posted to SD, just search for articles he’s posted and you’ll be hard pressed to find a single accurate prediction (after the fact is not a prediction btw).  I’ve not found any but I quit trying about a year ago.

  16. So in hindsight Blo predicted that the price of GLD would go no lower than $1045 (after the fact) and then again predicted that the price of GLD would go no lower than $1124 (after the fact).

    Both of the assertions remain unproven and will either:

    a. remain unproven for the rest of Blo’s life or

    b. be proven wrong, like the overwhelming majority of every other ‘call’ made by Blo.

    Either way, these two calls are essentially worthless, especially against the backdrop of his absolutely horrific track record.

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