Brother John F is urging people to exit their dependency on the banking system. We are being led to financial slaughter, and massive sea changes in silver have begun…

Brother John F joins Reluctant Preppers in this time sensitive interview on purchasing silver for protecting against the coming US financial slaughter.

Some very important topics are discussed in this interview:

  • Why the shift from “momentum trend” investing to “value investing” in silver signifies a sea change that people are becoming fundamental buyers, who won’t get shaken out.
  • Governments have gone beyond “pay as you go” (bought power by wasting money, giving away goodies).
  • Now borrowing from tomorrow just to pay today’s bills.
  • Governments’ last resort is to take away people’s assets by locking everything down.
  • Cash society had an escape valve: you used to be able to go “get your money” from the bank.
  • We’re like Wiley E. Coyote, already suspended in empty air, just haven’t fallen yet.
  • Bond vigilante is dead, buyer of last resort is the Fed, basically printing money, we are in the endgame.



  1. Its those who have little who are afraid of the spike.Makes one wonder if the North Korea episode is really about America squaring up to the monster they allowed Wall St to create – China and the collapse of the Dollar Hegemony.

    Here is the dictionary meaning of hegemony – leadership or dominance, especially by one state or social group over others.

  2. Remember only 1% of the US population has pm coins of silver and gold. Jewelry would be there other form of pms. Fear of the unknown can be expected for those in safe places… President Johnson took the silver out of everyday coinage in 1965. People over the age of 60 would remember its use in everyday trade.

    3 generations of no silver in coins makes people forget about what is of real value. My grandfathers and father tought me what real money is, physical silver and gold coins…

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