Could the Remonetization of Silver Really Be the END GAME?

Lior Gantz says JPMorgan, and other large banks, are running the world’s most monopolized market…

JPMorgan, and other large banks, are running the world’s most monopolized market, the silver market. Lior Gantz says most likely, while JPMorgan is shorting paper silver, they are hoarding the physical metal. In the next couple years, Gantz sees the price manipulation coming to an end.

The gold/silver price ratio is completely out of wack. Gantz says governments could remonetize silver, and the gold/silver price ratio could return to its historic ratio of 16:1.

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    • @Natxlaw

      The 9 to 1 number is OK.

      The 1 to 7 number I would question.

      Wikipedia says the global supply of silver was 530,000 tons in 2011, probably much less now.

      Above ground gold is commonly estimated at 170,000 tons.


    • @Faranginkorat


      Could be, I am using numbers from that “all the money in the world in one picture” thing. It is hard to believe that the amount would be a billion since that is about how much silver is mined each year.  I don’t trust Wikipedia for anything. They underestimate the food yield per acre for industrial cannabis by a factor of more than 10.

  1. Dollar is a weight they used before inventing the kilogram

    oh yeah, and it’s an accounting unit, which is really baked into our brains and hearts. Disgusting.

    The price of gold, in 1702 Sir Isaac Newton was asked to calculate the price of gold. He came up with sixteen. While the french were using bi-metalic currency fixed, fixed!! at 15.5. Arbitrage assured gold was flowing to Britain. After a while silver was demonetized and the so called goldstandard made the pound sterling a pure accounting unit. The U.S followed in 1853. The first gold dollar was struck in1849, it had the same value as the original silver dollar, not the same weight. That must have been the lure of the goldstandard for bankers like J.P. Morgan. Gold is money, nothing else, lmao, and yeah, stuff your credit-work up your creek.

  2. Could the Remonetization of Silver Really Be the END GAME?

    Could a Martian Really Be the NEXT PRESEDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?

    There is as much chance?


    SILVER TO THE MOON, ANY DAY NOW, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

    The [commentators] that spew this verbal garbage want to help certain people

    sell a product, nothing else.

  3. PMs are not “insurance”, they are MONEY, and to think that physical won’t ever be used regularly in commerce again just flies in the face of the past 30 years of history whereby cash and digital were (and still are) used side-by-side. And those notes were mere cotton paper! Since we’re talking Silver, you better believe the market will want actual goods to back up digital claims. Just because the elites want to push us totally into digital doesn’t mean this is what the market really wants. It’s stuff like this that makes me wonder why anyone listens to Lior at all.

    • “PMs are not “insurance”, they are MONEY, and to think that physical won’t ever be used regularly in commerce again just flies in the face of the past 30 years of history whereby cash and digital were (and still are) used side-by-side.”

      Yes, PMs ARE insurance.  They insure one’s wealth against US$ devaluation / collapse.  They are a store of value.  They are a hedge against inflation.  Those of us who actually used silver coins to buy things back in the late 1950s through the mid 1960s know that silver coins were and are money, just as we know that wildly inflated paper is not.  They can be held outside the banking system, insuring against bankster financial shenanigans and serious losses.

      As with many things, their nature is often how they look from our own personal perspective.  This is clearly subjective.  I know how PMs look to me.  If you see them differently, that’s still a viable view, whether anyone else happens to share it or not.

    • We? You gotta mouse in your pocket? Or are you attempting to speak for others besides yourself?

      actually DEEPLY pondered purchasing bitcoin when it was 30 bucks; I went as far as to research it, and went onto a bitcoin site and met with some kind of resistance (as in non-user friendly) and just said F*CK IT

      Today… at it’s price, I try not to think about it….could have, would have, is it too late? Do I want to get in late and watch it drop? etc.  These things one cannot time.  You pull the trigger when your gut and some research tells you to do it, and you hold on for dear life during the ride.

      If silver went to 75.00/oz I would likely not add to my stack, and be satisfied with what I have whilst watching the late comers who OWN NONE scramble to buy silver at that price (because they did NOT stack early) The first thing I would be thinking whilst the news and investors are all clammering about the “investment of the century” is “SH*T, I should have purchased more when it was under 20!” NOT “Oh my goodness deputy Fife! Look at all of this profit! Geewiz I’m so darn hootin’ happy!”

      So… speaking SOLELY for myself, void of mice… I’m happy with it at this price…. I have some investments that are about to make moves and I would like to ADD to my silver bullion at these prices.  I DO NOT WISH THEM TO INCREASE until I make my move which is 5 times my current hoard.  Something like Silver & Gold is a No brainer!  It’s obviously undervalued, its TIMELESS WEALTH, and practically indestructable, as well as no ones claim!

      Long game baby! ……looooonnnggg gaaaaaammmmeee

    • @Shamus001 – Not speaking for others just making a general statement. Don’t take it so seriously.

      As for Bitcoin; I was very close to opening a Mt. Gox account when it was trading at $42 bucks. I went as far as creating a profile online but as soon as they asked me to fax them a copy of my passport or driver’s license it was game over.

      Fast forward to early 2015, a friend of mine told me about Coinbase. He had opened an account and started buying Bitcoin on that exchange. The price at that time was around $163 bucks. I opened an account but never funded it. The dollar in Bitcoin that I got for opening the account is worth about $9 now. You do the math!

      “If silver went to 75.00/oz…”

      I don’t think this is going to be a problem. The cartel has perfected their suppression scheme, which completely explains why despite all of the fundamentals to the contrary silver sits under $17 bucks. If you are happy with that price then more power to you. I know that with my stack complete I would much rather see silver at a much higher price today. I wish it was allowed to have true price discovery, but that’s just me.

    • @gogetter1132 nice reply, now that you mention it, I think it WAS info like that, or SSN# –VERY private data that I recal saying to myself “who are THESE people that I should surrender my SECURE info?”

      Mt Gox? Isnt that the one that ran away with everyones bitcoin? ….and since that occured, how do you feel about having say 2 years (pre taxed) income sitting someehere, in which some brokerage can clean out your bitcoin and run?  I know you dont have bit 9 bucks in it (9 more than I have) but I would be emotionally decimated if that happened to me…imagine how pissed Gerald Celente was when John Corzine made off with his 1+ million investment, then got a free pass by Obama!

      As fir silver…Im happy with my stack, but would be happier with this one time opportunity to SIGNIGANTLY add to it. Im happy now, but would be happIER if I could make the big ADD prior to price discovery.

      It WILL happen, you just have to AT LEAST meet the patience of thise before you, who waited fir it to hit 50 in the 80’s… and those who bought in 99′ and waited 10-11 years for it to peak again. Its getting close bud, hang in there! If the Morgue has 209 million oz of it, your in good hands eventually! Because WHEN they sell, it will be at a profit, you can “bank on it!” (Pun intended lol)

  4. If everyone and their sister can create their own crypto curencies and make them formally accepted by countries as money, surely we can launch the people’s own metal-backed currency.

    It’s actually quite easy, and could really boost demand through all kinds of factors.

    I published about it right here.  And it needs someone to take charge, commission some first coins to establish the open source world standard.

    • Never say “never”.  😉


      I admit that it will be the VERY last thing they try after all else has failed but it is still possible.


      Besides… it’s always possible that the US Gov will destroy itself with its profligate spending habit, committing financial seppuku.  Once that obstacle to PM progress removes itself, who knows what might happen then?  Could be most anything, even that which seems unthinkable today.



  5. $50+ silver? Seems conservative. The question is what is the true value of silver/gold vs what is the dollar market value. If we put the market value at $100/$1600 then the true value would be $2000/$32,000. True value is derived from absence of dollar influence because I have to assume that the current price of silver/gold is tied to the dollar thus stunting the true value. So the question on the future price of the dollar whether it is worth zero thus $2000/$32,000 metal prices, or a reset in some form, and again assuming massive loss of value to the dollar, the true value still is relatively close to the stated prices above. I’m just saying even Rickards $10k gold prediction seems real low. However, let’s be clear, I have to say that the current market prices are underpriced and shouldn’t alter the market value as stated above simply because as value investors you would base the value on certain fundamentals not  current prices but if you feel inclined to use current market prices then it’d be $320/$5100.

    • Good post. I think you are 100% right. 50$ is waaaaaaaaaay too low.

      Just look at the reports in Venezuela where 1 ounce of silver buys you 6 months worth of food on the black market.

      Lets put silver somewhere between $500-$2.000……..housing collapses to where a medium prices home is worth 10k or so. and you only need a few ounces of silver to buy a home. That is where I see things going.

      Everything is overinflated because of fiat. And a days wage for hundreds, thousands of years was = to about a silver dime size. So go out and buy 5k worth of dimes and you’ll have 20-40 years of a days wage, depending how much farther a silver dime goes since silver is depleted. A silver dime could equal 3-4 days wage when paper collapses.

    • There is a line of thinking in the silver market, that there is actually less physical silver for immediate investment, than gold. Think all the gold jewelry and coins in history never destroyed, but quite the opposite for silver.

      I would say there is a very, very reasonable argument that the value for silver should be at a minimum on par with that of gold.

      But, we will only know if this argument bears true as the ongoing global crash occurs and true Patriots of humanity will deliver the basic tenants of barter and money to the world.

      It is a beautiful silver world for the many Patriots’ offspring.  Sorry, no snowflakes allowed here.


  6. Why can’t PM’s be both insurance and money at the same time? No third party risk is an factor where political/social/economic form risk. In my case, there is political shouting going on about redistribution of land – wanting to raid bank accounts / pension funds to “help the poor”. Right, my president has over 700 fraud charges against him, but for some reason the legal structure that he appointed, won’t press charges. I have had 3 cars stolen, highjacked at gunpoint once; burgled a few times; been inside a store while armed robbery was in progress twice; car window smashed, contents gone many times; surprised armed robbers at my neighbours once. Been shot at, hand grenade tossed over the school roof from the other side, while guarding that school from being torched by the locals. Presidents son WAS being investigated for billions in untaxed tobacco, but the tax investigators have been replaced. And no, mostly my insurance did not pay me out for my theft losses. Even the high insurance premiums are a tax in my opinion, plus the cost of the electric fencing, large dogs etc. And the official crime stats are complete lies – if you look in the book where they record your crime basic info and give you a case number reference, that bears no resemblance to whats in the newspapers or state run media.

    So – check out on, gold in ZAR, set to last 15 years.

    Now tell me that PM’s are not a good idea?

  7. The G/S ratio will NEVER revert to 16/1 as long as the PTB remain in place…and they will except for WAR, REVOLUTION, INTRACTABLE ECONOMIC LAWS RETURNING, or an UNFORESEEN BLACK SWAN(S)!! You can take that to the bank (broken as they are). I am a firm and exasperated believer in intrinsic, tangible value embodied by the PM’s (God’s money and revered by our Framers ), but it has been spit / excreted upon and jackbooted into the muck by the oligarchs and financial cartels of this twisted world! No question, it is the most widespread and devastating financial crime in history brutally affecting countless millions, not necessarily because they hold it (since relatively few do), but due to the many adverse collateral effects spawned by the worthless, traduced paper derivatives and “monetary” policies. When the end comes, it will be far worse than anything yet seen in markets and daily life, globally. Meanwhile, the sheep and criminals are both comatose inside this terrible bubble.

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