silver-eagle-coinKeith Neumeyer, the CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp returns to dissect the documented manipulation of the silver market in 2016, and the road ahead.
As we post this interview, the stated US debt is on the cusp of $20 Trillion, Bitcoin just surpassed $1,025 yet silver sits around $16. But the hard numbers outlined at US Debt show that the REAL silver price in today’s dollars should be $1,005/ounce.
Only the clear and present manipulation of the precious metals is keeping them from reaching Bitcoin’s heights.

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Jesus Whips the Banksters 10 oz Silver Bars

  1. I call for a GaZillon silver and 10 GAZallion for gold and bitcoin is going to infinity + 1 +  4 and beyond and if you believe any of this ULTRA BULLS**T you are either totally braindead or not sucking air!!!!!


    • You dont have to believe Goldbulls that gold is a buy, just the corrupt insane Satanic lying cabal that rigs the markets daily to dispossess you of your wealth and make you another government dependent droogie. You go ahead and keep your pretty FedRes paper. Ask the Indians how thats working out for them.

      Love listening to Keith N. He talks like he’s half asleep, while hes a mining value creating genius. Ive held stocks (Genco) that did nothing til bought by First Majestic and turned around into gangbuster producers. He’s brave -talking out-, and intelligent by executing and getting the job done. Go Keith.

      Wouldnt it be great if the Satanic elitists got out of the way to let guys like Keith run wild (First Majestic wins social benefactor awards every year) so guys like us could make money?

    • @Strannick


      “Wouldnt it be great if the Satanic elitists got out of the way to let guys like Keith run wild (First Majestic wins social benefactor awards every year) so guys like us could make money?”

      Yes, that would be fantastic.  Unfortunately, that will never happen because being a complete pain in the @$$ is the only thing that some people are really good at.  So, of course, they stick with that, no matter what.  I’m thinking that the Chinese solution is the only way to cure that.

    • I don’t see anyone calling the bottom or the top in Bitcoin. You can’t tell, there are no metrics. There is no industrial application. As far as I can tell its scalability is not implemented. I don’t believe it can take over fiat currency because it will grind to a halt if its pushed too far.


      The only thing you can do is draw lines against peaks and troughs  – and trot out the usual trader stuff. When they get it right they brag, when they get it wrong…delete prediction from twitter.

  2. I have more money invested in physical silver than I care to admit……I know Bitcoin isn’t not the best deal around but until the silver manipulation stops…all my new investments will be in bitcoin. You can’t tell me that the mining companies aren’t in bed with the banks somehow. Think about it, if you owned a mining company would you do all the work just to let the banks rape you EVERY night? The fact that anyone is mining silver while the banks are sticking up their ass every night tells me there are some pretty fucking stupid mine owners.

    This whole scenario of shorting the market every night is insane. If I owned a mine and could afford it, I would mine the silver and not sell one ounce.

    Bitcoin, here I come. I check back with the silver market in a couple of millennia when someone has the balls to do something about the obvious and blatant mannipulation.

  3. Bitcoin getting slaughtered again today (down 15%) on reports that China is investigating various Bitcoin trading desks. Potential fraud, money laundering and market manipulation is apparently at the forefront of the probe. This is getting interesting to watch. Looks like China is trying to take control of the Bitcoin market in some shape or form.

    For those that like to compare Bitcoin to gold. You will never see gold go down 15% in a single day. Bitcoin is still way too volatile to be considered a viable currency or a competitor to gold. It is what it is; a highly speculative alternative investment. It does have utility as a medium of exchange but it does not qualify as money. At least not yet.


    • @gogetter1132


      Agreed on btc.  Something else that btc doesn’t have is depth and volume.  US$ is the world’s reserve currency because there is enough of it to go around and to get the job done.  Btc is a pimple on the dollar’s behind.

    • @Ed_B

      Plenty of bitcoin for everybody currently smallest unit is 0.00000001 BTC the finite total of whole BTC will be 21 million but more decimal places can be added to the protocol if required.

    • @PhiPhi


      “Plenty of bitcoin for everybody…”

      I was thinking in terms of the trillions of dollars that are necessary to provide sufficient liquidity for the world of commerce rather than the few individuals who are interested in a digital fiat currency.


  4. When the dollar starts to collapse you will see silver do a moon launch.  And its coming. First the euro has to dive into the crapper. Then the fed will restrict gold sales, that will leave silver as the last currency lifeboat.

    Dines feels silver will rise higher than gold.  Makes sense if gold can no longer be purchased.

    Still stackin, packin and moonshining in the Ozarks.

    • Do you think there might be life outside the borders of the USA?

      Having lived in Thailand for 20 years, where gold shops are as common as burger joints in the States, I do not believe that prohibiting gold sales in the USA would be a significant event in the big picture.

      Only in your little picture, VERY little picture.

    • Would somebody with an IQ over 80 who has graduated at least the 4th grade and is not presently under the influece of hallucinogens kindly explain to me the widely seen linkage asserted between the price of PMs and the US government debt??????????????

      Does ANYBODY out there with the qualifications denoted above really believe that the government would use PM to pay off the debt??????????????????????????

      Would the government ship gold overseas to pay off the 25 – 30% of the debt held off-shore??????

      Or do you think they would just conjure some more digital fiat out of thin air and buy back their debt???

      I believe Japan is doing just this large scale at present, but it is getting very little attention from the MSM.

      Please, if you don’t meet the qualifications, do not waste other peoples’ time with your rubbish.

  5. So a big sell off in bit coin should be very dollar bullish and I’m surprised that the dollar was weak today.

    I think the Dow which will bust through 20,000 perhaps as soon as tomorrow…If the Dow does that…could make a dramatic run to 22,000 and beyond.

    • It would be if there was enough btc to amount to anything in terms of world currency flow.  But there isn’t, so btc is an interesting speculation that may someday become something more than that but for now, it isn’t.


  6. On the cusp   WTF!!!  We got snowed in 2 days ago, roads closed, Incline Village declared Federal Disaster zone, 6 foot drifts, no power, avalanches, freezing temps    Hey—-no worries. I’m down in the ‘vil looking in the trash for pizza cusps and the friggin” FEMA jerkoffs come looking for me, telling me I look homeless.  F**** you assholes—I always look homeless

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    Send some UN troops   I’m wind zero at 500 yards  HAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. Bitcoin will rise to massive heights and it will be like when they were $50 again,u just got to invest a small amount to make plenty its just a matter of how much risk u wanna take and when to enter,but it will be there one day,and soon!

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